criss-cross applesauce

About 10 days ago I was coming back home from the barn and crested a hill to see a Vulture in the middle of the road eating a dead rabbit. Well, it’s always significant when I see my Animal Guides interacting with each other – and especially eating each other!

Vulture gave me the vibe of being young and male. He looked a bit uncertainly at me. Hopped from foot to foot

That money you were hoping that would come quick, not coming so quick.

Got home and letter from Court stating that final settlement money due us wouldn’t come for another three weeks. ARGH.


I expected to see hawks today on my drive as the weather has warmed to mid 50’s after a week of cold, snow and ice (I think that was the last of winter – fingers crossed). As I was thinking on many things that I needed to do or take care of, a hawk came across my path, left to right, flying slow against the headwind. He hovered over my car and looked down at me. Okay, I’m listening. He zoomed off.

Immediately a Vulture came across from right left, flying higher and being caught upwards sped away.

Something that has been bugging me is ending soon. End of a cycle.

Huh? Was it work related? That didn’t seem to fit. Was it bankruptcy related? Well, I would like that last lawyer letter to go away. What was I thinking about again when all this happened? Oh right, buying feed for the horses and meeting up with Young Horse’s trainer tomorrow.

Could it be Young Horse? Will she be finding a new home soon? Will someone, through the trainer, make an offer?

As I thought this exciting idea, a Hawk that was sitting in a tree on the left side of the road looked at me You see me right? and took flight, crossing my path about a car length ahead of me.

Wow! Must be about the Young Horse than. I mulled this idea over feeding the horses and on the way back talked myself out of what the message was. Surely, I’m just being hopefully optimistic and delusional because I want this easy-solution to happen and happen now.

As I thought this, Shy Hawk swooped up on the telephone wire in front of my path home. I slowed down and he nervously, hopped from foot to foot, and mantled his wings (he doesn’t like people noticing him):

You are making me real uncomfortable being human but I was sent to give you this message. Yes idiot, its about the Young Horse. Did you get it this time??

Interesting! Usually when I get a message like this something happens within 10-14 days or sooner.

Well, I’m prepared mentally if something comes up tomorrow. I know how much I want for her and how low I will go. As well as the conditions I will make about her purchase.

It would be A HUGE RELIEF to have her sold to a good home and no longer be paying training fees!


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