Interpreting Animal Signs

I was just thinking the other day that Animal signs are much like Oracle cards. They provide a large encompassing wisdom but when read together with the events of the day, and what/when it happens is how that wider wisdom can be narrowed to have a personal meaning.

I’ve been meaning to put together a short hand list of what these Animal Guides mean personally to me in order to provide you some ideas on how they work and provide guidance and assistance. The following is just my personal experience. I am sure they will have different wisdom to impart to you.



Owl definitely deserves top spot with me. He was the first to take me down the Path. The most important thing to know about Owl is that the different species of Owls impact the message. For example, the two that make themselves most known to me is Great Horned Owl and the Barred Owl.

Great Horned Owl is about seeing to the Heart of Things, Unmasking the Deceivers, but also keeping that wisdom to myself. Except for his mate, the Great Horned is a loner and he likes it that way. He is the direct opposite of another one of my Bird Guides, the Red Tail Hawk.

One of the most interesting actions I saw was two Red Tail Hawks sitting high in a very mature Oak tree, on the pasture fence below them was a huge Great Horned Owl. These are species that do not share territory, yet here they were in the early morning hours seen on my way to work. Hmmm!

The Great Horned Owl is often attacked by other birds, especially Crows or Ravens, but also by Hawks due to nesting behaviors. Appearance of attacking behavior may mean you will be under attack yourself, especially because of how others perceive you and definitely for any abilities you have to see past the obvious and behind their masks.

It’s you against the Mob Mind when you see a Great Horned Owl being attacked. Tread carefully but also have confidence in yourself and your knowledge.


Barred Owl has a gentler message. Her large black eyes and beautiful song of “Who-Cooks-for-you” centers around the voice. Using wisdom and choosing the right time to speak your truth and also being heard. She has shared her death with me many times and all the Owl burials I’ve done has been Barred Owl.

Be sure to identify your Owl and learn about them! They may be there for you over the long term or just there to awaken your inner wisdom.



This photo (above) is a wild Swamp Rabbit that came to our place in Missouri looking for assistance or perhaps dropping me a message. It arrived, stayed for a few days, and just as mysteriously vanished (I hope not in an Owl or Hawk’s beak).

My birth year is associated with the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. For awhile I thought Rabbit was an Animal Guide but I’ve come to realize that Rabbit is an Animal Sign (for me). To clarify, Rabbit doesn’t talk to me but does appear to give me notice of events.

Rabbit is about feast and famine, the revolving changing times between being up and down. Starting and Stopping. Fecundity. For me personally, Rabbit is closely tied to money: gaining it or suffering the consequences of not having it.

Sunday I saw two wild rabbits at the barn. I used to see them all the time but this last year not so much. I told Grenwinae that money was on its way, and sure enough I made $200 that weekend from my Etsy store and last month was almost as good financially as December. But with feast comes famine, because my appointment at the Oral Surgeon yesterday has brought the news I’ll need surgery on a previous root canal tooth.



I’ve written about Vulture many times so I won’t go into a lot of depth here but to recap, She is about several primary things: 1.) Crone Wisdom; 2.) the Transition that must happen for you to achieve the next Spiritual Level; and 3.) seeing Beauty in the face of the Ugly.

In Egyptian lore, Vulture had to eat the body in order to release the Soul. If She is busy in your life, prepare for a great transition. You will suddenly release something that has been heavy on your spirit and move onward. She, though, is a gentle Midwife.

Like Owls, I’ve found different messages due to species. There is the Black Vulture which for me always denotes something about family; and the Turkey Vulture which is more Crone Wisdom and transitioning from one state to another.



Hawks are still the most constant of my Animal Guides. I see them practically every day. Not every day do they have a message and working with them has helped me understand when an Animal event is significant and when it’s just a “hey, hello” passer by appearance.

Hawk, like Wolves, is a very popular Animal Guide. One thing to be aware of when working with Hawk (out of all the Animals I’ve personally worked with) is that He doesn’t give a Fuck about you or your stupid problems. He gives the message and if you don’t follow it, He will just shrug and move on. He is not there to pamper or coddle you and absolutely refuses to do so. People who talk baby-talk to wild animals are not going to get far with Hawk.

For my geographical area, the most commonly spied Hawk, is the Red Tail Hawk. He has long lifted my spirits – When I was in my early 20’s and would drive home from Oklahoma City to Dallas, seeing the Red Tail always gave me soaring feelings of happiness and freedom.

Red Tail is about open space, freedom to see everything, the Big Picture. Go higher and look wider for answers. Red Tail is about Messages – communication. Usually whatever he is telling me about will happen within 10 days.

Because of his Red Tail, He is often connected to the Root/Base Chakra and Kundalini. He is life source and energy, tied to the Sun.

If you are lucky enough to see a Red Tail catch and feed upon prey, you will soon see success with something such as a project or speculation. If you see him being attacked by Crows or Ravens, be especially aware of police cars and speeding (haha that has been my personal experience!).

Red Tails’ message is usually very direct, no ambiguity, although I can’t say the same for another Hawk that I work with: Coopers Hawk.

Cooper is a Woodland Hawk that is often mistaken with the Sharp Skinned Hawk, though the message is probably similar between these two because of likenesses in habitat, hunting and nesting.

Cooper works within the tight quarters of dense trees and the urban landscape. He is the Master of Guerilla attacks. I’ve seen him fly through my urban neighborhood like a jet plane, zooming over stockade fences and using them, as well as trees, to hide his approach to his favorite prey – smaller birds at urban bird feeders. He has appeared out of nowhere and threw himself into a dense hedge to emerge with his prey.

Fearless. Focused. Targeted. And sometimes Headstrong.

You either are being cautioned quite strongly or being urged quite strongly to use stealth. If you are thinking of telling someone about your job hunt and Cooper appears – thing again about blabbing!

For example, when we were in Missouri working on the yard, Cooper Hawk followed us around all day. The next day, Grenwinae was blindsided at work with a poor performance review that was all based upon office politics.

Whenever Cooper appears be on high alert and be very, very wary.



I’ve occasionally had some signs from Peregrine Falcon. This is a new bird to me so what I have to offer is little at this junction.

The biggest thing you need to remember? The Falcon kills it prey DUE TO IMPACT. It is the force of his momentum which actually kills when he hits, at 200 MPH!!, his victim. Like Cooper, he also uses stealth as he flies above (like fighter pilots in WWI) to mask his intent to those below.

Be extremely focused – extremely ready – and when the opportunity happens strike like lightening. Hold nothing back and go in with all guns blazing.

PS I’ll go into other animals another time, I’ve got to be heading off for my day.





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