Hawk relationships

Going out to the barn to feed, I pass a field where Grumpy Hawk 2 used to hang out. GH2 is most likely a  Red Tail Hawk who is quite a bit darker with a lot of black than most of the RTH’s I see. He is also perpetually plumped up and fluffed with tufts of white sticking out of his body, making him look like he is always molting.

I noticed a few months back a sleeker, perhaps younger, Red Tail Hawk had shown up on his turf. The second RTH was slimmer in body style, maybe slightly smaller but hard to tell. Each time I saw them they were not sitting close, and GH2 seemed a bit put out.

So I couldn’t figure out their relationship. Were they now mated? Their relationship didn’t seem that close. I’ve seen hawks sit so close to each other that they looked like they had one body. These two were always far, far apart.

Was it an invasion of the original Hawk’s turf and he just doesn’t have the strength to kick out the interloper? I can’t think that field would provide enough food for two!

The sleek RTH version is often flying over and lowers himself (herself) down into a bank of trees so I’m thinking a nest might be down there.

Well, if they are mated, GH2 is just “putting up with it” until the fledglings are gone.

I slowly passed by him (no cars behind me) and as I poked my head out the window, he turned and looked down at me. Most hawks do get irritated at being looked at. Not sure why that is since they are at the top of their food chain but they do dislike the Paparazzi. Pretty much go a mind your own beeswax, death glare.


Life has been full of little difficulties and many irritations. Whatever, has latched onto us thinks it can distract and irritate us so much that we won’t stay focused. Hm. We shall see about that.


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