Earth Magic Cards: Standing Firm and Flexible Relationships

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I pulled three of the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. I commonly pull three cards, to be read together (not as past-present-future).


While I have had others read my cards, I actually prefer to read them myself. I also don’t do readings every day or even once a week. Just when the mood strikes me and particularly when I feel I need guidance because I am stuck on a problem and need a fresh perspective.

The three cards are Music (Harmony), Mountain (Strength) and Clouds (Shapechanging). One reason I like reading three cards together is it gives enough information to be helpful but is not overwhelming.

To bring Harmony in our Mother-Daughter relationship, I need to focus on deep strength and confidence in what I’m doing and let daughter (as well as the relationship) continue to change and be flexible as she matures. The Mountain also is indicative that I have the strength needed against the challenges we will face during this transitory time.

These cards also speak of the duality of Earth and Air. Grounding and Spirit. Fixed reality and the Insubstantial substance of smoke and dreams.


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