stops and detours

The mystery of the starving horse has been solved. The owner came out and I was going to go up and talk with her (not sure how to politely address starving your horse but was game…) when I noticed that the gate into her paddock had a padlock. Mystery solved – she hasn’t paid her bill so the HO is the one who hasn’t been buying feed.

I will continue to feed the horse and let it all sort out for itself. At least I won’t be the one wondering why my horse is a rack of bones.


Last week I thought Hawks were telling me that Young Horse would sell. No. They were telling me I would be getting some news alright and none of it good. 😦

She went back to being lame so we scheduled a vet appointment with x-rays. It shows that she has a thin sole so now she is going to undergo some treatment that will hopefully allow the sole to thicken. That means time. Time that she can’t be worked but I have to pay for.

It was upsetting. Things exploded. Hm well, I exploded!

However, I’ve calmed down and we went to visit her and the trainer today. Another month out of training but hopefully we are getting to the real root of the problem and we shall see improvement when it resolves.


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