Lions are roaring, Mercury Retrograde disrupts everyone

Since last Monday the week prior, I’ve been feeling a bit off. Just not able to think clearly or stay as focused and on target as I like. Than on Thursday, son got into trouble at his volunteer job and will have to go to court! (short version, he was told to hand out beverages and put a beer on the counter for the bar manager that a teen took as part of an undercover sting operation!).

The February MR was oh so good to us that we are still reaping the benefits of that change. This one not so much.

This time the entire family is in flux. And the mood has been riding high. I am angry that son has to go through this, angry that we have to hire an attorney at our cost with no help from the non-profit that got him into this mess, worried about money, he is worried about going to court, daughter has finally caught up on two months of school work she has ignored and has one week to pull up those C’s to at least B’s, and suddenly, Grenwinaes’ job has decided to move up a deadline by 45 days at a time when we need his attention.

It has been gloomy around here with no sun. That has only added to the sinus pressure, the allergies, and everyone being snappish. At the end of the month son leaves for college – daughter wraps school and leaves for her non-profit training – and it just may happen before I kill someone in this house, or at the very least box their ears.


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