Spook Central

Friday night we went out of town for an overnight. This is very rare for us and something I want to become a regular part of our life. I hate staying in one place, but money, responsibilities and old cars have combined to keep us in one spot for most of our two decades living in this area.

When we returned to town Saturday we stopped in a nearby outlying area that has a metaphysical shop. I was not enthused. We had been before and to say I wasn’t impressed is to state it mildly. Grenwinae was eager though so we went ahead and visited.

There is a sit down area at the back that obviously is a hang out for locals. The first time we visited the store months back it was filled with a bunch of teen and preteen girls fawning over the male clerk. Yesterday, it was a bunch of women cackling loudly with a television at a high volume blasting the air (no calming music for this store).

I have never been in a metaphysical, new-age or whatever shop you want to call it that has a television blaring with television junk. I found it extremely disruptive and counter-productive to the type of shopping experience I expect from these type of shops. As it was, it was hard for Grenwinae to concentrate while trying to choose a pendulum.

The wipe board at the back of the social area loudly proclaims their next séance, and “witch” meeting (which is actually the Witch and Pagan meetup in town – not a coven or something more nefarious that the sign seems to imply).

This store heavily promotes their psychic readers, and while I occasionally consult some and enjoyed a relationship with a reader in Springfield at Renaissance, the atmosphere and how they write up the descriptions just screams hokey.

Chalk it up to the Leo in me, but don’t try to intimidate me with your knowledge. Don’t shout out your intentions and browbeat me with your abilities. If you think you’re going to spook me because you are a “real dyed in the wool witch,” well I’ll tell you I don’t think the most powerful witches advertise in colored markers on a wipe board.

It’s one reason I don’t worry to much about protections, because my Lion energy can smack down your pseudo-witch façade, and raise that bluff of yours by a thousand.

I did buy some candles because I needed some and can’t find a color candle supplier locally. But overall, the entire episode pissed me off.


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