Surprises and meditation

Well Mercury Retrograde is in full force unfortunately. Some of it is comical like finding this Raccoon in our Squirrel trap (the Raccoon was living over my office attic space as I have a place I need to repair in the roof fascia). Some of it is not so funny like the goof up on our FSA 😦

He looks depressed to be losing his heated attic space – but had the cutest little butt when he ran off into the forest (a park where he would have access to a nice creek/river, thick trees and some occasional picnickers). Temperature wise we will be warm all week long so this gives him time to settle into his new digs.

Friday I was able to put aside time for meditation. It was a light state and full of fragments:

Images of hawks flying in the sky and the sun, connecting it to an orange (the fruit). Lots of flying and the warmth of the sun coming down on feathers.

Hawk is pleased that I’ve just carried on with business even though the last four days have been a bit trying. Hawk reminded me that every time they hunt they are not always successful (the success rate varies widely by species, anywhere from 8% to 79%). Despite being physically made to be a Killer on the top of the pyramid, they also miss out.

On the fringe, Owl was watching.

When I drove to the barn afterwards I saw only two hawks at the end of my trip despite it being the best time of day to see them and it being a warm day after several weeks of cold. I think it showed that I had received whatever message they wanted to convey.

After the meditation and the trip to the barn I was extremely tired, like I had all my muscles massaged. Ended up taking a two hour nap.


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