Before the plunge

I have the feeling something is going to change. With what has been happening with my guides lately (in addition sudden reappearance of Vulture, Cooper Hawk again in my backyard, and Owl having an increased presence), the atmosphere has taken on the heaviness that air does right before Tornado Weather.

There is a waiting expectation of quiet anticipation. Something is going to be uprooted. Something will be let go. Something new will be birthed and labor endured.

Right now I feel like I’ve given all the flexibility I had to give, so I’m hoping this change or shift isn’t going to be one that leaves me slammed to the floor.

I’m rather skeptical that I will be enjoying this whatever-it-is. Changes and shifts could have waited til the Fall when I was better recovered from last years’ excitement. However, Nature waits for no one. Spring is coming.


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