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Owl says I’m doing it right

Yesterday, after feeding horses, we headed up to the Nature Center. This was one of our commitments we made during our retreat – walking the trails at the Nature Center once a week, weather permitting. It’s hard to connect with nature in your backyard, especially when your heart yearns for the wild.

The Nature Center doesn’t impress me and it’s out of our way. It’s why I don’t frequent it very much anymore now that I have left the Girl Scout Troop Leader role way behind me. However, the trip turned out better than I had anticipated.

We sat in one of the strips of open meadow and the land felt more intriguing than I had given it credit for. Despite the airplanes flying overhead (it’s next to an airport ūüė¶ and the people tromping about, there was mystery right under the surface.

Five minutes out, walking through a mixed hardwood forest, a Barred Owl, immediately gave me a shout out – WHO COOKS FOR YOU? It was the closest I’ve heard a call! Although¬† did not see him, and he didn’t hoot again (by this time it was quite late – around 10:30 a.m.), I felt quite excited. It seemed a validation to our plans.

BTW the noises on this video excited my cats!


Old feeds the New

Friday night I had a significant dream. By morning, I could only remember remnants of it.

I was walking a path. On the right were some dead animals. As I passed the area, I turned back to look. There were five (sometimes it seemed to be as many as six, other times as few as four)¬†dead animals, Dodo’s, with each carcass having its own raptor (a hawk of some sort) rending it.

This was odd considering the night before I had read a book where a Vulture featured in it predominately and hawks aren’t known as carrion eaters. Dreaming of¬†a Vulture would have been more apropos.

The Dodo closest to me was still aware and it looked at me with huge sad eyes as it died. I told it that I was sorry but it had to die in order to feed the new.

The next day I observed the Coopers Hawk in the backyard.

Yesterday evening I spent some time in meditation. As I sat down, I realized that Hawk was right – I didn’t have much on my altar for Hawk except one small silver medallion. It’s been hard to find Hawks, though easy to find Eagles. That would need to be rectified – I will work on honoring Hawk.

Looking over my gemstone collection I picked up Howlite. It’s a white stone with grey veining, that is often dyed to resemble other stones. Metaphysical properties: calming the mind from turbulent emotions,¬†reducing anger and agitation, and calming the over active mind.

I like intuitively picking out a gemstone and than just being receptive to how it responds to the situation. I don’t usually run to a list of what the stone is good for – I just hold it in the palm of my left hand and ask if wants to work on this with me. Does it warm up? Does it feel tingly or prickly? Does it not respond?

I thought of the sleek dark blue gray of the Hawk’ back. His compact¬†head as he (though I think it was a she due to her size)¬†looked from side to side, seeking movement. The camouflaged coloring (countershading)¬†– the dark upper body and the light under shading which allows it to hunt its prey without being detected.

The response of Good Hunting and that it heard there were Rabbits here (Rabbit being my Chinese birth year and one of my Animal Guides), I believe there was significance to me in her appearance.

I thought about when we first moved to this house and how surrounded by fields it was. This provided perfect hunting ground for the Red Tailed Hawks that remained in the area. As more houses and stores were built, the road got wider and busier, and the trees got larger and more diverse, the habitat area changed.

The Red Tailed Hawk, who hunts from tall vantage points, was supplanted by the urban forest hunter, the Coopers Hawk. With the bitter, licorice smell, clear as a bell:

Move to what is needed

Remembering Grandmother

My mothers’ mother owned a cedar blanket chest that ended up at my house. My grandmother was born in Tennessee but after marriage started moving¬†southward,¬†such as Arkansas and eventually settled for most of her life in Louisiana (where she raised her family).

It’s been kicking around here for about 10 years and no other relative wanted it. I think it was probably built in the 1930’s or 40’s and doesn’t hold a lot of historical or intrinsic antique value. It’s an awkward size. Not big enough to be a coffee table, not high enough to be an end table, and it doesn’t have enough historical value to keep it as a treasured family heirloom. My mother, in a fit of pique, put car wax across the lid which never really worked.


I suspect that the chest is made from the Eastern Red Cedar, a tree that grows in the areas where she lived and is a quick growing evergreen that is quite common. This tree should not be confused with the Juniper, even though they have common looking similarities both inside and out. This is where a magical reference or use of Juniper may or may not be applicable to the Cedar.

Both trees can often be found in cemeteries, probably due to it’s growing hardiness, it’s evergreen foliage, and the inner red heartwood. It’s aroma makes the wood repellant to insects so was often used for blanket and linen storage (like this chest). For use, it’s associated with cleansing, healing and purification and is often used in smudging, especially for those that have been ill.

Some time around Thanksgiving I had the idea to have Grenwinae take it apart and build boxes from it. I would give one to my daughter, and if any of my family wanted one, I could have one made for them too. My sister asked for a small box.

I think this is quite fitting as my grandfather, her husband, was a carpenter. Grenwinae worked the wood down using his grandfathers’ table saw, gifted to him by his father.

The cedar smell had become old and musty. Pretty overpowering and kinda disgusting. Luckily, using Coconut Oil removed the musty smell that was so obnoxious and made the wood glow.

I asked¬†Grenwinae to build me¬†a box large enough to hold my Turkey Vulture feathers (or Tarot decks) and Essential Oils.¬† We haven’t put on any hardware yet so I’m looking for¬†some¬†nice latches, hinges and carry handles for the sides as the box is quite heavy, as the wood was very thick. I am thinking I may also give the exterior a bit of a darkening stain.

Here is the project right now…




Thursday I did a meditation. I chose my Fluorite stone that I had take on¬†my trip to Vancouver and a piece of antler that I recently bought for another art project.¬† The¬†antler I picked up because I felt like I needed deer’s gentleness, compassion and love.

Let me write, if you are new to stones (like me) and don’t have a lot of experience doing energy work (like me), I highly recommend trying out a piece of fluorite. It’s an easy stone to play around with, immensely affordable, often found in different shades of purple/green,¬†has a very nice iridescence when light is reflected through it, and comes in many different forms such as tumbled, points, and carved into shapes (i.e. Buddha, animals etc…).¬† In my experience it is very responsive.

Fluorite works well with other stones, and is supposed to help manage your emotions and clarify/focus your thoughts.



I’ve been having trouble with my meditation. Too much monkey mind. Too much thinking and rabbit jumping to a million thoughts. Eventually, things settled down.

I’m to let go of it ALL. The stuff that happened last week is from the past and deals with other people’s issues in not letting go themselves (something they need to decide for themselves), and not choosing to live in the present.

I have no ability to heal their pain. They have to own it themselves (much of it, not even dealing with me at all) and take responsibility. As a friend – as a sister – I cannot bring them healing or enlightenment.

I’m in a place where I have let go of a lot of baggage. I am ready to live in the present, and deer gave me permission that I DESERVE IT. I deserve being able to live my life the way I want, unburdened by others’ guilt or expectations.


We left for Missouri Friday night and on the drive, in the dark, I saw a deer on the left shoulder, staring at me, HUGE ears. Grenwinae did not see it.

Further confirmation of the message.

Earth Answers

In Ye Olden Dayes, I’d worry about the quality of the harvest. Did we plant enough? Harvest enough? Store enough?… to survive? Today, it’s just money. So sordid and secular but money pays for the food I eat, the clothes I wear, the transportation to get to my job, and supplies for those I care and love, both human and animal.

I have two money concerns – one is my job and one is my personal finances. For me to succeed, my job must succeed and I must be able to harvest enough money for the business to survive so I can survive and, hopefully, prosper. At the crux of the matter, is that I would be able to get the business moving the right direction – with a lot of kicking, screaming, whining, and hair pulling. But yes, I have the potential. Do I have the energy and the desire?

Today, I asked Earth for guidance, strength and wisdom.

I started by cleansing the stones I wanted to use all with smoke from a Home Protection incense cone and a loose incense Prosperity blend (Hippie Mama). The business I work for needs a cleansing itself, as well as protection, in addition to Prosperity, so this seemed to make sense to me.

Brecciated Jasper – for strength, stability, organization and get it done. A stone, in various forms,¬†I’ve used it a lot for strength and power.

Citrine – energy feels like fizzy bubbles going down your tongue. I had to remind them to quiet down – no tricksy ways which they have done in the past! I needed stable, consistent income from clients who we could help with compassion and who could pay!

Pyrite cubes Рa quieter energy, steady and reserved.

Malachite – even wanted to help this time.

Clear Quartz – to power up the other stones.

Mixed with 3 gold coins and the Prosperity blend.

The large stone on the right (photo)¬†is called Tiger Iron: a combination of Tigers Eye, Hematite and Jasper. Once I received it (want one too? go here), it was much larger and heavier than I ever expected. When you hold it you feel as if you are¬†on a down elevator straight into the deep caverns of¬†the Earth.¬†It spoke of heavy, weighty things and I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.

I used it today to call upon Earth.


Thoughts came to me like birds, landing on my head:

1.) Focus. I need to not be distracted. At work it is easy to be pulled to other fires that need to be stomped out.

2.) Organization. I’m working from the ground up. There is little to¬†nothing in place and I will have to build the framework of the house.

3.) Relentless. It’s exhausting the amount of energy needed but we need to keep feeding the fire with fuel. Make sure the flame doesn’t go out.

4.) Consistency. The spiking up and down rollercoaster needs to be a steady climb.

The Druid Oracle Cards

Owl Reversed (Owl is one of my Power Guides) ~ Now is not the time to be secretive or to draw back from what needs to be done. This card, like the Hind reversed, reminds me I need to be fully present in the secular world at this time. Mysterious and All-Seeing Owl Power discommodes people and is not a team player; that power is for another time.

Cat ~ The cat has the power to observe, knows when to conserve energy and to pounce. It unobtrusively observes to know when the time is ripe for action. Curiosity can aid me in uncovering what I need to be successful.

Bee ~ The card of industry and harmony among the workers – production. I’ve pulled this card often when it comes to work. I need to foster the team, working together, and not be a Lone Owl hunting Alone. Everyone needs to know their place in the hive and contribute.

The last few times I’ve asked for guidance, it seems the Elementals responded, specifically Air. Thinking upon it I didn’t need the mercurial aspects of Air, the cleansing of Water, or the Destruction and Regeneration of Fire. To me Earth represented the nurturing, strength, stability and wisdom I would need if I am to make it through the next six months and get this business turned around in the right direction.

Earth knows the right time for growth and harvest. Earth isn’t sentimental but does what is needed to be done, in it’s Season. I rang bells and asked Earth what I needed to do. Anyone who has tried to grow anything will immediately understand the response:

Prepare the Garden Bed

Gem and Stones for our Homes’ entryway

I’ve been very fascinated by stones and crystals lately. I’ve bought some and while some I had an immediate response to, others I did not. However, I find them very pretty and if “what they do” on¬† metaphysical plane seems to be more about UPG or one book stating they were told by angels… well hm. Pretty much you’ll have to decide on your own what you think.

One internet post that seems to make the most sense to me is to go by color as to meaning. Color is evocative. Another is what ancient people’s used the stone for. I think our ancestors were far more attuned to nature than we are and if there is a long history of a stone’s use for clairvoyance or protection, well, check it out.

I’ve decided that I will make an altar area in each room, as we complete it (we still have a lot of remodeling to get done) as a sign of completion and to reaffirm our purpose. This is a multi-step process that will take place over months – for example, the sigils placed on the subfloor and covered with the new floor was only the beginning.

One of my centerpieces, is this beautiful piece of Tourmaline from Green Earth Stones (Etsy) ~ energy and healing use, protective against psychic attack, spells or ill-wishing. Disperses negative energy and clears thought.

Photo by Green Earth Stones

Some stones I selected for the table at the front entry.
These are house-centered, for the stability, finances, getting things done,
and moving in the right direction:

Brecciated Jasper РGetting organized and get it done stone. Power and strength.

Citrine – A stone for abundance.

Pyrite – Energizing and abundance.

Tourmalated Quartz – a powerfully lucky stone, combining the properties of quartz with tourmaline.

Clear Quartz, tumbled and points – Amplifies other stones.

Over the door we have¬†a window, and I’ve put a grouping for protection:

Black Obsidian – very protective stone, removes negativity, healing, grounding, centering. Protects against psychic attacks. Helps to manifest, sharpens internal and external vision.

Onyx, black¬†– Protects. Centering, making wise decisions, and happiness. Let go¬†of the physical and relax. Helps with life’s challenges and the draining away of our personal energy. A strength giving stone that grounds and focuses¬†you.

Jet – A black fossilized wood. Neutralizes negative energies, helps you channel energy the direction you want. Stabilizes finances. Psychic protection and purification when combined with tourmaline. A talisman since the Stone Age – an ancient stone for protection.

Snowflake Obsidian РPurity, balances. Protection from physical and emotional harm. Brings the hidden to the surface, and allows positive growth from that knowledge.

Smokey Quartz Рultimate grounding, practical, transmutes negative energies, helps in getting things done. Purges resentment and suppressed conflicts, removes negative energies and brings happiness. Good luck stone. Harmonizes well with black tourmaline, jet, and obsidian.

Clear Quartz, tumbled and points – Amplifies other stones.

I leave for Missouri on Friday and I’ll cleanse the stones in the river and¬†follow that up with smoke.

All there is, is Love

Two days ago the Wild was calling me. I hung up the phone and retreated to a book. When I’m emotionally drained, I just want to crawl under the covers, turn off the phone and tell the world to go fuck itself.

Yesterday I felt like I was able to connect and went outside for some time.

It’s never truly dark in the city. It’s one of the things I dislike so much about suburbia. However, the weather was building up for an approaching storm and it is my favorite time of the night – the feeling of a storm brewing,¬†the suppressed electric feel to the air, and¬†the expectancy of Nature letting loose.

I’ve noticed that when the wind starts up there is the beginning of something… a conversation? as this has happened several times before.


I’m in a difficult and strange situation at work. Due to my age, and life experiences, I understand why my boss is angry and snapping at people. However, from my age and life experiences I also know this behavior won’t solve the problem that she finds herself in.

As a mid-level supervisor, I hear from the folk below me and I sympathize with their situation. I hear from my boss and know where she is coming from. I also know what the most likely outcome of all of this is going to be from my age and life experiences.

Worst is I don’t know what to do about it. I’m an action-rabbit person who wants to hop about and get some stuff done quick-quick. This is not what this situation calls for. My hands are tied and I have few, if any, avenues.


This is where I was last night. So the call went out to the Universe and I was reminded that the Universe answers in it’s own time.

I told the Universe I had too much too do…the Universe replied:

that well may be but you need to slow down anyway.

I told the Universe, I didn’t know how to deal with my boss….the Universe replied:

Love and Compassion can be offered from the wellspring of Wisdom.

Or something like that.

So I made this little grouping of Rose Quartz, Girasol, Rhodonite, Pink Calcite and Pink Agate with a spear of Clear Quartz. Flourite sits on top of my Labyrinth Рdealing with a maze of emotion.


I tried to remember compassion during the unexpected staff meeting when she wanted to blame everyone but herself for why things are in the state they are in. I took some deep breaths and grounded myself when she wanted to focus on trivialities instead of the fact business-wise, we are drowning.

Yet, I forgot to be compassionate when I had to terminate someone’s employment. Sometimes my compassion is a miss and I need to work on getting more hits.

I need to use my knowledge to provide the emotional support others need from me – bringing forth love and compassion because I understand though my wisdom what is happening to them and to me.

I need to provide support to Grenwinae by smoothing his path;

I need to focus on the needs of our children for me to stay present with them during these changing, growing up years;

I need to know that my path will present itself when I’m ready and something will appear when I need that;

I need to trust in the Unknown.

Yea, I’m back! Yack, I’m leaving again!

Grenwinae is home. I think it’s finally sinking in that he won’t be leaving on Sunday. Instead I will be leaving tomorrow for a second trip for another weeklong training.

I am not as worried as I was before but I am still cautious. I am working on something to bring with me – another fluorite which I’ve come to love as it is so active and tingley. And a Smokey Quartz.

I’ve also got a mixture of Carnelian and Brecciated Jasper rough beads. This is to work with due to my female issues. I have a doctor appointment when I get back from the trip to discuss what the future holds in regards to the symptoms I am having and the situation.

Right now the beads are sitting in a bowl made from clay and my favorite horse’ hair, with a tooth from from my latest horse partner and pink Himalayan sea salt. Horse is strength and have been a part of my life since I was five years old and both of these horses are/were mares (for those who don’t know, mature female horses). Tomorrow, I’ll have Grenwinae give them Reiki before I head off with them.

And I have my computer! and it’s working so even though I’ll be on the trip, I’ll be posting some updates.


If you have a horse you want to memorialize,
do a search for Horsehair raku pottery for many different artisans.

BTW the goddess figurines were made for me by Shakti Studios


Asking for help

Tried to do a meditation outside. Pretty much it sucked. I did learn one thing. For some reason, I smelled the scent of Vanilla and was told to use it during this time.


Went back inside and decided to play with my crystals and rocks. After reading the Dusken Path’s info on stones, which to me makes a lot more sense, I decided to go through my small collection and ask who would want to help in getting Grenwinae a job and bringing him back home to me?

Burning a candle, I took each stone or crystal into my left hand and asked it if it would like to work towards this endeavor. What was really neat was the small Citrine stones (in my mind I call them jelly babies as they are shaped rather like them) actually seemed to dance in my hand with energy. It was like holding corn while it popped. They pretty much said they LIVE TO MAKE THIS KINDA STUFF HAPPEN! YES!

Meanwhile other stones, indicated they clearly didn’t want to be involved. One stone I recently acquired, gave me the feeling that the time for it’s purpose hasn’t been reached yet; an odd thought.

Overall, an interesting experiment playing with energy and trying to be intuitive.

Needing Rabbit’s Invisibility

I will be soon leaving on a business trip – the timing is wrong, the people I’m meeting up with psychologically damaging, and I’ll be trapped for 10 days. The trapped part concerns me the most as I don’t do well when cornered. Because this trip is out of the country I will have¬†no local friend or family support, and no way to escape to be alone.

I have been thinking about what I’ll need and that comes down to is Rabbit. I need Rabbit to help me hide in plain sight. a cloak of invisibility. I need to be able to quickly navigate through tricky conversations and disappear from the radar of predator-type people. I need to be silent and still my busy Me-Mind so I can watch for danger and reveal very little about myself. I need to combat invasive questions with silence, not anger or counter-attacks.

You might recall that Rabbit has protected me before? This type of protection is not obvious. You are there, but no one really notices you. I could also call upon Owl but Owl is more about predation and I really want to just fade away before these people’s eyes. I don’t want to get combative with these people – not only are they dangerous, but it could cost me my job and I need a check right now.

Because of my work being separate from this blog, I can’t go into details about what this is all about. It would be great if I didn’t have to go, but necessity requires it and I plan on going with the best armor I can find: Rabbits charming and childlike behavior combined with invisibility.

As usual, Rabbit re-affirms our connection by giving me a bunny story on a blog I read today Рand by being in the front yard when I came home this morning. Rabbit, in quiet subtle ways, shows me, Yes I am here, if you know where to look. ETA and another rabbit just came into my in-box!


At Ramblings of¬†a Modern Pagan, there is a post about the difference between an Amulet and a Talisman. I’ll be making an amulet, asking for Rabbit’s protection, during my trip. My Amulet will be charged to work over the 10 days of the trip and has to be designed so I can wear it without anyone the wiser.

The Herbs I’m considering would work with my own personality. Since I am not a shy, retiring, vulnerable type – but a brash, aggressive, assertive type I need a balance for those tendencies:

Angelica (Dong Quai) РLong associated with the Angels. Serves as a barrier against and boosts you from within. I need the power of any Guardian that I can get.
Anise Seed – Protection. Wards off the Evil Eye.
Cumin – Combines with Frankincense for protection. Used with salt, drives out evil. Anti-theft.
Frankincense Resin – Self will, self control of ego, purifies and protects.
Garlic – protection against vampires (yeah I know but these people ARE vampires!). Exorcism, Anti-theft.
Rosemary – Purifies, removes negativity, helps with memory (this is a learning course). Exorcism.
Thyme – Courage when needed, attracts loyalty and good opinion of others. Wards negativity.
Valerian – Protection. Often substitutes for graveyard dust. Calms the emotions.

I’d like to find some stones to take with me but my time and money is limited. My¬†selection of stores,¬†few. I’ll see if I can find any:¬†Fluorite, Jasper, Malachite,¬†Moss Agate,¬†Tiger Eye, or¬†Onyx.


The best protection I can do is stay grounded in my own reality. Don’t let my emotions over run me, especially those of frustration and anger. I need to be disingenuous, with a front of earnest willingness. When they try to poke me with a stick, I don’t even see the stick. I don’t even know they would USE a stick! I don’t even know what a stick IS!

Yes, this is false, deceptive¬†and it goes against my very nature. But protection supersedes being “true to myself.” This is all a game of lies, manipulation and intimidation. I’m not planning on playing fair.