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Did not kill him so give me a gold star

This has been our life here for the last month with son readying to transfer to his college and preparing for dorm life.

He has been reverting back to his old habits which are so influenced by his learning disability – angry because things are not going fast enough or his way right now! Speaking in an angry, hostile voice (lovely memories of my brother D) to us while wanting us to spend hundreds of dollars on his needs right now – no you do not need a new office chair, you do not need a bookcase (that isn’t going to fit in your campus apartment anyway) and yes because you dragged your ass around this morning we are running behind of schedule but you can’t move in until Monday and this is Sunday so chill the fuck out!


Now Grenwinae is driving him away – I do not feel sad. I am not sniffling and wiping away a tear. I am about ready to do an intense smudging cleanse on my house and enjoy the next 24 hours of PEACE AND QUIET!

He will be at his grandmothers house in two hours – to do what? He will have nothing to do for hours on end and the car is stuffed (so no buying groceries, bookshelves, office chair or a bike). He will have to wait until Monday morning when he gets his school ID to move in because the dumb ass was too tired last time he was there to wait in line and get his friggin’ stupid ID that he needs to move into his college apartment.

Good luck! My husband is going to need it!


Lions are roaring, Mercury Retrograde disrupts everyone

Since last Monday the week prior, I’ve been feeling a bit off. Just not able to think clearly or stay as focused and on target as I like. Than on Thursday, son got into trouble at his volunteer job and will have to go to court! (short version, he was told to hand out beverages and put a beer on the counter for the bar manager that a teen took as part of an undercover sting operation!).

The February MR was oh so good to us that we are still reaping the benefits of that change. This one not so much.

This time the entire family is in flux. And the mood has been riding high. I am angry that son has to go through this, angry that we have to hire an attorney at our cost with no help from the non-profit that got him into this mess, worried about money, he is worried about going to court, daughter has finally caught up on two months of school work she has ignored and has one week to pull up those C’s to at least B’s, and suddenly, Grenwinaes’ job has decided to move up a deadline by 45 days at a time when we need his attention.

It has been gloomy around here with no sun. That has only added to the sinus pressure, the allergies, and everyone being snappish. At the end of the month son leaves for college – daughter wraps school and leaves for her non-profit training – and it just may happen before I kill someone in this house, or at the very least box their ears.

Nicole Cody’s Magical Owl Oracle

Hm those pesky Owls just keep coming…. For me its mostly Great Horned Owl and Gray Owl with Children. Apropos considering the son is going to court next Friday and I have to help but also try to summon the last shred of my patience to deal with him!

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

Uncommon Eagle Owl by Uncommon Eagle Owl by

“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.”~ Khalil Gibran

Owls have been such a dominant theme on my blog here over the past few weeks that while I’ve been swanning around in my pyjamas I thought I’d channel a little owl oracle to help us find a message relevant to our daily lives right now.

Owls are known as messengers, so let each owl speak to you in its own way.  One of them will have some wisdom just for you!

Instructions for using today’s post

Scroll down through the following owl images and then let yourself come back to the one you are most drawn to.

When you have chosen your owl, scroll further down for your message; designed to help you focus on…

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Owlfoolery (awake after midnight)

Of course… Owls 🙂

Stone of Destiny

It was the sound of a mournful puppy that drew me outside.

I’d meant to be in bed an hour earlier, but I just kept finding excuses to stay up a little later.  I wasn’t actually accomplishing anything, of course.  Just puttering around the house, unwilling to give up on a day that was almost over anyway.



I’d finally decided that enough was enough, and was locking up, when I heard the noise.

Sad puppy, somewhere down the street it sounded like, making a noise somewhere between a whine and a bark.

I turned the deadbolt on my front door.  Not my problem.

The sound came again, and I turned the bolt the other way.

Stepping out, the night air was cool and moist.

The last few weeks, here in North Texas, have seen more rain and thunder than anything else.  It had rained, on and off, for…

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My Connection with Owl

So of course I’ve spent the evenings listening to the outdoors, yearning for my Owl to come back.

When I finally came up to Missouri to live with Grenwinae, Owl was the Animal Guide who made himself known first and started the path I’m on today. If you had asked me about Owls before all that happened, I would have said, yes, interesting birds, and that would have been that. I had no especial interest or knowledge of owls; owls had not been obvious in my life beforehand; and no dreams or guidance by owls had ever happened.

However, once I moved up to Missouri, things accelerated rapidly. Moving, in itself, was a huge transition period for several reasons, which for the sake of this post I will remain brief. It was a step that I had been asking Grenwinae to do for over 20 yeas of marriage; it was finally a pledge fulfilled – to leave Oklahoma and seek new ground; to put himself out there and take a risk; to leave stability and security (as well as boredom with repetition) behind.

It was a huge breath of fresh air that is now slowly being smothered by our return back to Oklahoma. 😦 It is easy to forget the magic of that time living in the woods and making a life to the vibrations of stream, rock and the wild.

Anyway, back to Owl. I don’t have any dramatic stories about how all this occurred. What was significant was the consistency of Owl’s presence; every time I had a doubt, within 24 hours and sometimes within hours, Owl would make itself known to me. Sometimes it was done with a dramatic flair – like showing up to my work (like this time and another time – when he was telling me to leave my job).

Rituals done with Owl were deep, powerful and healing.  The air almost vibrates with power when Owl is involved. When I started researching my Owl connection, the reason for the connection became clear.

If you are an Owl guided person, you will find that your life is often under attack by others – through gossip, jealousy, envy and yes, even hate. These attacks don’t often amount to much but they are definite irritations. This victimization has been a problem for me my entire life; something as a teen I would agonize over but Owl has shown me that it is natural for this to happen because of my own nature – someone who understands others and what they want to conceal is not much liked.

Owl is about knowing yourself and others – seeing below the surface to the inner knowledge. He is foresight and insight. Since I was a child, I’ve had the ability to predict events  based upon my knowledge of people; I could reveal a person’s inner motivation as easy as peeling an onion.

No, I am not psychic or of any particular, unusual ability to see and talk with spirits. It is my knowledge of human nature that had me tell my husband after my SIL married that I gave it three years before it broke up (and was proven correct).

OTOH, I’ve also had a stupidity recognizing friends meant to cause me harm. I have been blindsided far too often by false loyalty and putting my trust with people that didn’t deserve it. It has caused me to further retreat and I rarely form new friendships. Except for my inner circle, nowadays, I like relationships to be very casual and on the surface when it comes to involvement.

Owl wants me to come deeper into the unknown and the wild. I have been fighting it – I do not like the loss of control, the fear of the dark, or what else will be revealed in the heart of the labyrinth. I’ve been ignoring it and filling my life with the mundane needs that living demands.

Yet, huge shifts are about to happen: Son transfers to the college where he will work on his BA and be living on campus; Daughter soon ends her junior year and looks to her senior and last year in public school; and I am looking to sell a horse and take a huge step back from horses for now.

Matters are on the move again.

Owl in the City

About 8 weeks ago I was laying in bed, my window open, thinking dismal thoughts when I heard an owl outside my window. I froze, attentive, all focused on the sound. It came again and I thought: Am I imagining it?

I live in an urban environment, houses side by side, a variety of nearby retail stores, and off one of the busiest street in my city. When we moved here, the area was still transitioning from open farmers fields to city housing – and we saw Red Tailed Hawks often – an open field hawk common to my plains State.

As the houses and buildings multiplied, the aerial hunters changed to the neighborhood raptor: Cooper Hawk. These wood-loving Hawks have adapted to urban living making neighborhood bird feeders their own personal buffet.  Coopers are adept at using human structures – such as fences and buildings – to stealth approach their prey – and like raccoons, opossums, skunks and coyotes have adapted to man’s presence.

However, you can imagine my surprise and doubt that I might have heard an Owl outside my window, in the early hours after sunrise. I was so doubtful about the encounter I didn’t even record it here in my blog.


One reason we bought this house was that the backyard runs along a Greenbelt  – this is a designated area that is to be left undisturbed in order to aid water flow (apparently so much construction was done at one point, the town had bad flooding problems and this was put into place by the city/county government).

Our Greenbelt has a water way with a mix of evergreen pines and deciduous trees planted by the builder. Unfortunately, many of these have been damaged by several ice storms. There is a concrete spillway for water and it is probably why we had our Raccoon visit. The channel is probably why the Coopers have visited and I have also seen plenty of birds, such as my noisy, nosy friend the Nuthatch, and the Downy Woodpecker.

Last night, I was in the family room which is at the back of our house. One large window was opened and I head the deep HOO-HOO-HOO!! I was of course WOW!!! I brought in our two Corgis waiting at the door and who thankfully, had not tempted my visitor to a snack and slipped outside.


I tried to become calm and grounded myself. I had a feeling of being surrounded by the dark and being high up in a tree. I was pretty sure that Owl was up in the top of a group of pine trees, right behind the SW corner of the yard.  After a few more HOO-HOO, I thought I heard an answering and fainter call way down to the SE of the greenbelt.

I slipped back inside and called out to Grenwinae. We both went outside to hear more HOO-HOO with the calls in the SE getting more noticeable.

In a moment Owl took off and flew silently across a break of trees showing open sky to travel down the Greenbelt to the other caller. AMAZING!

I will post later on why Owls are significant to me and why hearing him then was so important. From the sound, I’m pretty sure it was a Great Horned Owl.

Heron, a bird who waits for opportunity to arrive

A few weeks back, I asked my Animal Oracle Deck to show me what I needed to know and pulled a card. It was the Heron, a card I’ve never pulled before so it was time to sit back and see what this animal is about.

Before jumping to a lot of conclusions you draw from online websites, I like to sit back and go from what I know first:

1.) As a bird, Heron already has certain inherent qualities – a connection between earth and the heavens, often viewed as messengers because of this, viewed as a connection to humans because it walks on two legs like humans. Many birds are seen as psychopomps – guides who accompany the spirit to other realities, mostly the realm of the dead.

It flies (Air), hunts in the water, and can walk/hunt on land. So we have an animal connected to three elements. He can pass and use these at his will.

2.) Physically, Heron stands on two very thin legs which requires quite a bit of balance. He is a graceful, slow flyer. I was lucky to see one go through telephone wires and he undulated slowly through them – graceful and never missing a beat. His neck and beak are long.

3.)  The Heron hunts for food by using patience (we are talking hours of waiting for the right moment). He waits and lets the food come to him and than strikes extremely quickly. He uses his large wing span to help him hunt – spreading and shadowing the water in order to locate prey in the water.  And he generally hunts alone, though he may live in a colony.

Ever since pulling the card, I’ve been seeing a lot of Herons where before I would find Hawks. Here in Oklahoma we have a variety of Herons and Egrets such as Little Blue Heron, Tricolored Heron, Green Heron, and Black or Yellow Crowned Heron.

Heron is not my Animal Guide, only a messenger for a time that needs patience and waiting.  A time to wait for when the time is ripe and than strike quickly.