Trusting Intuition


A couple of weekends back, Grenwinae and I went off to a nearby State Park that we had visited years ago but hadn’t been to recently. This was the weekend before fall break and it was deserted (the next weekend it was like a trip to the Mall at Christmas).  Gorgeous weather and some neat stuff happened but the next two weeks following has been a literal hell for me so I didn’t feel like posting this and even now it’s been broken into fragments….

At one point, Grenwinae and I had separated physically so he could work with his pendulum. Getting him outside so he could start working with nature and fey spirits had been our goal and mine was just to escape town and never look back. I turned away and there was an opening up in the woods with a path that climbed out of the river bed we were out and I heard a voice: go that way.

As I walked through the tree opening, I looked up and Vulture came flying close down over my head. For the next few minutes, Vultures continued circling me and then Grenwinae joined me and we moved on down the trail.

We had a discussion about the Elements: I identify with Fire (more of my youth though) and Air (because of my constant need for flight, movement and migration). He identifies with Earth (solidity, comfort, sameness) and Water (he’s more of a still waters run deep kinda guy, but not the overally emotional type despite being Water connected).

I will write more about Elements at a later date….

At one point, trying to make our way back to where we parked the car, we were trying to figure out if there was a switchback from our location. Vulture flew over head and dropped down Go That Way which was uphill and I really didn’t want to go up hill anymore.

He dropped down lower, right over me: I want to see this Spiritual person on her Spiritual Journey who won’t do what her Spirit Animal Guide tells her . While I was being looked at, I found a feather on the ground and said, “fine, fine, fine!”

Of course the path led us back to the car and after I merged from where the two trails joined, Vulture dropped down over me again and said Told you. Just a little smug. Vulture is too friendly; if it had been Hawk that would have been different.

Grenwinae went to finish up with his Pendulum while I stood by the car. With the wind, the Oak tree kept bending down to touch me. I don’t talk to trees; that is a Grenwinae thing but I touched the leaves and had a feeling of comfort and happiness.

When he got back, I told him that the tree wanted one of his rocks as a gift (he had been carrying some special things to give back as this was part of his own spiritual work). He held out four rocks, asking me which one.

I looked and thought “this tree will pick this one” but didn’t tell him which one and told him to let the tree choose. I thought I would see what my intuition gets me. When he got down, it turned out to be the rock I had thought-chosen.

Well it was a great weekend but then I hit a huge emotional skid which I will write about later.



4 thoughts on “Trusting Intuition

  1. Hey love! I know you mentioned you were posting soon but I’ve been so wrapped up in the mundane that I somehow missed this.. Sounds like a beautiful day, I was curious as I’m sure you’ve looked into vulture but more so curious as to what vulture means to you?

    1. Hey I’ve been without my own computer for a couple of weeks so trying to get back to getting what didn’t get done, done. On Vulture, all I can write is what I think personally with no back up from gods, goddesses or some consuming spiritual message from the Divine 😀

      Vulture (to me) is about transformation – a passage that is either death or akin to the experience of shedding the old and becoming new. It’s not about little things like changing a job but about the big Perspective – soul changing transformations. Things that turn you upside down on your head and make you rethink major portions of your Self.

      Vulture is going to be your Guide only when you understand that you will be changed from the inside, out, top and down. She showed up in a major shift in my life.

      In Ancient Egypt, the Vulture was believed to be necessary one who eats your flesh, for without flesh you cannot transcend. My personal perspective is that Vulture is a Crone aspect, harvester of the dead, the handmaiden who washes and prepares the dead, who consumes and removes what does not matter in order for you to attain a spiritual life/understanding.

      Vulture is also about the Crone who on the outside is horrible to view but on the inside provides a good and needed service. I see this as people who might turn away the beggar only to find out he was a King.

      For me personally, Vulture has always been kind. Far kinder then Hawk or Owl. There is compassion there.

      Ted Andrews says Vultures are akin to Griffins and I do love the Griffin Vulture which is pretty damn awesome looking.

  2. As part of a class for Greek and Roman religion I did a presentation on vultures. When I read that Romulus and Remus had reported seeing vultures as an augury for where Rome should be located I became curious. What the heck is up with vultures? I came to find out that vultures were considered as sacred or even more sacred than eagles. Going back as far as Ancient Egypt, vultures have been symbolic of motherhood due to the great care they share for their young. They are affiliated with the goddess Nekkhbet. As I researched vulture I became more and more interested and I now affiliate seeing a vulture with the Earth Mother. That is a personal take on it, I know. Regardless, I find that vultures are powerful medicine that is often overlooked! Congratulations on the connection.

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