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Intuition, Dreams and Owl

I’m a practical person who, if you need advice on how to find a job, how to make money, and how to deal with people I can provide you the very best of advice. However, I am not a person who spends a lot of time in the Element of the Air, despite having a lot of spirit guides who frequent it, or with the Element of Water. I am, in appearance, an ordinary average person who thinks things that I seldom bring out to play in the daylight.

So I had some thoughts last week about how I could improve my spiritual journey. It was in regards to making time to really listen to my intuition. My thoughts at the time was to try break through the wall I build around me so I can better access the sides of me that I need in order to grow. Sides that I generally don’t use in my day to day life.

I asked if working more with my intuition was where I needed to turn my focus too and pulled the following three cards from the Druid Animal Oracle deck: Fire Dragon, Bear and Hind. Hm. So the answer is YES…  I had the cards out for awhile to think upon when this happened (Round Two)….

Two nights ago I had a intense dream. Now I often have terrifying, horrifying dreams so that I don’t mean your typical nasty dream about your husband being a serial killer or plunging your car off a bridge to drown in a river, but one that I wake up from and say THIS one is SIGNIFICANT…

I won’t go into all the dream details but in the dream, my daughter (who is approaching 18) was murdered as a small child (around 10?). I knew where she was approached by her killer (under a State tourist sculpture), where he dumped the body and who did it. I actually had found her body and had it with me. At one point, husband tells me he guarded the car from the bad guy so we could protect the evidence and bring it to the police station.

I woke knowing this was laden with information and heard THIS: GREAT HORNED OWL HOOTING

I slipped on my robe and went to meditate outside on the back porch but by the time I got there he was gone. I discussed this with Grenwinae when he got up; Owl and Intuition says two things:

1.) We will be hearing today from the person who did daughters intake assessment for learning disabilities. Don’t delay the meeting (despite the finances) and schedule it ASAP. There is information we need to know so we can help her.

Yes, he did call later that same day and I got an appointment for this coming Friday.

2.) I have some serious damage I need to deal with on my own about letting my child out.

The next day, another dream a bit more hopeful… honestly though I’m rather exhausted from it all so I’ll mull this over for a while before discussing further.


Earth Magic Cards: Standing Firm and Flexible Relationships

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I pulled three of the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. I commonly pull three cards, to be read together (not as past-present-future).


While I have had others read my cards, I actually prefer to read them myself. I also don’t do readings every day or even once a week. Just when the mood strikes me and particularly when I feel I need guidance because I am stuck on a problem and need a fresh perspective.

The three cards are Music (Harmony), Mountain (Strength) and Clouds (Shapechanging). One reason I like reading three cards together is it gives enough information to be helpful but is not overwhelming.

To bring Harmony in our Mother-Daughter relationship, I need to focus on deep strength and confidence in what I’m doing and let daughter (as well as the relationship) continue to change and be flexible as she matures. The Mountain also is indicative that I have the strength needed against the challenges we will face during this transitory time.

These cards also speak of the duality of Earth and Air. Grounding and Spirit. Fixed reality and the Insubstantial substance of smoke and dreams.

the best defense, a good offense

A couple of months back, I took daughter out of town to have some tests done. Things have been going on a downward emotional spiral for her for several years and we have tried several things to help her but it is a slow climb upward.

After the first trip, we were driving back on the highway and had just pulled up on the entrance ramp. She had fallen asleep already. As I accelerated, a huge black shadow, the mass size of a horse came barreling at us from the right side of the road. It was like a monstrous black cloud mass that had a galloping movement such as a dog or wolf.

In a blink it was gone. Had I imagined it?


Two days ago, I saw a deer along the woodside drive that I take to the horses. I pulled over to watch and a large black shadow flew over the car. I looked up and saw a Blue Heron. Afterwards I saw a lot of hawks. Clearly, I had a message in my inbox.

Yesterday, I spent several hours asking for guidance and meditation on this situation. I deliberately selected and set aside the Deer and Crane from the Druid Animal Oracle Deck. I asked for cards to give further clarification and pulled from the Earth Oracle deck, two cards:


Deer – Mother love, patience, gentleness is expanded with Dreamtime: Creation. I had already been thinking, and this card combination affirmed, that I would need to create a new relationship with Daughter. An environment of loving acceptance, gentleness and understanding instead of guilt, anger, frustration and/or criticism.


Generally, I don’t worry to much about personal protection. I’ve set some things up and I renew them but anything would be crazy if it wanted to take me on. I will post further clarification about this in a later post.

OTOH, my daughter is vulnerable, far too much. Last night, two hours after I did the above,  around 6 p.m., my daughter was involved in a car accident. She, and my MIL, are okay but it lends urgency to my thinking something needs to be done on an energy-spiritual level. Something doesn’t like being noticed.

Tonight we will be doing a special working just for her; I don’t expect it to resolve her issues but if there is anything after her, Grenwinae and I can let it know it has been put on notice. The New Moon in Cancer is a perfect time!

Financial Spread with the Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven Farmer

After all the decision making and stress of that Friday, we were immediately hit with challenges: the AC units went out (we have two as we have a two story house), the hot water heater went bust, and the reliable car failed. Luckily, we had obtained money from a family member as a gift (combined with our own finances) to make some big ticket item repairs (i.e. the AC and Heater unit was a total of $5100, the car $1600, repairing and painting the house $2,000, and replacing the hot water heater $1,000).

During all this destruction and chaos, where the earth was being tilled and turned anew from earthquakes, I had bought a reading online and here is the resulting spread in regards to our finances:


I won’t be totally sharing what she sent me but wanted to point out a few things that seemed significant to me. I also saw some things differently because of course I am close to the situation.

Position 1 (Current situation), Card Fog Reversed. Could this be any more obvious? We are finally going to see our way. Things will become clearer. The road visible. We were lost and now we can be found.

Position 2 (Where to focus/steps to take), Card Tree. The week before I had just had my new business logo finished for my Etsy shop – which is a tree. A tree has to have a network of roots below with the same size as the canopy above in order to survive and be strong. It is nature oriented and I’ve also seen Grenwinae as a Tree when it comes to spiritual matters.

The tree is also my favorite symbol for “As above, so Below” which I think works well thematically with the Ceremony and Initiation cards. These three cards are about synchronization and alignment – bringing heart, mind and spirit together in a balanced way – something I have not felt for years, if perhaps decades.

Position 3 (forces working against you), Card Waterfall reversed. Things are not going to flow easily. We are not going to be showered with money 😉 This is part of rabbit energy: either it comes in a torrent or dries up to nothing and has always been a force against us making headway financially.

This card, read with the river (outcome card) shows that I need to work on slow and steady flow instead of leaps and bounds.

Position 4 (forces working for you) Ceremony. This, and the next card, meant more to me than the reader. I had already noticed that when I didn’t think through a handmade project for the shop, it just didn’t work out. If I rushed the creative process, than the result didn’t work out on many levels – for me or the customer.

The business is more than making a widget; it fulfills something deep for me and I need to honor it. When I don’t honor that, things get messed up. I need to stay true to the reason we started this store.

Position 5 (Help) Card Initiation with an Eagle (see my Eagle post). Again, Mind needs to be linked with Heart and Spirit. Neglect the higher calling that this endeavor requires and we will not succeed. Honor it and we will be blessed with success.

Eagle has definitely been making himself known. It is time to connect to a higher spiritual understanding.

Position 6 (Outcome), Card River. The river on the card is deep, wide and slow but steady on it’s flow. What we need to work towards and will obtain will be gained when we walk a True Path.

I liked this reading so much that I immediately bought a deck for myself!


Nicole Cody’s Magical Owl Oracle

Hm those pesky Owls just keep coming…. For me its mostly Great Horned Owl and Gray Owl with Children. Apropos considering the son is going to court next Friday and I have to help but also try to summon the last shred of my patience to deal with him!

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

Uncommon Eagle Owl by Uncommon Eagle Owl by

“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.”~ Khalil Gibran

Owls have been such a dominant theme on my blog here over the past few weeks that while I’ve been swanning around in my pyjamas I thought I’d channel a little owl oracle to help us find a message relevant to our daily lives right now.

Owls are known as messengers, so let each owl speak to you in its own way.  One of them will have some wisdom just for you!

Instructions for using today’s post

Scroll down through the following owl images and then let yourself come back to the one you are most drawn to.

When you have chosen your owl, scroll further down for your message; designed to help you focus on…

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Heron, a bird who waits for opportunity to arrive

A few weeks back, I asked my Animal Oracle Deck to show me what I needed to know and pulled a card. It was the Heron, a card I’ve never pulled before so it was time to sit back and see what this animal is about.

Before jumping to a lot of conclusions you draw from online websites, I like to sit back and go from what I know first:

1.) As a bird, Heron already has certain inherent qualities – a connection between earth and the heavens, often viewed as messengers because of this, viewed as a connection to humans because it walks on two legs like humans. Many birds are seen as psychopomps – guides who accompany the spirit to other realities, mostly the realm of the dead.

It flies (Air), hunts in the water, and can walk/hunt on land. So we have an animal connected to three elements. He can pass and use these at his will.

2.) Physically, Heron stands on two very thin legs which requires quite a bit of balance. He is a graceful, slow flyer. I was lucky to see one go through telephone wires and he undulated slowly through them – graceful and never missing a beat. His neck and beak are long.

3.)  The Heron hunts for food by using patience (we are talking hours of waiting for the right moment). He waits and lets the food come to him and than strikes extremely quickly. He uses his large wing span to help him hunt – spreading and shadowing the water in order to locate prey in the water.  And he generally hunts alone, though he may live in a colony.

Ever since pulling the card, I’ve been seeing a lot of Herons where before I would find Hawks. Here in Oklahoma we have a variety of Herons and Egrets such as Little Blue Heron, Tricolored Heron, Green Heron, and Black or Yellow Crowned Heron.

Heron is not my Animal Guide, only a messenger for a time that needs patience and waiting.  A time to wait for when the time is ripe and than strike quickly.