What’s mine

After I posted this, we headed to the barn, later than usual, to feed horses. This time is the most when I’m outside so I guess I do post about that daily trip a lot.

I was just telling Grenwinae on the way back that I keep seeing these hawks sitting on the ground on this big hill (it’s a retainer wall for the city reservoir) and that I think they are just eating but hoped they are okay. As I said this, there was a huge hawk sitting at the side of the road (literally one foot off the road), mantling his wings – in a tree next to him another hawk took off.

I figured he was mantling to prevent the other from stealing his food, but I stopped (no one coming) to make sure he didn’t have a broken wing from a car hit. Nope, he was just eating… nom nom nom.

1.) Make sure I protect what is mine / I have the ability to protect what I need

2.) Don’t worry I’ll catch what I need / I have the ability to get what I need

When I got home, that damn squirrel we’ve been trying to catch was in his humane trap. Off to the park 7 miles away for relocation (he had been in our attic)!


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