Yoni Eggs

After my Pink Conversation, I knew that I needed to take action but procrastinated. It’s much easier to stay in a self-indulgent, destructive rut, stuffing cookies down my face while I read in bed than to actually DO something.

I slowly though started looking at Yoni Eggs (which I found out by chance from a friend via Facebook). Some detailed info on what they are is here (this has explicit diagrams so NSFW). Basically, it’s a egg shaped stone you use to tone your vaginal area to increase tone, blood flow, help in Kegel exercises, increase sexual performance and to help with female issues such as incontinence.

Pregnancy #2 did a number on my bladder as daughter must have sat on it for the entire nine months. I’ve ignored the issues and hoped they would “go away” but they haven’t. As I’ve aged and gained weight the issues have increased so action needed to be taken.

I knew from my mom’s issues (who had 5 kids) that drugs and surgery, while paid for by insurance, has little hope in rectifying the problem of lost muscle tone. Male doctors love to collect their insurance check but if you look at the results, the outcome is rather dismal for improvement.

After looking about I ended up ordering from Nuit at Shakti because I had ordered from her before and felt good about her store. I also really liked the Rhodonite egg she had it he shop at the time.

So I have my egg and all is good! It’s too early to tell but it is simple to use. Let’s see what will happen shall we?

If you are female and want to know more about it, you can leave a message on this post and I will take it privately to email.



7 thoughts on “Yoni Eggs

  1. I have a Yoni Egg I have yet to try, but need to as I have had the same incontinence problems since my two births. However, I wanted to note that the eggs do not tone your cervix, but tone the pelvic floor muscles found around your vaginal canal. These muscles (along with various ligaments and fascia in the pelvic cavity) are what keeps everything held up nicely and your bladder from leaking when you sneeze. Pregnancy itself has very little affect on these tissues and incontinence– the culprit causing damaged tissues (and thus incontinence) is improper (ie. anti-physiological) pushing during labor. We have horrible pushing practices which set women up for such damage and it really is a shame. I highly recommend reading the article “A Call for the Reform of Second Stage” by a midwife in the 40’s or 50’s. Based on a study she did in a hospital she worked at and has great information.
    I hope to hear more about your journey with the yoni egg! My best friend uses one and swears by it.

    1. Hello! Thanks for that important correction (I have changed that in the above). Hm well I had two births – both with midwives (no doctors were involved), so I don’t really think it was the incorrect pushing but that is JMO.

      1. You’re welcome! And the sad thing is it doesn’t matter who your CP is, OB or MW, home or hospital birth… even most midwives don’t know or practice correct pushing. They do what they were taught :/ I had a nurse midwife, not an OB either, and it was the same.

      2. Typical pushing: you’re sitting on your tailbone in a semi-sitting “upright” position, you’re instructed to hold your breath and push for a count of ten right at the beginning of a contraction. This can go on for hours.

  2. There was a huge difference between my midwives. Personally, I’m glad that the child bearing days are way behind me 😛

    Thanks for the egg info – I’m excited to see what happens with it.

    1. It really is crazy how different midwives can be! I have noticed that. Unfortunately (kind of?) those days are not yet over haha… I am hoping that if I do yoni egg exercises during this pregnancy that it will help with pelvic floor tone for the birth but also help me with my bladder problems.

  3. It’s been a year since you’ve been using, or purchased your yoni egg? Just wondering how you liked it now? I just ordered one.

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