That Trickster, Mercury Retrograde

I was not happy to read that we would be going into Mercury Retrograde this early in the year. I have a lot of stuff to do and this was just going to screw things up royally.

Sure enough a few days ago, things started to go splat. A Medical Benefit suddenly disappeared that we had counted on; a mirror got broke; and last night I got an email from one of my faux-siblings (faux because it was all pretending like we are just soo chatty, nice and actually care about each other – what a joke!).

The good news is that the email was to let me know to expect a registered letter from my mom as she was making a gift to her offspring to offset taxes. That’s going to help a LOT! So I’m very grateful but of course, was very surprised.

The next two weeks is going to be full of Trickster activity I can tell.

As long as the negatives are small and the surprises hold some good, I can deal with it.


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