Solar Birds


I was about ready to pull out of my driveway when a black shadow passed over my car. This often happens to me where a bird immediately crosses my path when I get going for the day, so I pulled back into the driveway and looked up to locate the bird who had cast his shadow.

So one bird I saw, definitely was one of my hawks. He spiraled over the road that leads down to the park before disappearing. Than another bird, who I thought was his partner, was spiraling over my close neighbors house. He was joined by another that tried hard to gain altitude with a lot of bird flaps, while the other waited for him.

This puzzled me. I knew we had our hawk pair in the neighborhood. Was this one of their fledging’s? I squinted my eyes and tried to figure it out when they both flew closer to me.

Their wing color was puzzling me as it was black and while the sun can cast the bottom of a hawk body black, when they spiraled I should have seen the tan pattern of their wing tops, and instead I a saw black. Too large for crows and their flight pattern didn’t match a crow.

They came closer again, taking their sweet time in using the thermals. Both had white heads. What…!? You are kidding me! I looked again and no they both had white heads and black bodies.

Goodness. Animal Guides that come and visit me at my house are awesome but I never expected to see a pair of Bald Eagles in my little neighborhood. Powerful!

(Bald Eagles do migrate to Oklahoma in the winter but they generally chose areas where there is water and bluffs – my neighborhood has little of either – they are probably passing through on migration).


2 thoughts on “Solar Birds

  1. Oh my goodness, how awesome to have Bald Eagles in your neighbourhood! Those birds always look so incredible.

    Obviously in the UK we don’t have them so I’ve never need one in real life. Though I do love birds of prey, they are so stunning and powerful.

    I think the birds that visit us that really stand out are the corvines. We have a family of jackdaws and magpies that visit and do territorial dances and frustrate one of the many cats that pad through our garden. But every now and then we get another crow, I think a carrion crow that just appears and sits quietly.

    1. We have Crows here in Oklahoma but not Ravens. I would love to see a Raven in real life!

      Bald Eagles winter here in Oklahoma but they are found at lakes where they can hunt for fish (hundreds of miles from my home). It also seems a bit unusual to see them so early in the year – I think they start their migration more in Sept./Oct.

      It was bizarre and unusual to find them in my neighborhood. My son doesn’t believe I saw them – and I can understand why he disbelieves. I was shocked myself. I don’t expect to see them again but then OTOH I wasn’t expecting an Owl to show up in the backyard either!

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