Business musings


I have been very busy working on the business. Sometimes I feel like I’ve gained traction but than look at the hard numbers of traffic on the website, blog and Facebook and know I have a long way to go to achieve a sustainable business.

It makes me feel like I’m standing still, all the while losing time. Obviously, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and in the 2 months we’ve been in business we’ve made 27 sales, and a little over $600 in sales. I am feeling good that taxes will also show a return due to business expenses and I don’t feel that I’ve spent so much on the business as to jeopardize the family financials (I spend more on my horses per month which is a sad testament since I’m not riding at this time).

Another good outcome is that it gives me goals to accomplish instead of just friggering time away. Grenwinae and I have been able to have business reasons to leave town for the day and spend time together on treasure hunts.

However, what is worrisome to me is that without outside paid advertising I am not sure the blog, Facebook and store will take off. We paid for Google AdWords and yeah, it helped but not enough to pay back what was spent on the campaigns. If I had more stock? If I had something that could easily be reproduced en masse (like elastic baby headbands? ugh), perhaps it would pay to advertise.

Owls and Hawks have been busy making themselves be noticed, however, no specific message.

The day is gloomy here and it’s easy for thoughts to slide to that gray area.

I am making progress but it is slow. I have had to remember to pace myself and to keep things going at the level that my mind and health will allow.


2 thoughts on “Business musings

  1. If you have only been doing this for 2 months you are likely doing great judging by your sales alone. I found it was easy to second guess myself till I had a year of stats and could look at the overall trend. It may not take a whole year to see it, but when you see the incremental growth from month to month, and you will see it, you will have something just as good as money in the bank, and an end to any doubts. Then you can spend time tweaking the blog and website and will have something tangible to use as a gauge. By then you will likely have repeat customers and word of mouth may prove to be your best advertising.
    Best of luck

  2. Thanks Dan, I know from reading the discussion boards I seem to be doing pretty good next to the other newbies. I think a lot of my doubt is about Social Media. First, I don’t like it – it’s a struggle for me because I like my privacy. Second, I just know its a challenge to build that following.

    I’m in it for the long haul – just me gripping 😀

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