My Connection with Owl

So of course I’ve spent the evenings listening to the outdoors, yearning for my Owl to come back.

When I finally came up to Missouri to live with Grenwinae, Owl was the Animal Guide who made himself known first and started the path I’m on today. If you had asked me about Owls before all that happened, I would have said, yes, interesting birds, and that would have been that. I had no especial interest or knowledge of owls; owls had not been obvious in my life beforehand; and no dreams or guidance by owls had ever happened.

However, once I moved up to Missouri, things accelerated rapidly. Moving, in itself, was a huge transition period for several reasons, which for the sake of this post I will remain brief. It was a step that I had been asking Grenwinae to do for over 20 yeas of marriage; it was finally a pledge fulfilled – to leave Oklahoma and seek new ground; to put himself out there and take a risk; to leave stability and security (as well as boredom with repetition) behind.

It was a huge breath of fresh air that is now slowly being smothered by our return back to Oklahoma. 😦 It is easy to forget the magic of that time living in the woods and making a life to the vibrations of stream, rock and the wild.

Anyway, back to Owl. I don’t have any dramatic stories about how all this occurred. What was significant was the consistency of Owl’s presence; every time I had a doubt, within 24 hours and sometimes within hours, Owl would make itself known to me. Sometimes it was done with a dramatic flair – like showing up to my work (like this time and another time – when he was telling me to leave my job).

Rituals done with Owl were deep, powerful and healing.  The air almost vibrates with power when Owl is involved. When I started researching my Owl connection, the reason for the connection became clear.

If you are an Owl guided person, you will find that your life is often under attack by others – through gossip, jealousy, envy and yes, even hate. These attacks don’t often amount to much but they are definite irritations. This victimization has been a problem for me my entire life; something as a teen I would agonize over but Owl has shown me that it is natural for this to happen because of my own nature – someone who understands others and what they want to conceal is not much liked.

Owl is about knowing yourself and others – seeing below the surface to the inner knowledge. He is foresight and insight. Since I was a child, I’ve had the ability to predict events  based upon my knowledge of people; I could reveal a person’s inner motivation as easy as peeling an onion.

No, I am not psychic or of any particular, unusual ability to see and talk with spirits. It is my knowledge of human nature that had me tell my husband after my SIL married that I gave it three years before it broke up (and was proven correct).

OTOH, I’ve also had a stupidity recognizing friends meant to cause me harm. I have been blindsided far too often by false loyalty and putting my trust with people that didn’t deserve it. It has caused me to further retreat and I rarely form new friendships. Except for my inner circle, nowadays, I like relationships to be very casual and on the surface when it comes to involvement.

Owl wants me to come deeper into the unknown and the wild. I have been fighting it – I do not like the loss of control, the fear of the dark, or what else will be revealed in the heart of the labyrinth. I’ve been ignoring it and filling my life with the mundane needs that living demands.

Yet, huge shifts are about to happen: Son transfers to the college where he will work on his BA and be living on campus; Daughter soon ends her junior year and looks to her senior and last year in public school; and I am looking to sell a horse and take a huge step back from horses for now.

Matters are on the move again.


2 thoughts on “My Connection with Owl

  1. Owl is a powerful guide and mentor. Very wise, very observant and very stealthy. She is not one of my personal totems but they have often come to me when I needed to hear/feel their wisdom. I saw a great video recently where scientists where studying the sound that birds make, letting them fly from one post to another with high powered microphones. When they tested owl there was not a sound, nothing. It was amazing.

    1. They are amazing hunters! There is a view National Geographic Owl videos on Youtube. One of them shows an Owl who hunts mice under many feet of snow by hearing them.

      When I was in Missouri, and walked the woods at night, it was an amazing blend of visceral fear (not being able to see, trusting that no one was in the woods to harm me), experiencing the primitive mind of existing in the present and being hyperaware and wonder. I can only imagine what someone in the woods would feel suddenly hearing an owl or having one blow by them on the wing! I can quite see why people have a fear of them (though of course they should not).

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