Owl Love

Because I follow the Owl Pages on Facebook, I got to see this video which is HILARIOUS (probably for reasons the poster didn’t intend).

Here is my commentary on what is happening:

Male Owl arrives home with Mouse: “Hey! I got you a mouse! Look, a mouse. Here see what I brought you! A mouse. You want it? Here’s a mouse!”

Female Owl: zzzzzzz

Male Owl: Well, I brought you a little something so….. (copulates – female still seems pretty much half asleep – than flies away). Ok Hon, I’m going to get you another mouse!

Female Owl: huh? Did you say something? (stands up to reveal she’s been sitting on 10 eggs!). Goes to door and looks out.

Who was that again? Did he want something?

I guess after those 10 eggs hatch there won’t be time for that fun stuff but next time at least let her wake up!!


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