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Interpreting Animal Signs

I was just thinking the other day that Animal signs are much like Oracle cards. They provide a large encompassing wisdom but when read together with the events of the day, and what/when it happens is how that wider wisdom can be narrowed to have a personal meaning.

I’ve been meaning to put together a short hand list of what these Animal Guides mean personally to me in order to provide you some ideas on how they work and provide guidance and assistance. The following is just my personal experience. I am sure they will have different wisdom to impart to you.



Owl definitely deserves top spot with me. He was the first to take me down the Path. The most important thing to know about Owl is that the different species of Owls impact the message. For example, the two that make themselves most known to me is Great Horned Owl and the Barred Owl.

Great Horned Owl is about seeing to the Heart of Things, Unmasking the Deceivers, but also keeping that wisdom to myself. Except for his mate, the Great Horned is a loner and he likes it that way. He is the direct opposite of another one of my Bird Guides, the Red Tail Hawk.

One of the most interesting actions I saw was two Red Tail Hawks sitting high in a very mature Oak tree, on the pasture fence below them was a huge Great Horned Owl. These are species that do not share territory, yet here they were in the early morning hours seen on my way to work. Hmmm!

The Great Horned Owl is often attacked by other birds, especially Crows or Ravens, but also by Hawks due to nesting behaviors. Appearance of attacking behavior may mean you will be under attack yourself, especially because of how others perceive you and definitely for any abilities you have to see past the obvious and behind their masks.

It’s you against the Mob Mind when you see a Great Horned Owl being attacked. Tread carefully but also have confidence in yourself and your knowledge.


Barred Owl has a gentler message. Her large black eyes and beautiful song of “Who-Cooks-for-you” centers around the voice. Using wisdom and choosing the right time to speak your truth and also being heard. She has shared her death with me many times and all the Owl burials I’ve done has been Barred Owl.

Be sure to identify your Owl and learn about them! They may be there for you over the long term or just there to awaken your inner wisdom.



This photo (above) is a wild Swamp Rabbit that came to our place in Missouri looking for assistance or perhaps dropping me a message. It arrived, stayed for a few days, and just as mysteriously vanished (I hope not in an Owl or Hawk’s beak).

My birth year is associated with the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. For awhile I thought Rabbit was an Animal Guide but I’ve come to realize that Rabbit is an Animal Sign (for me). To clarify, Rabbit doesn’t talk to me but does appear to give me notice of events.

Rabbit is about feast and famine, the revolving changing times between being up and down. Starting and Stopping. Fecundity. For me personally, Rabbit is closely tied to money: gaining it or suffering the consequences of not having it.

Sunday I saw two wild rabbits at the barn. I used to see them all the time but this last year not so much. I told Grenwinae that money was on its way, and sure enough I made $200 that weekend from my Etsy store and last month was almost as good financially as December. But with feast comes famine, because my appointment at the Oral Surgeon yesterday has brought the news I’ll need surgery on a previous root canal tooth.



I’ve written about Vulture many times so I won’t go into a lot of depth here but to recap, She is about several primary things: 1.) Crone Wisdom; 2.) the Transition that must happen for you to achieve the next Spiritual Level; and 3.) seeing Beauty in the face of the Ugly.

In Egyptian lore, Vulture had to eat the body in order to release the Soul. If She is busy in your life, prepare for a great transition. You will suddenly release something that has been heavy on your spirit and move onward. She, though, is a gentle Midwife.

Like Owls, I’ve found different messages due to species. There is the Black Vulture which for me always denotes something about family; and the Turkey Vulture which is more Crone Wisdom and transitioning from one state to another.



Hawks are still the most constant of my Animal Guides. I see them practically every day. Not every day do they have a message and working with them has helped me understand when an Animal event is significant and when it’s just a “hey, hello” passer by appearance.

Hawk, like Wolves, is a very popular Animal Guide. One thing to be aware of when working with Hawk (out of all the Animals I’ve personally worked with) is that He doesn’t give a Fuck about you or your stupid problems. He gives the message and if you don’t follow it, He will just shrug and move on. He is not there to pamper or coddle you and absolutely refuses to do so. People who talk baby-talk to wild animals are not going to get far with Hawk.

For my geographical area, the most commonly spied Hawk, is the Red Tail Hawk. He has long lifted my spirits – When I was in my early 20’s and would drive home from Oklahoma City to Dallas, seeing the Red Tail always gave me soaring feelings of happiness and freedom.

Red Tail is about open space, freedom to see everything, the Big Picture. Go higher and look wider for answers. Red Tail is about Messages – communication. Usually whatever he is telling me about will happen within 10 days.

Because of his Red Tail, He is often connected to the Root/Base Chakra and Kundalini. He is life source and energy, tied to the Sun.

If you are lucky enough to see a Red Tail catch and feed upon prey, you will soon see success with something such as a project or speculation. If you see him being attacked by Crows or Ravens, be especially aware of police cars and speeding (haha that has been my personal experience!).

Red Tails’ message is usually very direct, no ambiguity, although I can’t say the same for another Hawk that I work with: Coopers Hawk.

Cooper is a Woodland Hawk that is often mistaken with the Sharp Skinned Hawk, though the message is probably similar between these two because of likenesses in habitat, hunting and nesting.

Cooper works within the tight quarters of dense trees and the urban landscape. He is the Master of Guerilla attacks. I’ve seen him fly through my urban neighborhood like a jet plane, zooming over stockade fences and using them, as well as trees, to hide his approach to his favorite prey – smaller birds at urban bird feeders. He has appeared out of nowhere and threw himself into a dense hedge to emerge with his prey.

Fearless. Focused. Targeted. And sometimes Headstrong.

You either are being cautioned quite strongly or being urged quite strongly to use stealth. If you are thinking of telling someone about your job hunt and Cooper appears – thing again about blabbing!

For example, when we were in Missouri working on the yard, Cooper Hawk followed us around all day. The next day, Grenwinae was blindsided at work with a poor performance review that was all based upon office politics.

Whenever Cooper appears be on high alert and be very, very wary.



I’ve occasionally had some signs from Peregrine Falcon. This is a new bird to me so what I have to offer is little at this junction.

The biggest thing you need to remember? The Falcon kills it prey DUE TO IMPACT. It is the force of his momentum which actually kills when he hits, at 200 MPH!!, his victim. Like Cooper, he also uses stealth as he flies above (like fighter pilots in WWI) to mask his intent to those below.

Be extremely focused – extremely ready – and when the opportunity happens strike like lightening. Hold nothing back and go in with all guns blazing.

PS I’ll go into other animals another time, I’ve got to be heading off for my day.





Owl reminds me

Little Owl, Athena noctua

Driving to the barn this weekend with Grenwinae and in our path was a dead raptor. Well, that message was pretty clear so we turned back and Grenwinae gathered up the body in a sack to take home for burial.

He dug a hole were I asked – inside our yard, front the back gate to the greenbelt area. When he opened the bag and removed our bird, I understood. I had been expecting a hawk but instead it was a Barred Owl. The Owl that had begun all this business back in Missouri.

We buried Owl in the dark with ceremony. A Tigers Eye was gifted along with herbs. He is near the other Owls and their Hoots.

That night I had a confusion of Dreams. The last image in my mind before waking, was of me, a small Athena Owl on my shoulder.


I have neglected the spiritual side of things. I’ve always been good at entering the labyrinth and fighting monsters but not so good at bringing back the hidden knowledge.


Over the weekend, we saw a group of deer on the trip back from the barn. They were a bachelor group, sporting small horn, they jostled each other to show off their manly ways. All of them survived deer hunting season probably because of their antlers were too small as trophies.

This morning, I saw a group of does. Flagging their tails as they made it up the hill.

Hawk states: mail is coming

About 10 days ago, I was pulling into my suburban neighbor and who should be sitting on my brick mailbox at the curb but my neighborhood Red Tail Hawk. I got a close up view during my turn into the drive before he took off, flying between the alley of my house and a neighbors (one of his favorite flight plans).

I had the feeling that yes, literally, a snail mail message was coming.

That could be good or bad. Hm…. Unlike the message about the bankruptcy ending, I don’t feel that it is that big. I don’t get a feeling that it is bad but if it is I’ll deal with it.

I did see a hawk a few days ago who sailed away with a faint message of: coming soon.

I did get some weird mail from the Missouri State University in Springfield yesterday. It was a bill – that seems to be a fuck up on their part (I think they have me confused with a student that skipped town and they are trying to locate) and I’ll know more Monday.

Or it could be good, like some money I would like from sources that could gift it to me if they were feeling especially kindly.

I was hesitate to post this because, after all, what if nothing happens? What if I’m just dreaming all these “animal messages?” I guess we shall see.



Intuition, Dreams and Owl

I’m a practical person who, if you need advice on how to find a job, how to make money, and how to deal with people I can provide you the very best of advice. However, I am not a person who spends a lot of time in the Element of the Air, despite having a lot of spirit guides who frequent it, or with the Element of Water. I am, in appearance, an ordinary average person who thinks things that I seldom bring out to play in the daylight.

So I had some thoughts last week about how I could improve my spiritual journey. It was in regards to making time to really listen to my intuition. My thoughts at the time was to try break through the wall I build around me so I can better access the sides of me that I need in order to grow. Sides that I generally don’t use in my day to day life.

I asked if working more with my intuition was where I needed to turn my focus too and pulled the following three cards from the Druid Animal Oracle deck: Fire Dragon, Bear and Hind. Hm. So the answer is YES…  I had the cards out for awhile to think upon when this happened (Round Two)….

Two nights ago I had a intense dream. Now I often have terrifying, horrifying dreams so that I don’t mean your typical nasty dream about your husband being a serial killer or plunging your car off a bridge to drown in a river, but one that I wake up from and say THIS one is SIGNIFICANT…

I won’t go into all the dream details but in the dream, my daughter (who is approaching 18) was murdered as a small child (around 10?). I knew where she was approached by her killer (under a State tourist sculpture), where he dumped the body and who did it. I actually had found her body and had it with me. At one point, husband tells me he guarded the car from the bad guy so we could protect the evidence and bring it to the police station.

I woke knowing this was laden with information and heard THIS: GREAT HORNED OWL HOOTING

I slipped on my robe and went to meditate outside on the back porch but by the time I got there he was gone. I discussed this with Grenwinae when he got up; Owl and Intuition says two things:

1.) We will be hearing today from the person who did daughters intake assessment for learning disabilities. Don’t delay the meeting (despite the finances) and schedule it ASAP. There is information we need to know so we can help her.

Yes, he did call later that same day and I got an appointment for this coming Friday.

2.) I have some serious damage I need to deal with on my own about letting my child out.

The next day, another dream a bit more hopeful… honestly though I’m rather exhausted from it all so I’ll mull this over for a while before discussing further.

Cooper Hawk appears and chaos ensues

While I can admire the lessons that Coopers Hawk can teach me, when he shows up, up close and personal like he did Saturday, I brace myself. Pretty much Cooper Hawks message is Bette Davis’ famous line: ““Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”

Looked out the backyard in the a.m. Saturday morning and saw a flash of bird tail that was a hawk going from one tree to the next in the greenbelt behind our house. Stepped out in the yard and found him sitting in a tree. He turned to look at me and then after a moment took off and flew low right over my head!

Ah… thanks… I guess… but I knew, while this was amazing to see him, it also meant something was coming. Sure enough the shit hit the fan with my son who is off to college. I don’t go into my kids history in this blog as its purpose is not to shame them or show off photos of them on my own social media. Strangely enough I give my kids privacy.

However, things came to a boil with him. He had a rough week and with all the changes that don’t work well with his Learning Disabilities or his inherited from my family, temper, he blew up at me and his dad.

This behavior of taking it out on me and his dad has always been around but intensified when we moved to Missouri and he was left in Oklahoma to work on college. I think he was left too much on his own and didn’t handle it as well as I thought he would have. At the time, I didn’t want a confrontation and dealt with it the best I could but now it was time for this roller coaster to stop and I put my foot down hard on his neck.

Remember, if you want to play with the big boys, face the Lions’ wrath.


Then Grenwinae’s mom got involved and we had to put a stop to that. It was a very chaotic weekend full of disruption, poor sleep on our parts, and wondering if he was going to throw his future away over petty shit. I really expected him to say “fuck this” and walk away from college, his scholarships and the brass ring but Sunday he finally pulled himself together and apologized.

Okay, we can get along as long as you know the rules. But don’t ever think you can pull the lions tail and escape from that encounter without understanding who is in charge.


Solar Birds


I was about ready to pull out of my driveway when a black shadow passed over my car. This often happens to me where a bird immediately crosses my path when I get going for the day, so I pulled back into the driveway and looked up to locate the bird who had cast his shadow.

So one bird I saw, definitely was one of my hawks. He spiraled over the road that leads down to the park before disappearing. Than another bird, who I thought was his partner, was spiraling over my close neighbors house. He was joined by another that tried hard to gain altitude with a lot of bird flaps, while the other waited for him.

This puzzled me. I knew we had our hawk pair in the neighborhood. Was this one of their fledging’s? I squinted my eyes and tried to figure it out when they both flew closer to me.

Their wing color was puzzling me as it was black and while the sun can cast the bottom of a hawk body black, when they spiraled I should have seen the tan pattern of their wing tops, and instead I a saw black. Too large for crows and their flight pattern didn’t match a crow.

They came closer again, taking their sweet time in using the thermals. Both had white heads. What…!? You are kidding me! I looked again and no they both had white heads and black bodies.

Goodness. Animal Guides that come and visit me at my house are awesome but I never expected to see a pair of Bald Eagles in my little neighborhood. Powerful!

(Bald Eagles do migrate to Oklahoma in the winter but they generally chose areas where there is water and bluffs – my neighborhood has little of either – they are probably passing through on migration).


Last week I had a dream I meant to post; it’s too important not to post it so here it is:

I was standing in the front yard at our house in C__ Missouri. The weather was early fall and I looked up to a blue sky with just a few clouds. Two vultures were spiraling up from the valley in the National Forest and flying slowly above my head in circles.

I looked to my left and a huge vulture was sitting on the hand pump in our herb garden. She spread her wings out wide.. I was wrapped in darkness and then was a vulture spreading its wings.

Husband called my name and I returned to myself. The vulture became a pillar of smoky darkness and disappeared.

Later that week, I told husband I wasn’t sure I was ready for this next change. A call from my closest friend gave me details on how her life will change drastically. Transformation is sometimes impossible to ignore.

Hawk relationships

Going out to the barn to feed, I pass a field where Grumpy Hawk 2 used to hang out. GH2 is most likely a  Red Tail Hawk who is quite a bit darker with a lot of black than most of the RTH’s I see. He is also perpetually plumped up and fluffed with tufts of white sticking out of his body, making him look like he is always molting.

I noticed a few months back a sleeker, perhaps younger, Red Tail Hawk had shown up on his turf. The second RTH was slimmer in body style, maybe slightly smaller but hard to tell. Each time I saw them they were not sitting close, and GH2 seemed a bit put out.

So I couldn’t figure out their relationship. Were they now mated? Their relationship didn’t seem that close. I’ve seen hawks sit so close to each other that they looked like they had one body. These two were always far, far apart.

Was it an invasion of the original Hawk’s turf and he just doesn’t have the strength to kick out the interloper? I can’t think that field would provide enough food for two!

The sleek RTH version is often flying over and lowers himself (herself) down into a bank of trees so I’m thinking a nest might be down there.

Well, if they are mated, GH2 is just “putting up with it” until the fledglings are gone.

I slowly passed by him (no cars behind me) and as I poked my head out the window, he turned and looked down at me. Most hawks do get irritated at being looked at. Not sure why that is since they are at the top of their food chain but they do dislike the Paparazzi. Pretty much go a mind your own beeswax, death glare.


Life has been full of little difficulties and many irritations. Whatever, has latched onto us thinks it can distract and irritate us so much that we won’t stay focused. Hm. We shall see about that.

New Moon Night – dealing with a sly sneaky bastard

I won’t go into the entirety of what we did. I don’t think magick should be laid out that clearly. Besides what would work or feel right to us may not be for you. OTOH, how will you ever know anything unless you learn? Unless someone pulls back a veil and shows you what they did?

I am not a believer in demons or even really ghosts. But I do believe in energy as I have seen what it does and I have felt it. Whatever, was lingering about, whether made from our own unconscious, from someone who meant us ill, or some depressed, nullifying energy vampire monster floating around looking for a good feed, it needed to be dealt with.

It need to be handed its walking papers. It needed a kick in the balls.

We agreed that the main purpose was to move energy – to dispel and break it, so the New Moon was a good moon time period as well as the affiliation with Cancer (family and home). The black pillar candle was etched with protective symbols, it was joined by a candle of white (purity, innocence, light itself) and a silver candle (the halfway world, balance).

A protective, “breaking bad” loose incense was made. Branches were cut with permission from our resident pine tree, joined with backyard birch deadwood to be the base of our fire.

After casting a circle in basil salt, we began our custom chant to aid our daughter. Near the beginning a swarm of insects attached themselves to my upper body, and a grasshopper (an insect I particularly hate) was going to hop onto me until Grenwinae gently tossed him outside our circle.

As Grenwinae chanted, the fire struggled. When certain words were said, a wind from nowhere picked up and tried to smother the fire. We kept fueling it with more and more matches. Finally it settled and started gaining ground.

When certain words were said, it was as if a huge dome came over our heads and the area about the fire was cast into a deeper darkness. This happened at least three times.

Do I think we “killed it?” Not yet, we did get its attention but it has a lot of tentacles deeply embedded. The message I felt strongly was that it did not want to let go. It is also very subtle in its work. Very subtle and nefarious.

Grenwinae felt lighter the next day. I just felt exhausted. The next day we were both plagued with a lot of irritating nothings that keep pecking at us. Okay, I see what you are trying there: destroy our focus, keep us busy with nothings, wear us down, let us detach from our purpose. Fuck you!

When daughter came home that afternoon from grandma’s weeklong visit she went off inline skating and found a Hawk’s feather which she brought back to me. If you just came to this blog you won’t know why this is significant, but Hawk is one of my most vocal Animal Guides and I had just meditated to him regarding help for this issue.

It is a beginning.

We have a lot more work to do.

But yes, it’s a beginning.