Further thoughts on The Good Offense

Because of the lack of money we had let a lot of things go on the house. Things like routine repairs such as the house exterior needing repairs (which meant we were living with squirrels in the attic and eventually a raccoon), the exterior painting, termite control, a cracked window, new insulation in the attic, and replacing the hot water heater, AC units, heater and appliances such as dishwasher and refrigerator.

The money flow was slowly getting better (especially with the bankruptcy unexpectedly ending two years sooner than expected) but these were all big ticket repairs – over $1,000 and most of them in the $2-5,000 range.

In December, Grenwinae is likely to get a bonus but that could only stretch so far. If I went back to work for The Man, that would help with little expenses but again, wouldn’t replace a $5600 AC and Heat unit needed downstairs.

While all of this was on my mind, I also started thinking about the protection and abundance magick, I had done for our home and family. Yet, it seemed to me, and this idea continued to grow, that no spells or wishing for a better day was really going to happen when the very foundation of our house was falling apart! Even with magick, I couldn’t toss away common sense!

About a month ago, Grewinae sat down with a  family member and asked for help. She agreed and combined with our own money we started making a plan to get things done. As soon as the check cleared the bank – the water heater and AC downstairs failed, the upstairs AC stopped working, and the more reliable of the two cars had a horrible noise. It was not a moment too soon! It was almost as if everything had been holding its breath.

And this is how my Owl-sense works. I just feel a need to “do something” and if I follow through on listening to its intuitive siren call, then we sidestep disaster (such as demanding Grenwinae job hunt and two weeks after he got the new job, his old company was swallowed up in a hostile takeover and his boss fired).

We bought a new AC and heater for downstairs. We had enough to make a down payment and monthly payments will get it paid off in two years. The car took over $2,000 to get it back into good working order so afterwards I was able to make several out of town trips.

We were able to get the Hot Water Tank replaced (and the new water is already so much softer and is making the towels smell sweet). We replaced the dishwasher (and now it is so quiet and the dishes come out better with less effort).

Externally the largest project was getting the house repaired and repainted. During that process the house painter was stung by a wasp and discovered a potential bee issue. Called the bee guy and turns out we caught the problem just in time – no hive yet, they were on a scouting expedition looking for a new home.

We are surrounded by neighbors who would have turned us into the homeowner association on the paint and exterior. Literally, painting the house is putting up a huge banner deflecting that negativity. I do not underestimate that power of “changing old clothes for new to confuse evil.”

Not all is done. We still need a new refrigerator to replace a 21 year old unit. We need a termite treatment and the windows still need fixing. The work on the family room has just begun.

Then in the midst of all this last week, we were offered a car. If the car happens, then that means the December bonus can be used on the house (we had planned on the bonus replacing the least reliable of the two cars) and again, we will be further along on that goal of selling in 3 years (this would be the summer daughter transfers from community college to a university to complete her degree).

I see the clear connection to new and improved to old and failing apart when it comes to change and reformation. All in all, this is a fresh start and something we need to weave into our work for protection, abundance and prosperity.

We have been very lucky and fortunate, especially in having someone who can help us, yet I think we are both rather gobsmacked and reeling from all the changes that have just happened.


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