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Are you a witch?

art_nouveau_black_scrying_mirror_for_divination_black_mirror_face_cinnabarysA few months back I had an experience I met to post about. I’m a bit late with it and I’m still processing it so…

When Grenwinae was off visiting his mom in her city, I went off alone on a junk shopping trip for the shop. When I’m off on these trips I am looking for specific things and one of those things is mirrors  that I can convert to black scrying mirrors.

Buying these mirrors is fun but always a bit tricky when checking out as the store owners want to know what we are going to do with the mirrors. I’ve tried responding  we do a “craft” project with them, but they ask again on what we will be doing and conversation quickly gets convoluted and sticky.

Grenwinae is up front and tells people. His argument is that it is promoting the shop and we could let them know we are in the market for more mirrors, getting an inside track. I’ve watched the confused looks on people’s faces and they don’t get what he is saying anyway!

It goes against my Owl-Nature to be blurting this stuff out to just anyone. I prefer to be secretive about what my plans are.

I disagree with his philosophy because we live in a conservative area and most people would go black scrying mirrors? WTF!? and probably bring out the garlic and the silver crucifix (that is if they were Catholic, but being predominately Baptist or Protestant, they would probably just spit and key my car).

So on this trip, I was at a store where I’ve met the shop owner a few times and thought I’d be honest with her (as Grenwinae suggested). Her husband was in the shop helping her with some heavy furniture. I could tell she was a bit out of patience (he kept correcting her in HER shop) with him – probably hoping he would go home or get some lunch and leave her be!

I’m trying to explain what black scrying mirrors are and what people use them for when he interrupts (think 50 year old, potbellied Good Old Boy, thumbs in pocket, slightly dumb look on his face) with a loud “Are you a Witch!?” HAR HAR he laughs.

I reply with a calm no, but after I left, I was like “of course I’m not a witch…” and a Vulture flies over me. No, I do not identify as a witch… and a hawk stares down at me and watches me go by.

Okay, I don’t really know what I am, but it does not spring to my mind to consider myself a witch. But yet, I’ll have to think more upon that. We always want easy labels but in the long run it doesn’t matter to me – I exist and I do what I want to do.

From now on I just tell people I collect vintage mirrors and resale them online. Enough already!


Spook Central

Friday night we went out of town for an overnight. This is very rare for us and something I want to become a regular part of our life. I hate staying in one place, but money, responsibilities and old cars have combined to keep us in one spot for most of our two decades living in this area.

When we returned to town Saturday we stopped in a nearby outlying area that has a metaphysical shop. I was not enthused. We had been before and to say I wasn’t impressed is to state it mildly. Grenwinae was eager though so we went ahead and visited.

There is a sit down area at the back that obviously is a hang out for locals. The first time we visited the store months back it was filled with a bunch of teen and preteen girls fawning over the male clerk. Yesterday, it was a bunch of women cackling loudly with a television at a high volume blasting the air (no calming music for this store).

I have never been in a metaphysical, new-age or whatever shop you want to call it that has a television blaring with television junk. I found it extremely disruptive and counter-productive to the type of shopping experience I expect from these type of shops. As it was, it was hard for Grenwinae to concentrate while trying to choose a pendulum.

The wipe board at the back of the social area loudly proclaims their next séance, and “witch” meeting (which is actually the Witch and Pagan meetup in town – not a coven or something more nefarious that the sign seems to imply).

This store heavily promotes their psychic readers, and while I occasionally consult some and enjoyed a relationship with a reader in Springfield at Renaissance, the atmosphere and how they write up the descriptions just screams hokey.

Chalk it up to the Leo in me, but don’t try to intimidate me with your knowledge. Don’t shout out your intentions and browbeat me with your abilities. If you think you’re going to spook me because you are a “real dyed in the wool witch,” well I’ll tell you I don’t think the most powerful witches advertise in colored markers on a wipe board.

It’s one reason I don’t worry to much about protections, because my Lion energy can smack down your pseudo-witch façade, and raise that bluff of yours by a thousand.

I did buy some candles because I needed some and can’t find a color candle supplier locally. But overall, the entire episode pissed me off.

stops and detours

The mystery of the starving horse has been solved. The owner came out and I was going to go up and talk with her (not sure how to politely address starving your horse but was game…) when I noticed that the gate into her paddock had a padlock. Mystery solved – she hasn’t paid her bill so the HO is the one who hasn’t been buying feed.

I will continue to feed the horse and let it all sort out for itself. At least I won’t be the one wondering why my horse is a rack of bones.


Last week I thought Hawks were telling me that Young Horse would sell. No. They were telling me I would be getting some news alright and none of it good. 😦

She went back to being lame so we scheduled a vet appointment with x-rays. It shows that she has a thin sole so now she is going to undergo some treatment that will hopefully allow the sole to thicken. That means time. Time that she can’t be worked but I have to pay for.

It was upsetting. Things exploded. Hm well, I exploded!

However, I’ve calmed down and we went to visit her and the trainer today. Another month out of training but hopefully we are getting to the real root of the problem and we shall see improvement when it resolves.

moving from darkness to light

I finished the phone call with Grenwinae and pulled up to the stop sign, still thinking about our daughter. As I crested the small hill, I could see a black bird on the side of the road. I slowed the car down so he would have time to leave, while trying to figure out if he was a crow -which his body shape seemed to say – or a vulture which his size seemed to indicate.

As he took a hop from foot to foot and lifted his wings to fly, I noticed his head was black so not a Turkey Vulture… I was….


The tips of his wing feathers had a broad block of bright white.

Is that a message? I didn’t feel like I got a message? But I felt like it was unusual enough that it would have been a message. Don’t overthink this. Go back to what it looked like and what it was doing. It was black with white wing tips. It’s coloring was dark moving to light.

Oh. I see now.


Upon getting home it looks like he is a Black Vulture, and this is the first where I’ve observed the distinctive white wing tips. Black Vultures are extremely family oriented birds, carrying for young past their fledgling period.

I don’t see Black Vulture often but when I do it is a about Family and Community. I was thinking of daughter at the time and I’m pretty sure this message is related to that situation because Vulture has always been Mother and Wisdom to me.

Back in December we started her with Neurofeedback as a possible method to improve her depression, anxiety and social interaction. We had used it successfully to help our son who has ADD about 10 years ago.

BTW the medical community is mixed on their opinion of Neurofeedback, which I roll my eyes at – Neurofeedback has NO side effects but Ritalin has a shit load of side effects, but Ritalin is a controlled substance that requires me to get an appointment with a psychiatrist every month (usually they just sign the script after I pay for a full appt where they do nothing) and Neurofeedback doesn’t feed the pharmaceutical companies with any money. Guess which option the medical community supports?

Slowly, there seems to be improvements – we are about 1/3rd the way through the total appointments and her attitude has improved, she’s been more interactive with family, better able to handle ups and downs, better able to handle correction, has been caring for herself physically better, sleeping better, taking showers, etc… However, we are not home free yet.

But I had been thinking, even before this sighting that she was slowly moving out of the dark tunnel she has been in since 6th grade (she is now a Junior in HS).

She is moving from dark to light and my Animal Guide confirmed it.

criss-cross applesauce

About 10 days ago I was coming back home from the barn and crested a hill to see a Vulture in the middle of the road eating a dead rabbit. Well, it’s always significant when I see my Animal Guides interacting with each other – and especially eating each other!

Vulture gave me the vibe of being young and male. He looked a bit uncertainly at me. Hopped from foot to foot

That money you were hoping that would come quick, not coming so quick.

Got home and letter from Court stating that final settlement money due us wouldn’t come for another three weeks. ARGH.


I expected to see hawks today on my drive as the weather has warmed to mid 50’s after a week of cold, snow and ice (I think that was the last of winter – fingers crossed). As I was thinking on many things that I needed to do or take care of, a hawk came across my path, left to right, flying slow against the headwind. He hovered over my car and looked down at me. Okay, I’m listening. He zoomed off.

Immediately a Vulture came across from right left, flying higher and being caught upwards sped away.

Something that has been bugging me is ending soon. End of a cycle.

Huh? Was it work related? That didn’t seem to fit. Was it bankruptcy related? Well, I would like that last lawyer letter to go away. What was I thinking about again when all this happened? Oh right, buying feed for the horses and meeting up with Young Horse’s trainer tomorrow.

Could it be Young Horse? Will she be finding a new home soon? Will someone, through the trainer, make an offer?

As I thought this exciting idea, a Hawk that was sitting in a tree on the left side of the road looked at me You see me right? and took flight, crossing my path about a car length ahead of me.

Wow! Must be about the Young Horse than. I mulled this idea over feeding the horses and on the way back talked myself out of what the message was. Surely, I’m just being hopefully optimistic and delusional because I want this easy-solution to happen and happen now.

As I thought this, Shy Hawk swooped up on the telephone wire in front of my path home. I slowed down and he nervously, hopped from foot to foot, and mantled his wings (he doesn’t like people noticing him):

You are making me real uncomfortable being human but I was sent to give you this message. Yes idiot, its about the Young Horse. Did you get it this time??

Interesting! Usually when I get a message like this something happens within 10-14 days or sooner.

Well, I’m prepared mentally if something comes up tomorrow. I know how much I want for her and how low I will go. As well as the conditions I will make about her purchase.

It would be A HUGE RELIEF to have her sold to a good home and no longer be paying training fees!

conspiracy theory


So after I wrote about the neighbor horse, the resident incompetent idiot saw me feeding and throwing hay over to him. I waited for the phone call bitching me out but nothing happened. Hm.

I decided WTF might as well be hung as a wolf as a lamb, and put a rubber feed bucket at the fence line and upped his feed. And waited.


We got hit by a second wave of ice and low temps so off I went to feed horses. Surprise, there is a new resident on the other side of starving horse. Had no hay bale. I feed my crew and the starving neighbor horse and came back home.

A couple of days passed and more ice coming. I get a group text from the landowner that the “horses all have hay” and an individual text that I had one more round bale on my account (which I figured) after he put out hay for the ponies (which I had requested 10 days prior).


Went out early morning while a second wave of ice was coming in. Plan was to feed and get back home before it got too bad. When I got to the barn – ALL the horses had a round bale out and my rubber feed tub was back under the fenceline on my side.

The auto gate got stuck so I had to call the landowner who came to unstick it and while ice was blowing down our necks he told me that it looked like the gate was blowing fuses as there were several on the ground next to the gate – resident idiot must have replaced and dumped them on the ground. LO tells me “you have to tell me about when things get broken or I won’t know.”


1.) RI (resident idiot) agreed to feed starving horse but HO (horse owner) did not continue supplying money for feed or money to feed. HO has run out of money and can’t afford horse anymore but is ignoring issue.

2.) RI was supposed to put out hay bales with tractor and didn’t because RI is lazy. Remember, RI couldn’t open up a GATE ONCE A DAY because it was too much trouble. RI couldn’t check horse water till 3 p.m. on an ice/snow day because RI would have had to get out of bed.

When LO (landowner) came over and realized no hay for neighbor horse, put bale out.

3.) LO was too embarrassed and put out a hay bale for everyone because the new people would notice the starving neighbor horse.

Well, who knows maybe I’ll find out one day. Meanwhile, I’ll have to up my feed bill till spring. When the Young Horse sells, Big Old Horse will be moved to a full care facility come next winter and I’ll keep only the ponies out there.

I hate boarding my horses. I hate horse barn drama. I hate fools.

(these photos are of my muppet Pony, one of two miniature horses I still have. As you can see they stay out in the snow and ice regardless that they have shelter. Must look for food – as you can tell she’s starving!).