moving from darkness to light

I finished the phone call with Grenwinae and pulled up to the stop sign, still thinking about our daughter. As I crested the small hill, I could see a black bird on the side of the road. I slowed the car down so he would have time to leave, while trying to figure out if he was a crow -which his body shape seemed to say – or a vulture which his size seemed to indicate.

As he took a hop from foot to foot and lifted his wings to fly, I noticed his head was black so not a Turkey Vulture… I was….


The tips of his wing feathers had a broad block of bright white.

Is that a message? I didn’t feel like I got a message? But I felt like it was unusual enough that it would have been a message. Don’t overthink this. Go back to what it looked like and what it was doing. It was black with white wing tips. It’s coloring was dark moving to light.

Oh. I see now.


Upon getting home it looks like he is a Black Vulture, and this is the first where I’ve observed the distinctive white wing tips. Black Vultures are extremely family oriented birds, carrying for young past their fledgling period.

I don’t see Black Vulture often but when I do it is a about Family and Community. I was thinking of daughter at the time and I’m pretty sure this message is related to that situation because Vulture has always been Mother and Wisdom to me.

Back in December we started her with Neurofeedback as a possible method to improve her depression, anxiety and social interaction. We had used it successfully to help our son who has ADD about 10 years ago.

BTW the medical community is mixed on their opinion of Neurofeedback, which I roll my eyes at – Neurofeedback has NO side effects but Ritalin has a shit load of side effects, but Ritalin is a controlled substance that requires me to get an appointment with a psychiatrist every month (usually they just sign the script after I pay for a full appt where they do nothing) and Neurofeedback doesn’t feed the pharmaceutical companies with any money. Guess which option the medical community supports?

Slowly, there seems to be improvements – we are about 1/3rd the way through the total appointments and her attitude has improved, she’s been more interactive with family, better able to handle ups and downs, better able to handle correction, has been caring for herself physically better, sleeping better, taking showers, etc… However, we are not home free yet.

But I had been thinking, even before this sighting that she was slowly moving out of the dark tunnel she has been in since 6th grade (she is now a Junior in HS).

She is moving from dark to light and my Animal Guide confirmed it.


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