Cooper Hawk appears and chaos ensues

While I can admire the lessons that Coopers Hawk can teach me, when he shows up, up close and personal like he did Saturday, I brace myself. Pretty much Cooper Hawks message is Bette Davis’ famous line: ““Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Looked out the backyard in the a.m. Saturday morning and saw a flash of bird tail that was a hawk going from one tree to the next in the greenbelt behind our house. Stepped out in the yard and found him sitting in a tree. He turned to look at me and then after a moment took off and flew low right over my head!

Ah… thanks… I guess… but I knew, while this was amazing to see him, it also meant something was coming. Sure enough the shit hit the fan with my son who is off to college. I don’t go into my kids history in this blog as its purpose is not to shame them or show off photos of them on my own social media. Strangely enough I give my kids privacy.

However, things came to a boil with him. He had a rough week and with all the changes that don’t work well with his Learning Disabilities or his inherited from my family, temper, he blew up at me and his dad.

This behavior of taking it out on me and his dad has always been around but intensified when we moved to Missouri and he was left in Oklahoma to work on college. I think he was left too much on his own and didn’t handle it as well as I thought he would have. At the time, I didn’t want a confrontation and dealt with it the best I could but now it was time for this roller coaster to stop and I put my foot down hard on his neck.

Remember, if you want to play with the big boys, face the Lions’ wrath.


Then Grenwinae’s mom got involved and we had to put a stop to that. It was a very chaotic weekend full of disruption, poor sleep on our parts, and wondering if he was going to throw his future away over petty shit. I really expected him to say “fuck this” and walk away from college, his scholarships and the brass ring but Sunday he finally pulled himself together and apologized.

Okay, we can get along as long as you know the rules. But don’t ever think you can pull the lions tail and escape from that encounter without understanding who is in charge.



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