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Further thoughts on The Good Offense

Because of the lack of money we had let a lot of things go on the house. Things like routine repairs such as the house exterior needing repairs (which meant we were living with squirrels in the attic and eventually a raccoon), the exterior painting, termite control, a cracked window, new insulation in the attic, and replacing the hot water heater, AC units, heater and appliances such as dishwasher and refrigerator.

The money flow was slowly getting better (especially with the bankruptcy unexpectedly ending two years sooner than expected) but these were all big ticket repairs – over $1,000 and most of them in the $2-5,000 range.

In December, Grenwinae is likely to get a bonus but that could only stretch so far. If I went back to work for The Man, that would help with little expenses but again, wouldn’t replace a $5600 AC and Heat unit needed downstairs.

While all of this was on my mind, I also started thinking about the protection and abundance magick, I had done for our home and family. Yet, it seemed to me, and this idea continued to grow, that no spells or wishing for a better day was really going to happen when the very foundation of our house was falling apart! Even with magick, I couldn’t toss away common sense!

About a month ago, Grewinae sat down with a  family member and asked for help. She agreed and combined with our own money we started making a plan to get things done. As soon as the check cleared the bank – the water heater and AC downstairs failed, the upstairs AC stopped working, and the more reliable of the two cars had a horrible noise. It was not a moment too soon! It was almost as if everything had been holding its breath.

And this is how my Owl-sense works. I just feel a need to “do something” and if I follow through on listening to its intuitive siren call, then we sidestep disaster (such as demanding Grenwinae job hunt and two weeks after he got the new job, his old company was swallowed up in a hostile takeover and his boss fired).

We bought a new AC and heater for downstairs. We had enough to make a down payment and monthly payments will get it paid off in two years. The car took over $2,000 to get it back into good working order so afterwards I was able to make several out of town trips.

We were able to get the Hot Water Tank replaced (and the new water is already so much softer and is making the towels smell sweet). We replaced the dishwasher (and now it is so quiet and the dishes come out better with less effort).

Externally the largest project was getting the house repaired and repainted. During that process the house painter was stung by a wasp and discovered a potential bee issue. Called the bee guy and turns out we caught the problem just in time – no hive yet, they were on a scouting expedition looking for a new home.

We are surrounded by neighbors who would have turned us into the homeowner association on the paint and exterior. Literally, painting the house is putting up a huge banner deflecting that negativity. I do not underestimate that power of “changing old clothes for new to confuse evil.”

Not all is done. We still need a new refrigerator to replace a 21 year old unit. We need a termite treatment and the windows still need fixing. The work on the family room has just begun.

Then in the midst of all this last week, we were offered a car. If the car happens, then that means the December bonus can be used on the house (we had planned on the bonus replacing the least reliable of the two cars) and again, we will be further along on that goal of selling in 3 years (this would be the summer daughter transfers from community college to a university to complete her degree).

I see the clear connection to new and improved to old and failing apart when it comes to change and reformation. All in all, this is a fresh start and something we need to weave into our work for protection, abundance and prosperity.

We have been very lucky and fortunate, especially in having someone who can help us, yet I think we are both rather gobsmacked and reeling from all the changes that have just happened.


Love is hard

Anger is easy.

Love is hard.

I really would rather respond with a base, primal response to people at work that 1.) do not do their job, 2.) lie to me, 3.) say “I didn’t do it” when they clearly did do it, and 4.) Expect me to carry them on my back.

I would rather just give a huge leonine roar to my two kids who tell me 1.) you never do anything for us, 2.) you expect me to do my chores? I have important things to do while you work full time and Grenwinae carries two jobs to make things meet; and 3.) make a drama in a tea cup because you don’t understand how life is so stressful!

Fuck off is so much easier than “hm, let me listen to this and just give love not answers.”

Why is love so much harder? 😦

charming money thoughts

The upshot of making a charm for attracting money and abundance is you become a lot more aware of money. I’ve spent the last week finding coins in all sorts of places around the house.

It got me thinking: am I careless about money? I am somewhat. To make money work for me, I will need to be more aware of it. How I’m spending, how I’m earning etc… Charms and spells only go so far. I believe in Free Will so while making a charm or spell can help me focus my energy, that all won’t go too far if I don’t seize opportunity or make the most of what I’m given.


Than there is the fact that money has a price. A price that isn’t monetary at all but could be of time sacrificed to a job, taking you away from loved ones; the emotional cost of working somewhere you don’t enjoy to get food on the table and a roof over your head; or like at the vet clinic, dealing with animal euthanasia or animals we cannot save because the pet’s illness has reached its endpoint. Anytime you receive money there is a cost on your mind, body or spirit.

The coin collection was cashed in for $48. Not bad little Citrine! Hopefully, this is just the Merchant’s Stone doing a warm up as overall, the focus has to be bigger than just finding loose change in the sofa.


5 Happy Habits to Practice Every Day

We are the thoughts we think. It’s really time to make a decision and turn your life the direction you need it go – for your own happiness.

The Happsters

happy habits, happy, habits

Have you taken control of your happiness? Happiness comes from altering your habits and your way of thinking. Here are 5 habits that will help you stay happy:

1. Meditate – Do you want to be more calm, peaceful, and happy? Meditation reduces tension & stress, builds self confidence, enhances energy, reduces anxiety, and so much more.

2. Read or Watch Something Funny – While the science of laughter is in its early stages, we do know that laughter triggers healthy physical changes in the body like strengthening your immune system, diminishing pain, and boosting your energy.

3. Pet an Animal – Research by Psychology Todayindicates that pets provide meaningful social support for owners. They found consistent evidence that pet owners exhibited greater self-esteem, were less lonely, and were less fearful than non owners. Even if you don’t have your own animal, petting someone else’s animal can help ease…

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Asking opens a dangerous door

I was impressed by Grenwinae’s energy work that brought the news of the much needed IRS return (let me be clear – I KNEW we were going to get the money as the return had been approved but it came quicker than we expected) that I thought he might want to try something else to increase his chances of being offered the right job.

When I stumbled across these two posts (one and two) by the website Ravenandcrone I thought it might be fun to send them to him. I also found this video blog post very interesting about abundance and prosperity by Sage Goddess.

Neither he or I do spells per se. I focus on meditation and trying to open myself up to messages and he likes to… well go on shamanic journeys.

In some ways I am faced with a moral dilemma when it comes to spells:

1.) I believe in free will so I would never do anything that would remove that from another person (i.e. love spell directed at a specific person to turn their affections to me);

2.) A belief that the universe should direct it’s will in the natural course of direction without my interference or influence;

3.) I would rather concentrate on abundance and prosperity than money as money isn’t all that when it comes to what I eventually want;

4.) Do I deserve it? Right that mom-guilt I’ll always carry;

5.) Is this a gift that will come at a cost?

6.) I do not consider myself a witch and I’m definitely not Wiccan. I don’t cast circles and rarely make rhymes;

7.) ….yet, I do believe in setting intent in order to focus your own energies, mind and heart towards your goal. There are too many stories of the athlete who succeeded against all odds just due to sheer focus for us to discount the real strength of using all of our abilities and mindfulness towards a goal.

I don’t think I can believe in any sort of deity offering aid (after all the Christian God was about 40 years late on granting me that pony I prayed for every night when I was child) because if I was deity I think I would be too busy doing whatever…

But, don’t we all make our own luck? One way or another…?

A wonderful post about magic (which I agree with 100 percent) is right here at the Spiritual Atheist Witch blog.

head games

I’ve had some strange things happen to me recently. To understand how strange you have to first understand that my brothers think I’m practical and a “realist.” These were not words that were given to me in a complimentary manner. I am not seen as creative, a dreamer or imaginative by any of my four siblings, or in that fact, by anyone.


About the first week into the job, I was sitting at a back computer that accesses a hallway. I was concentrating on a computer task, trying to figure something out when I heard someone call my name. They used my first name in it’s nickname form and it carried no emotional weight. It just said my name.

I registered it mentally but continued working, figuring that anyone who wanted me at the front of the office would call me again. Indeed. The voice called me again. The inflection was monotone but clearly my name.


I rolled the chair around the door frame and looked up and down the hall. The others in the office were in exam rooms with the doors closed.

I still haven’t figured out what that was, if anything.


I’ve also been having brief periods of bed floating or slow tilting during my mediations. Similar to when I am about ready to drop off to sleep or when I listen to self-hypnosis tapes, so I am thinking that is a good thing – altering a brain state —- or my sinuses are just clogged up with allergies after the move back to Oklahoma!


The other day I had the strong feeling of needing to reach out and have contact with Grenwinae around 11:15 a.m. I am working on developing my intuition so I simply took note of the time to ask him about it later as I was in the middle of work.

As close as he can remember that is when he got the call about a job offer (which we both agreed for him to turn it down as the employer was someone we both didn’t feel he could ethically work for).

He was put forth by a recruiter to a very religious company (manufacturer) and we also agreed not to pursue it further. Having lived in a Bible Belt state long enough, there is no need to torture yourself by working with people who post all over their company website about being a Christian who witnesses.

new job in separate states

I’m home again in Missouri. I think I’ll be offered the position in Oklahoma but won’t know until Tuesday.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the negative, I’ll once again be in a separate city than Grenwinae. This is a huge problem with a lot of past history, mostly unpleasant. It’s already making me feel angry and snappish to him.

The other negative but also positive, is leaving Missouri. I don’t know that I’ve been terribly happy here though I’ve enjoyed a lot of aspects of living here. The up things I’ve enjoyed is the wildlife, the home in the country, the New Age community and store, the used bookstore, and the live theater. The downtown is very active and it’s an older town than what can be found in Oklahoma.

On the positive side of the move, I’ll back to earning a paycheck, it will be an upgrade in responsibilities and title, and this puts me on the path for new career. Our daughter can return to a school district she is familiar with and connect with friends. While I don’t think this will solve all her problems, it will help her.

While it’s easy to write – oh just dispel the negative, think positive thoughts etc… etc… I’ve learned over the years that you have to vent out those frustrations physically. As someone who already lives too much in her head, I must put myself into a position where I am forced to exercise and work off the energy that collects (or stews as the case may be).

Bringing Mindfulness into the Everyday

Some things I am trying it incorporate into my every day life are just small recognitions of what I’m working towards. Its part of mindfulness; recognizing and keeping Owl present so I can remember Owl’s teachings. In the rush of our day, it’s easy to forget and return to old, unproductive ways of thinking.

Owl’s lessons I need to keep in mind:

keeping confident in my own abilities;
waiting for the right moment to “go for it”;
using the power of silence to my advantage;
defining and protecting my boundaries;
seizing and holding fast to what I want;
looking past the obvious and using Owl-sense to seeing past the facade;
(when separated from the Ego), trusting my intuition to guide me;
and keeping the larger, birdseye view, of the entire landscape of my goals and life.

Hanging off our ceiling fan is an owl windchime I recently found. I try to touch it at least once a day to make the bells ring.


JMO but sometimes people feel like they need to go overboard on stuff. It has to be bigger, better, longer, faster or whatever. My approach as I wrote before is far more lowkey but still striving for simplicity. It does no good to think on your beliefs once a month or four times a year, yet day to day forget what path you are trodding upon.