Thrice times Hawk

I self-care for my horses on a property owned by someone else. He provides shelter, storage and a water pump but I have to do all the rest. Anyway, once a day I go out, rain or shine, snow or tornado, to feed and water my three horses – the retired Thoroughbred and the two mini-ponies (the young horse is still at the trainers and hopefully will be sold by June).

I have several options on how to get to the barn. I’ve been trying to listen to my intuition and let my impulse-of-the-moment guide me on which direction. About 50% of the time I am rewarded with an animal sighting.

Coming back last Friday, a pair of mated hawks (I think the pair who were scanning for prey low to the field), crossed my path – three times – before veering off. My impression was a message was on its way to me (not anything horrible or bad, just something).

When I was laid up Saturday in bed, Grenwinae came in to tell me that Coopers Hawk was sitting on the peak of the structure built over the back gate.

After a very long dry spell we made 6 sales in 24 hours. I’m not sure Hawk would concern himself with letting me know that all would be okay or if something else is on the horizon.


As it is the horse situation continues to be unsettled and thus irritating to me who likes to make decisions and move onwards.

My Appaloosa is at the trainers. I have confidence he will do a fine job with her but I had the unpleasant shock that, after having a horse dentist examine and work on her, that her mouth was pretty fucked up – this means my long trusted vet was wrong when she told me all was fine with my horses’ mouth.

This means I will need to switch vets. It means the person who has known me for 10 years has proved to be unreliable and not to be trusted. And it has proved to me once again that horse people are so full of shit.

Where I keep my horses, the resident (who rents the house and who is supposed to do nominal work around the place) is supposedly feeding the other horse who is out there. This horse is another geriatric like my Thoroughbred gelding and I have already complained twice to the landowner that the horse is getting thin.

Now let’s get you up to speed. This resident was the one who told me last summer that he “hates people who don’t take care of their horses.” This is the guy (and his wife) who left a Bible tract on my car once we put on the Coexistence sticker. It’s the jackass who told me not to “park on the lawn” and whose wife came out and yelled at me because “she and her husband are taking care of this place!!” (Later the landowner called me and apologized – of course I’m going to park on the grass when I unload feed, such as six bags at 50# a bag, dumbass).

This is the guy who fed my horses for a long weekend (when we were gone) and who I thought lied about how much he had done. Call me suspicious but I have been at many barns so I keep a very close eye on all the lying shenanigans that is done when it comes to my horses.

This horse is getting thinner and thinner. He had one round bale put out all winter – that has been gone for a month. I am feeding him a scoop of high fat food over the fence (and sneaking to do that because I’m sure the resident asshole would report me to the landowner) and the horse is looking pretty thin.

I can’t afford to feed him any more and I’ve been hoping that his owner or the owners’ farrier would come out – or if the owner is no longer feeding the horse at all – that the landowner would call and complain to the horse owner. But nope.

So once my young horse sells, I’ll be moving the Old horse off to some other full-care retirement home until we get our own land. The ponies are pretty much once a week visit to check in as they are pretty self-care already so could remain where they are.

So now with ice on the streets I have to go over 10 miles of back country road to feed one horse because the guy who lives on the property is a total dumbass.

The whole situation is a ticking time-bomb and in my experience, if I complain any further I’m likely to be told to leave. Complaining twice was already taking a risk of being told to STFU and get off the property. I can’t afford to move the Old Guy into full care until the Young Gal sells so I’m circling the airport…waiting.


2 thoughts on “Thrice times Hawk

    1. Yes 😦 this vet had been with me through my beloved horses horrible illness and death so I felt we had a bond. Apparently not. Also another indication of how I hold on to relationships past their expiration date. The old is passing and you think I would be glad but in little ways like this it stresses me out. Tossed hay over the fence to the other horse yesterday and resident dummy saw me do it.

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