Last week I had a dream I meant to post; it’s too important not to post it so here it is:

I was standing in the front yard at our house in C__ Missouri. The weather was early fall and I looked up to a blue sky with just a few clouds. Two vultures were spiraling up from the valley in the National Forest and flying slowly above my head in circles.

I looked to my left and a huge vulture was sitting on the hand pump in our herb garden. She spread her wings out wide.. I was wrapped in darkness and then was a vulture spreading its wings.

Husband called my name and I returned to myself. The vulture became a pillar of smoky darkness and disappeared.

Later that week, I told husband I wasn’t sure I was ready for this next change. A call from my closest friend gave me details on how her life will change drastically. Transformation is sometimes impossible to ignore.

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