Hawk is about to rip my face off

Hawk has been trying for the last week to get my attention.

Saturday, I saw three hawks flying together, who then settled into the top of a tree. Hm, that’s unusual, I thought as I continued along my merry way.

Two days later, I saw again THREE HAWKS together hanging out (different location). The first hawk cross my path (I stopped the car in the middle of the deserted road), and he crossed back again, and than came across the third time. He than zoomed off and joined two other hawks to fly with them.

Uh.  OK. Now you are just freakin’ me out!

So I’m thinking Hawk wants a pow-wow session and probably pretty soon but life is like keeping me busier than a one-armed, paper hanger. I put it off again.

Today, as I’m thinking on this I pass TWO HAWKS, that are sitting very chummy together on a branch that you would think they are about to groom each other.

Everyone needs companionship… even Hawks.

Passing and going along the road, I had a choice of directions. Which way? This way is my scenic road but straight ahead I think there will be Hawks. I go straight and see two hawks, clearly a couple, hunting in huge circles, flying low to the field.

Coming back that damn Red Tail is stalking those stupid chickens again. I told him that the farmer might get a gun after him and typical Hawk, its reply was only: Me Want Chicken!

Four deer (large does) almost crashed into my car – luckily they saw me first and veered as I don’t think I would have had time to brake.

After extremely low temperatures we are back in the 50’s/60’s. All the animals feel the sun and see it moving higher. The Earth is turning to welcome another chance of growth. Things are about to change in the age-old dance.

And I better sit down for a chat or someone is going to rip my face off!


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