Did not kill him so give me a gold star

This has been our life here for the last month with son readying to transfer to his college and preparing for dorm life.

He has been reverting back to his old habits which are so influenced by his learning disability – angry because things are not going fast enough or his way right now! Speaking in an angry, hostile voice (lovely memories of my brother D) to us while wanting us to spend hundreds of dollars on his needs right now – no you do not need a new office chair, you do not need a bookcase (that isn’t going to fit in your campus apartment anyway) and yes because you dragged your ass around this morning we are running behind of schedule but you can’t move in until Monday and this is Sunday so chill the fuck out!


Now Grenwinae is driving him away – I do not feel sad. I am not sniffling and wiping away a tear. I am about ready to do an intense smudging cleanse on my house and enjoy the next 24 hours of PEACE AND QUIET!

He will be at his grandmothers house in two hours – to do what? He will have nothing to do for hours on end and the car is stuffed (so no buying groceries, bookshelves, office chair or a bike). He will have to wait until Monday morning when he gets his school ID to move in because the dumb ass was too tired last time he was there to wait in line and get his friggin’ stupid ID that he needs to move into his college apartment.

Good luck! My husband is going to need it!


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