Monthly Archives: January 2016

Hawk states: mail is coming

About 10 days ago, I was pulling into my suburban neighbor and who should be sitting on my brick mailbox at the curb but my neighborhood Red Tail Hawk. I got a close up view during my turn into the drive before he took off, flying between the alley of my house and a neighbors (one of his favorite flight plans).

I had the feeling that yes, literally, a snail mail message was coming.

That could be good or bad. Hm…. Unlike the message about the bankruptcy ending, I don’t feel that it is that big. I don’t get a feeling that it is bad but if it is I’ll deal with it.

I did see a hawk a few days ago who sailed away with a faint message of: coming soon.

I did get some weird mail from the Missouri State University in Springfield yesterday. It was a bill – that seems to be a fuck up on their part (I think they have me confused with a student that skipped town and they are trying to locate) and I’ll know more Monday.

Or it could be good, like some money I would like from sources that could gift it to me if they were feeling especially kindly.

I was hesitate to post this because, after all, what if nothing happens? What if I’m just dreaming all these “animal messages?” I guess we shall see.