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Protected: Yoni Egg and Me II

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Yoni Eggs

After my Pink Conversation, I knew that I needed to take action but procrastinated. It’s much easier to stay in a self-indulgent, destructive rut, stuffing cookies down my face while I read in bed than to actually DO something.

I slowly though started looking at Yoni Eggs (which I found out by chance from a friend via Facebook). Some detailed info on what they are is here (this has explicit diagrams so NSFW). Basically, it’s a egg shaped stone you use to tone your vaginal area to increase tone, blood flow, help in Kegel exercises, increase sexual performance and to help with female issues such as incontinence.

Pregnancy #2 did a number on my bladder as daughter must have sat on it for the entire nine months. I’ve ignored the issues and hoped they would “go away” but they haven’t. As I’ve aged and gained weight the issues have increased so action needed to be taken.

I knew from my mom’s issues (who had 5 kids) that drugs and surgery, while paid for by insurance, has little hope in rectifying the problem of lost muscle tone. Male doctors love to collect their insurance check but if you look at the results, the outcome is rather dismal for improvement.

After looking about I ended up ordering from Nuit at Shakti because I had ordered from her before and felt good about her store. I also really liked the Rhodonite egg she had it he shop at the time.

So I have my egg and all is good! It’s too early to tell but it is simple to use. Let’s see what will happen shall we?

If you are female and want to know more about it, you can leave a message on this post and I will take it privately to email.


Before the plunge

I have the feeling something is going to change. With what has been happening with my guides lately (in addition sudden reappearance of Vulture, Cooper Hawk again in my backyard, and Owl having an increased presence), the atmosphere has taken on the heaviness that air does right before Tornado Weather.

There is a waiting expectation of quiet anticipation. Something is going to be uprooted. Something will be let go. Something new will be birthed and labor endured.

Right now I feel like I’ve given all the flexibility I had to give, so I’m hoping this change or shift isn’t going to be one that leaves me slammed to the floor.

I’m rather skeptical that I will be enjoying this whatever-it-is. Changes and shifts could have waited til the Fall when I was better recovered from last years’ excitement. However, Nature waits for no one. Spring is coming.

That Trickster, Mercury Retrograde

I was not happy to read that we would be going into Mercury Retrograde this early in the year. I have a lot of stuff to do and this was just going to screw things up royally.

Sure enough a few days ago, things started to go splat. A Medical Benefit suddenly disappeared that we had counted on; a mirror got broke; and last night I got an email from one of my faux-siblings (faux because it was all pretending like we are just soo chatty, nice and actually care about each other – what a joke!).

The good news is that the email was to let me know to expect a registered letter from my mom as she was making a gift to her offspring to offset taxes. That’s going to help a LOT! So I’m very grateful but of course, was very surprised.

The next two weeks is going to be full of Trickster activity I can tell.

As long as the negatives are small and the surprises hold some good, I can deal with it.

Surprises and meditation

Well Mercury Retrograde is in full force unfortunately. Some of it is comical like finding this Raccoon in our Squirrel trap (the Raccoon was living over my office attic space as I have a place I need to repair in the roof fascia). Some of it is not so funny like the goof up on our FSA 😦

He looks depressed to be losing his heated attic space – but had the cutest little butt when he ran off into the forest (a park where he would have access to a nice creek/river, thick trees and some occasional picnickers). Temperature wise we will be warm all week long so this gives him time to settle into his new digs.

Friday I was able to put aside time for meditation. It was a light state and full of fragments:

Images of hawks flying in the sky and the sun, connecting it to an orange (the fruit). Lots of flying and the warmth of the sun coming down on feathers.

Hawk is pleased that I’ve just carried on with business even though the last four days have been a bit trying. Hawk reminded me that every time they hunt they are not always successful (the success rate varies widely by species, anywhere from 8% to 79%). Despite being physically made to be a Killer on the top of the pyramid, they also miss out.

On the fringe, Owl was watching.

When I drove to the barn afterwards I saw only two hawks at the end of my trip despite it being the best time of day to see them and it being a warm day after several weeks of cold. I think it showed that I had received whatever message they wanted to convey.

After the meditation and the trip to the barn I was extremely tired, like I had all my muscles massaged. Ended up taking a two hour nap.

Hawk is about to rip my face off

Hawk has been trying for the last week to get my attention.

Saturday, I saw three hawks flying together, who then settled into the top of a tree. Hm, that’s unusual, I thought as I continued along my merry way.

Two days later, I saw again THREE HAWKS together hanging out (different location). The first hawk cross my path (I stopped the car in the middle of the deserted road), and he crossed back again, and than came across the third time. He than zoomed off and joined two other hawks to fly with them.

Uh.  OK. Now you are just freakin’ me out!

So I’m thinking Hawk wants a pow-wow session and probably pretty soon but life is like keeping me busier than a one-armed, paper hanger. I put it off again.

Today, as I’m thinking on this I pass TWO HAWKS, that are sitting very chummy together on a branch that you would think they are about to groom each other.

Everyone needs companionship… even Hawks.

Passing and going along the road, I had a choice of directions. Which way? This way is my scenic road but straight ahead I think there will be Hawks. I go straight and see two hawks, clearly a couple, hunting in huge circles, flying low to the field.

Coming back that damn Red Tail is stalking those stupid chickens again. I told him that the farmer might get a gun after him and typical Hawk, its reply was only: Me Want Chicken!

Four deer (large does) almost crashed into my car – luckily they saw me first and veered as I don’t think I would have had time to brake.

After extremely low temperatures we are back in the 50’s/60’s. All the animals feel the sun and see it moving higher. The Earth is turning to welcome another chance of growth. Things are about to change in the age-old dance.

And I better sit down for a chat or someone is going to rip my face off!

Hawks on my travels

Hawks have a defined hunting area so since I travel the same path twice a day, I’ve gotten accustomed to seeing my “regulars.”

Although I did find a hawk feather at the barn and have seen one flying overhead (being chased by crows) – the area around the barn is dominated by a Murder of Crows. Crows do not tolerate hawks or owls so although the terrain is conducive to their presence, I don’t see them on a regular basis when I’m actually at the barn.

One section close to the barn has a Solitary Hawk. He likes being up high so generally he is on the telephone wire or over in a stand of trees at the very top. I’ve never seen him with a mate so either he is alone by choice or accident. He doesn’t like being noticed and is rather shy.

On my scenic road, there is at least one, perhaps two woodland hawks. One time I did see a pair flying together. The dense tree cover probably makes these Coopers or Sharp Shinned.

At the corner turn, halfway home, where there is a large horse breeding operation and farm, there is a pair of hawks (most likely Red Tails) who hunt this area regularly. There is a large group of trees in the horse field where I sometimes see them nesting.

This is where I saw the one mantling his/her prey on the side of the road. When husband was feeding horses during my illness, he passed another mantling over more prey (probably a free range chicken that the farmer lets roam around the road – a car had killed one the other day).

From here I cross over the highway and go along the stretch I’ve nicknamed Hawk Hill, where the city reservoir is located. There is a pair of hawks that hunt this stretch and I’ve often seen one or two sitting on the hillside (there must be a ton of mice here as I see them almost every day).

These two seem to have a sense of humor about life and like being noticed. They enjoy their aerial aerobatics and are often flying and hunting together. Because their area is closer to homes and the police training station they probably are used to seeing more humans.

As you go down the S-curve through the woods sometimes I see another Cooper. From there I emerge out to a stretch of field behind houses where I sometimes see a lone hawk, nicknamed Grumpy Hawk 2 as he seems to be a bit clumsy and looks to be perpetually molting.

Sometimes I see hawks at other locations on my drive (and of course there are the Coopers who live in my neighborhood, hunting at bird feeders). Seeing these regulars doesn’t generally mean a portent in my everyday life, unless they do something more unusual, however, I always get an uplift to my day when I see them regardless if they are just sitting on a wire or flying. 🙂

Owl Love

Because I follow the Owl Pages on Facebook, I got to see this video which is HILARIOUS (probably for reasons the poster didn’t intend).

Here is my commentary on what is happening:

Male Owl arrives home with Mouse: “Hey! I got you a mouse! Look, a mouse. Here see what I brought you! A mouse. You want it? Here’s a mouse!”

Female Owl: zzzzzzz

Male Owl: Well, I brought you a little something so….. (copulates – female still seems pretty much half asleep – than flies away). Ok Hon, I’m going to get you another mouse!

Female Owl: huh? Did you say something? (stands up to reveal she’s been sitting on 10 eggs!). Goes to door and looks out.

Who was that again? Did he want something?

I guess after those 10 eggs hatch there won’t be time for that fun stuff but next time at least let her wake up!!