Financial Spread with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

After all the decision making and stress of that Friday, we were immediately hit with challenges: the AC units went out (we have two as we have a two story house), the hot water heater went bust, and the reliable car failed. Luckily, we had obtained money from a family member as a gift (combined with our own finances) to make some big ticket item repairs (i.e. the AC and Heater unit was a total of $5100, the car $1600, repairing and painting the house $2,000, and replacing the hot water heater $1,000).

During all this destruction and chaos, where the earth was being tilled and turned anew from earthquakes, I had bought a reading online and here is the resulting spread in regards to our finances:


I won’t be totally sharing what she sent me but wanted to point out a few things that seemed significant to me. I also saw some things differently because of course I am close to the situation.

Position 1 (Current situation), Card Fog Reversed. Could this be any more obvious? We are finally going to see our way. Things will become clearer. The road visible. We were lost and now we can be found.

Position 2 (Where to focus/steps to take), Card Tree. The week before I had just had my new business logo finished for my Etsy shop – which is a tree. A tree has to have a network of roots below with the same size as the canopy above in order to survive and be strong. It is nature oriented and I’ve also seen Grenwinae as a Tree when it comes to spiritual matters.

The tree is also my favorite symbol for “As above, so Below” which I think works well thematically with the Ceremony and Initiation cards. These three cards are about synchronization and alignment – bringing heart, mind and spirit together in a balanced way – something I have not felt for years, if perhaps decades.

Position 3 (forces working against you), Card Waterfall reversed. Things are not going to flow easily. We are not going to be showered with money 😉 This is part of rabbit energy: either it comes in a torrent or dries up to nothing and has always been a force against us making headway financially.

This card, read with the river (outcome card) shows that I need to work on slow and steady flow instead of leaps and bounds.

Position 4 (forces working for you) Ceremony. This, and the next card, meant more to me than the reader. I had already noticed that when I didn’t think through a handmade project for the shop, it just didn’t work out. If I rushed the creative process, than the result didn’t work out on many levels – for me or the customer.

The business is more than making a widget; it fulfills something deep for me and I need to honor it. When I don’t honor that, things get messed up. I need to stay true to the reason we started this store.

Position 5 (Help) Card Initiation with an Eagle (see my Eagle post). Again, Mind needs to be linked with Heart and Spirit. Neglect the higher calling that this endeavor requires and we will not succeed. Honor it and we will be blessed with success.

Eagle has definitely been making himself known. It is time to connect to a higher spiritual understanding.

Position 6 (Outcome), Card River. The river on the card is deep, wide and slow but steady on it’s flow. What we need to work towards and will obtain will be gained when we walk a True Path.

I liked this reading so much that I immediately bought a deck for myself!



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