Doe, a young deer

I have several ways I get to the barn on my daily task to feed my horses. There is one stretch of road (where I saw the young Prince), that I often choose as it feeds my heart.

There are large trees at the side of the road. The houses have large lots with many trees and the buildings are set some ways back from the road. At one point you go down a hill and over a creek. There are small bluffs on the hillside.

Yeah, so it feeds that part of me that needs more than just flat grass and blue sky.

Coming back yesterday, a small young deer, a yearling doe (?) was at the road. I stopped to watch her. She was clearly nervous about my presence, so I slowly rolled the car by and gave her a greeting before easing away.

I didn’t see any of her family group so I hope she finds some to hang out with. OTOH , hunting season is starting for her kind and while she doesn’t have any antlers and isn’t really large enough to give anyone a satisfying dinner, who knows if she will tempt a drunk Redneck to send a potshot her way?

I’ve already noticed a deer trap, excuse me feeder, so the Mighty Hunters can have their adventure in the woods, set up where I saw the Mother and her baby. Let’s hope they escape the drunk Hunters gun.

(BTW I ‘ve known many experienced and responsible Hunters. I’m also not against hunting IN-SEASON and within the LAW. Unfortunately, there are too many who don’t as evidenced by my time working in a State Park – let’s talk poachers – and living across from a Federal park – let’s talk hunting out of season).


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