Reading the Teacup Oracle

Nicole at Cauldrons and Cupcakes has posted a really neat blog post about Teacups. I wanted to reblog it but the Computer said No… so this is the info on the teacup I selected:

7. ♥ Spires and Lace Teacup You’re stepping into a delicious time of creative energy. Expect ideas, insights and innovation. Challenge yourself and the status quo. Travel and open yourself to new ideas and the joy of thinking outside the square. This is a magical time for you, and you’ll be strongly guided and supported in this space of creative flow. Plan adventures, and then go! Start something new. Get things finished – there are also powerful energies for completion here. ♥ Best Crystal – GARNET ♥ Power Word – INSPIRED  ♥ Magical Healing Environment – People and places that stimulate you  Travel, go to new places, even if it is just a coffee shop or restaurant. Plan holidays and major life changes. Embark on new projects. Make things. End things or finish things. Think bold thoughts. Believe in yourself and in magic!

I’d suggest looking at the cups and instinctually picking the one that appeals before reading about them.

December as usual is either moving too slow (husbands bonus has been delayed a week which means my big holiday shopping and home improvement stuff has been delayed) or going like a freight train down track collapsing over a ravine – this Friday is daughters’ birthday, tree hunting, Son’s birthday on Monday and my horse leaves for training on Saturday. The week after Daughter prepares for an upcoming surgery and husband will start his winter break vacation.

Very Rabbitrey month – fast or frozen.


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