Are you a witch?

art_nouveau_black_scrying_mirror_for_divination_black_mirror_face_cinnabarysA few months back I had an experience I met to post about. I’m a bit late with it and I’m still processing it so…

When Grenwinae was off visiting his mom in her city, I went off alone on a junk shopping trip for the shop. When I’m off on these trips I am looking for specific things and one of those things is mirrors  that I can convert to black scrying mirrors.

Buying these mirrors is fun but always a bit tricky when checking out as the store owners want to know what we are going to do with the mirrors. I’ve tried responding  we do a “craft” project with them, but they ask again on what we will be doing and conversation quickly gets convoluted and sticky.

Grenwinae is up front and tells people. His argument is that it is promoting the shop and we could let them know we are in the market for more mirrors, getting an inside track. I’ve watched the confused looks on people’s faces and they don’t get what he is saying anyway!

It goes against my Owl-Nature to be blurting this stuff out to just anyone. I prefer to be secretive about what my plans are.

I disagree with his philosophy because we live in a conservative area and most people would go black scrying mirrors? WTF!? and probably bring out the garlic and the silver crucifix (that is if they were Catholic, but being predominately Baptist or Protestant, they would probably just spit and key my car).

So on this trip, I was at a store where I’ve met the shop owner a few times and thought I’d be honest with her (as Grenwinae suggested). Her husband was in the shop helping her with some heavy furniture. I could tell she was a bit out of patience (he kept correcting her in HER shop) with him – probably hoping he would go home or get some lunch and leave her be!

I’m trying to explain what black scrying mirrors are and what people use them for when he interrupts (think 50 year old, potbellied Good Old Boy, thumbs in pocket, slightly dumb look on his face) with a loud “Are you a Witch!?” HAR HAR he laughs.

I reply with a calm no, but after I left, I was like “of course I’m not a witch…” and a Vulture flies over me. No, I do not identify as a witch… and a hawk stares down at me and watches me go by.

Okay, I don’t really know what I am, but it does not spring to my mind to consider myself a witch. But yet, I’ll have to think more upon that. We always want easy labels but in the long run it doesn’t matter to me – I exist and I do what I want to do.

From now on I just tell people I collect vintage mirrors and resale them online. Enough already!


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