Intuition, Dreams and Owl

I’m a practical person who, if you need advice on how to find a job, how to make money, and how to deal with people I can provide you the very best of advice. However, I am not a person who spends a lot of time in the Element of the Air, despite having a lot of spirit guides who frequent it, or with the Element of Water. I am, in appearance, an ordinary average person who thinks things that I seldom bring out to play in the daylight.

So I had some thoughts last week about how I could improve my spiritual journey. It was in regards to making time to really listen to my intuition. My thoughts at the time was to try break through the wall I build around me so I can better access the sides of me that I need in order to grow. Sides that I generally don’t use in my day to day life.

I asked if working more with my intuition was where I needed to turn my focus too and pulled the following three cards from the Druid Animal Oracle deck: Fire Dragon, Bear and Hind. Hm. So the answer is YES…  I had the cards out for awhile to think upon when this happened (Round Two)….

Two nights ago I had a intense dream. Now I often have terrifying, horrifying dreams so that I don’t mean your typical nasty dream about your husband being a serial killer or plunging your car off a bridge to drown in a river, but one that I wake up from and say THIS one is SIGNIFICANT…

I won’t go into all the dream details but in the dream, my daughter (who is approaching 18) was murdered as a small child (around 10?). I knew where she was approached by her killer (under a State tourist sculpture), where he dumped the body and who did it. I actually had found her body and had it with me. At one point, husband tells me he guarded the car from the bad guy so we could protect the evidence and bring it to the police station.

I woke knowing this was laden with information and heard THIS: GREAT HORNED OWL HOOTING

I slipped on my robe and went to meditate outside on the back porch but by the time I got there he was gone. I discussed this with Grenwinae when he got up; Owl and Intuition says two things:

1.) We will be hearing today from the person who did daughters intake assessment for learning disabilities. Don’t delay the meeting (despite the finances) and schedule it ASAP. There is information we need to know so we can help her.

Yes, he did call later that same day and I got an appointment for this coming Friday.

2.) I have some serious damage I need to deal with on my own about letting my child out.

The next day, another dream a bit more hopeful… honestly though I’m rather exhausted from it all so I’ll mull this over for a while before discussing further.


8 thoughts on “Intuition, Dreams and Owl

  1. I’ve had some scary dreams as well, where when I wake up I feel the intense fear and pain from it like it actually happened. Sometimes though, even if we feel it was a significant dream, it’s really just one of our deepest fears. Since your daughter is almost 18, you probably dreamt of her as a child because of course you’ll always see her as that! and you have a subconscious fear of when she will get older and leave and you won’t always be there to guide her, but you’ll know where she is (like knowing of the state tourist statue). Simply though, I would say not to worry too much. I think every parent, especially the mother, has their horrible child dream.

    1. Unfortunately, my daughter has been having some serious issues which we are dealing with. I don’t publicize it (or use her name) but she had a plan to commit suicide about three years ago when we lived out of state, which we found out last year (about two years ago we returned to Oklahoma).

      She continues to deal with depression and anxiety; we did a lot of testing over the summer and I’m waiting to hear back on getting her into a counselor and starting medication. While she has some very good days (she is in her room and I hear her talking and laughing with a friend) there are some real shadows we are continuing to deal with.

      1. Aw, I’m sorry to hear that :/ Someone very close to me has been dealing with depression since she was a little girl, and I know how tough it can be. She actually was admitted to a psychiatric unit two years ago for trying to commit. It was a really rocky time then, but she’s been getting better. I see her everyday and she gives off a different mood and vibe every time I do. She never likes when I ask about what’s wrong though, because I think she doesn’t even know herself :/ but the best thing to do is just be supportive without being overbearing and wait for her to reach out to you. Just from over social media, you seem like such a beautiful soul and I think having you as a mom would be amazing. Don’t give up! Some people battle depression forever, but are able to “forget” about it with the right kind of outlet.

      2. Aww thank you Aly. My daughter and I have evolved in our relationship. It is much better now but she is very sensitive and I’m a bulldozer so I have had to really take a step back from my managing and overbearing ways.

        I’m sorry to hear about your friend but unfortunately, understand your position. I’m not supposed to ask, as it is seen as an invasion of her privacy, how she is doing or if she needs help. We are muddling along. Trying to get services is the worst – we have insurance but I’m on a 3 month waiting list! ridiculous!

      3. Oh FYI It is one reason why I unfollow people on Instagram that are “depressed” I just can’t cope with caring for more people who are dealing with their demons. I don’t mean to be uncaring but I’ve got my hands full so to speak.

    2. When it comes to Dreams, I’m more of a Carl Jung follower in this context. The “child self” is MYself. It’s the knowledge that I’ve literally murdered part of myself and now I’m carrying around the dead body because of decisions I’ve made and the environment I was raised it. Grenwinae tries to protect this self in my dream.

      It’s actually a very deep dream – hugely symbolic.

      1. Ahh, I see. I can definitely relate. I’ve actually only been out of high school for three years, but I’ve cut myself off from my child self even as a child. I’m constantly doing tarot readings and being told to never let go of my child self and try to live my life with a bit of a sense of “child like joy and discovery” and I think that can be said for everyone.

      2. Yes you have to let that child self go to grow up and cope with life but then if you cut off that umbilical cord, you will forever be searching for that lost part.

        It’s a complicated situation because of the family I grew up in which is very much based IRL and the things that must be done now. If anything was seen as soft, you were ruthlessly dealt with so it has trained me to become extremely practical in my day to day life to the point of crazy almost.

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