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Intuition, Dreams and Owl

I’m a practical person who, if you need advice on how to find a job, how to make money, and how to deal with people I can provide you the very best of advice. However, I am not a person who spends a lot of time in the Element of the Air, despite having a lot of spirit guides who frequent it, or with the Element of Water. I am, in appearance, an ordinary average person who thinks things that I seldom bring out to play in the daylight.

So I had some thoughts last week about how I could improve my spiritual journey. It was in regards to making time to really listen to my intuition. My thoughts at the time was to try break through the wall I build around me so I can better access the sides of me that I need in order to grow. Sides that I generally don’t use in my day to day life.

I asked if working more with my intuition was where I needed to turn my focus too and pulled the following three cards from the Druid Animal Oracle deck: Fire Dragon, Bear and Hind. Hm. So the answer is YES…  I had the cards out for awhile to think upon when this happened (Round Two)….

Two nights ago I had a intense dream. Now I often have terrifying, horrifying dreams so that I don’t mean your typical nasty dream about your husband being a serial killer or plunging your car off a bridge to drown in a river, but one that I wake up from and say THIS one is SIGNIFICANT…

I won’t go into all the dream details but in the dream, my daughter (who is approaching 18) was murdered as a small child (around 10?). I knew where she was approached by her killer (under a State tourist sculpture), where he dumped the body and who did it. I actually had found her body and had it with me. At one point, husband tells me he guarded the car from the bad guy so we could protect the evidence and bring it to the police station.

I woke knowing this was laden with information and heard THIS: GREAT HORNED OWL HOOTING

I slipped on my robe and went to meditate outside on the back porch but by the time I got there he was gone. I discussed this with Grenwinae when he got up; Owl and Intuition says two things:

1.) We will be hearing today from the person who did daughters intake assessment for learning disabilities. Don’t delay the meeting (despite the finances) and schedule it ASAP. There is information we need to know so we can help her.

Yes, he did call later that same day and I got an appointment for this coming Friday.

2.) I have some serious damage I need to deal with on my own about letting my child out.

The next day, another dream a bit more hopeful… honestly though I’m rather exhausted from it all so I’ll mull this over for a while before discussing further.


Air Dragon & Air Elementals

AreyoumymotherJust like I thought, I’ve been seeing animals everywhere and thinking: are you my next Guide? It’s as bad as that Are you my Mother? book.

I’ve gone through Peacocks – than the Phoenix as an off shoot from that. A Chipmunk, Cardinals, turtles, and butterflies. None of them seem quite right. It’s kinda driving me crazy.


During our retreat, I was telling Grenwinae, that I felt Wind/Air was trying to communicate with me as an Elemental.

This feeling started up when we were still in Missouri. Whenever I would be doing a ceremony, the wind would kick up at key times (down at the river, when I was honoring the dead Owl, when I meditated in the backyard wondering if Grenwinae would return, and even during the retreat when I cast out the money herbs the wind kicked up).

Air Dragon has showed up several times during the Druid Oracle card layouts. It was the day after the above conversation with him, that I received the Someone Will Come message, and the Air Dragon appeared.

I really don’t know if I could handle an Air Elemental (eeek). OTOH my feeling during the message was that the helper would not be human or animal. I definitely do not want a God/Goddess – that would really give me a torn feeling between my conscious beliefs and my path – which is probably why that is what is going to happen.

Which is even more scary!


One thing I do not like about this deck (Druid Animal Oracle) is the very little information that is provided on each card. Instead most of the material is about retelling Celtic myths and folklore. It leaves you hanging a bit as to interpretation – and like all the Oracle card decks I’ve dealt with – the more you use the deck and the more you open your intuition to the symbols, the better your track record on getting information you can use from the cards presented.

I also think it takes more time working with an Oracle deck to get a feel for how it interacts with you. This might be why my favorite reader in Springfield, exclusively uses a non-traditional deck to do her readings.


Air Dragon as Messenger and Celtic info on this blog.

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Someone will come ~ Couples Retreat


I walked up the gravel drive – it was strangely the opposite of another walk into the darkness done over a 18 months ago where I had begun this journey – where I entered the  National Forest – the unknown, the febrile dark – to give a thank you for the gift of two Vulture feathers.

Now my walk was upward. I chose a place under the shadow of the trees and settled down. The first problem I had was my Palo Santo would not light. It took me many tries before I got it burning and started a chant I had planned:

The Life that was Before
Is no more.
What we toiled for
Sent us through another Door.
The cord is cut
The rope is frayed
Shed and Dead.
It could not Last
We release it Now
And give it a Bow
Farewell (3 times)

When I got to the line about release, the Palo Santo went dead out. Okay. This isn’t going as planned… I quieted my mind and put out a call, holding my Vulture and Owl in my hands. No answer.

Hello? Anyone out there? I had this big meditation thing planned where I would be sobbing and crying over the past in order to release it and the only thing that has shown up here is crickets, cicadas and frogs. I think someone here is falling down on their JOB!

I used my Vulture feathers, running the tips across my face – they smelled faintly of Grandma’s cedar box where I stored them. I had the sense that these feathers, collected from the National Forest across from our old Missouri home, were done with their work. It was time to cast them out and replace them.

Faintly like a whisper: you’ve done the releasing – that is over – stop trying to do more “letting go!” I was given the impression to prepare for a new stage – one of growth.

I was puzzled as to why none of my animal guides seemed present. I had only seen one Vulture this entire trip and that was right as we started out from Oklahoma. No hawks. Some very faint, far away Owl hoots.

Again an answer: someone (new) will be sent for this work.

Again, I tried to light the Palo Santo and it refused – a bit irked.

You are done here! No more is needed (didn’t I get the memo!)! 

I said thank you and headed back to the house. At the fire, I pulled this reading from the Druid Animal Oracle Cards:

Hawk reversed (my animal guide blocked!) ~
Be balanced in your outlook – not too wide, not too close.

Owl reversed (another animal guide blocked!) ~
be active in the world. New beginnings.

Air Dragon ~ Intuition and creative flashes. Insight and Clarity. A messenger.

Now Monkey Mind quickly followed:

1.) WOULD “someone” show up? What if no one did???

2.) Would I RECOGNIZE it when it did?! What if I’m not paying enough attention?

3.) What if it isn’t something I LIKED? Please don’t be that Praying Mantis that was trapped in the house and than was on the fire pit circle.

4.) What if it doesn’t WORK???

5 card layout using the Druid Animal Oracle cards

Yesterday, I drew out my Oracle cards and with nothing in particular to ask, just told them to provide me with what I needed at this moment. This was done on the same day I had received a package from Michelle so she will understand why some of these cards were significant to have been pulled on the day that box arrived.



1. Fox (self) – Diplomacy and the art of knowing when to speak and when to observe. She’s the animal of smooth and silver tongue, the trickster, and wily. Swiftness with the ability to work around tricky situations. Adaptable even when things have gone wrong. Earth card.

The center of the situation is that after what happened last week, it’s obvious to me that I need to adapt, move on and work around what obstacles this latest event (job loss) will mean. I have the ability to do so and had already decided to take the high road on this (for example, I could apply for unemployment but I have decided not to do so).

2. Raven (east/intellectual) – Initiation – the death of one thing with the birth of another. Protection, the gift of prophecy, and healing. Cunning and intelligence. A creature that flies between the worlds. An audaciousness that usually wins the day. Air card. The east is an area of new growth and beginnings.

#2 card is seated in the reasoning/intellectual area (suggested by the Druid Oracle Layout) so yes, I intellectually understand the death and re-birth cycle and that is was time to go. Intellectually, I can manifest what I need to get what I want done.

Once again, I’m moving through an evolution. This card is in the east location and I take it as a positive affirmation that the time had come to move on and with it, shedding the old and passing through to another experience. With both the Fox and Raven, I feel that I have strong abilities/allies to make it through to where I need to be.

3. Cat (south/sensual) – Patience. Taking the time to judge matters in my own way. Timing is everything. Awareness of the spirit world coupled with sensuality. Independence. The balance of light and dark. Healing from the inside-out. Agility, Flexibility, Curiosity. Earth card. The South location can be about creativity and energy.

Overall, once I recover from the shock/quickness of events, I feel that my natural ego will re-assert itself; I do not feel overall damaged by my former bosses’ opinions of me. I know who I am. I need to understand and appreciate the timing of recent past events but also the patience in waiting for desired, future outcomes. Things will not happen right away – I need to know when to spring for the mouse; take the waiting in stride and do it with relaxed grace.

4. Stag (west/emotional) – Majesty and Grace, Strength and Independence. A card for strength and power/protection especially when feeling vulnerable. Earth card. The west can be the location for endings (setting sun) but also our emotional world.

I do feel a bit vulnerable and I think I need to feel that. I need to let the tears happen as it’s part of the healing process. I can’t be afraid of that and having Stag as my guardian here will help me feel protected. Stag, like cat, can be about a majestic independence of spirit and personality.

5. Salmon (north/ – The Oldest Animal, return to our childhood/beginnings for wisdom. Water card. The North is for home so this is very apt.

I had already decided that I needed to self-nurture. I need to return to myself – seek my inner counsel and swim back into waters of very long ago to achieve the sense of home I need. I need to go a long ways back to regain what has been lost on this wayward journey.

Stag and Cat showed up in April 2014 for the card regarding our return to Oklahoma. Fox and Stag when I quit my job previous to this last. Salmon has showed up many times and seems related to our return also.


Reading for the new business

I had asked Elena to do a reading for me on the business direction I talked about last week. I really don’t like doing readings for myself too often, and the more important the issue, the less I like to do the reading myself because I don’t want it influenced by my own wishes vs. accuracy. Following is what Elena emailed me, my comments italicized.


Before I begin on the main reading, I am being told that I need to pull a power animal card first, and whatever animal that I get will be your helper and ally on this project. You can invoke this animal, call for aid and this being volunteers to help you now! This is coming through very strong for you right now. 😀


Chicago Zoological Society

Interesting! This is really cool because your sweet little gypsy caravan sure has a playful vibe to it, and I am getting that the more fun and playful you keep this project, the more successful you will be.

So Dolphin is your ally, and will help you to bring success to your business. Call on dolphin for help, and even place a picture of a dolphin in your trailer when you open up shop! Also, keep your eyes open for signs from the dolphin totem, since this will be valuable guidance regarding this project.

I found this very interesting as two days before Elena sent me the reading, I had suddenly the thought/revelation in my head that if I didn’t approach this “work” with a playful attitude it simply wouldn’t work. I have a tendency to get extremely, seriously focused to a scary level when it comes to work – this business has to be PLAYFUL – and I must HAVE JOY in it! Dolphin I think can help me with this.

So let us now move on to the main portion of the reading. I am using my Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Each card will represent advice or information about the future of this project! (I replaced some of her card images with images I found which I liked better 🙂

YEMANYA: Golden Opportunity

“Important doors are opening for you right now. Walk through them.”

Wowee! Do you see that dolphin? That is really amazing! So yes, this is a great confirmation that you can work with the dolphin totem for success with this project. But this card says to me that this is an excellent opportunity, and that as long as you walk through the door and make it happen that it will indeed be a golden opportunity for you.

Yemanja is an African/Brazilian Goddess. Her African side is tied to womanhood, especially birth. The Brazilian manifestation is Queen of the Sea. The Sea/Water is the birthplace and sustenance for many things – including ideas. There’s some cool information about her here.

Dolphin again – creative works must come from a spirit of play and not be constrained too much by worry or what-ifs’ or doubts.

An interesting thing is that she is shown holding a mirror up to her face, and I’ve been working on a handheld mirror project 🙂 

I am also getting that it will be very important for you to project absolute confidence regarding this opportunity. The universe is always listening, always taking on the tone that you set, so do not speak any words that are not positive towards a good outcome. Project total confidence and excitement about how this will turn out. This will be like spell working. Only speak uplifting and positive sentences regarding your business.

I can make things happen – beautiful wonderful manifestations, but the years have allowed me to let worry and doubt have the upper hand. I will need to put myself into the right frame of emotional-spiritual mind to make this happen – and if I do that I can make it happen.

DIANA (Artemis): Focused Intention

“Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings and actions
focused on your target, and you will make your mark.”

Yes! So again, this is much the same message that I just got. Yet another synchronicity and confirmation. So, focus, set an intention, and do not let your focus waver, do not let your expectation of the positive waver. Once your intention is set, have total and absolute faith for a positive outcome.

The Huntress and patron of Nature and the Innocent. Diana’s energy is relentless, focused and without bend. She is one righteous, bad ass.

I am also getting that it will be important to only discuss this and your other business ventures with those who are supportive and positive about them. Do not “dirty the waters” by allowing people access to your ideas if they are not positive about them. Keep your ideas reserved for yourself and those who are totally supportive.

Again, another interesting serendipity. Because of the negative response I received a few weeks back, I cautioned Grenwinae to be a bit more wily about who he discusses this project with. As it is this will probably be the last mention here on this blog until the business is ready to launch.

LAKSHMI: Bright Future

“Stop worrying, Everything is going to be fine.”

This is fantastic for our final card! Lakshmi is like the ultimate money and prosperity goddess, and she is here to bless this project for you! It seems like everything is in order, and that you will indeed have a bright future with this one.

If I needed a Show Me the Money card, I think I got it 🙂 – which is very positive – YAY! Some interesting things here – Lakshmi is seen sitting upon a Lotus in the water (she was born from the ocean). Two of her hands (the spiritual side) hold the Lotus; her material hands shower gold coins.

She also rides the white Owl – depending on what I’ve read it’s because the Owl is foolish and can be controlled by her – or because she rides at night when others sleep. Like the other two goddesses she can be very temperamental about bestowing her favors.

The key is, as it says here to let go of all worry about how it will turn out, and totally trust and have faith that you will be provided for along the way. And getting the prosperity goddess Lakshmi for your last card is certainly a sign that you will!

Elena very nicely had selected two additional cards for me – the dolphin at the beginning and the dragon at the end.

The Dragon ~ Power, Strength


 (My business name Cinnabarys actually translates to Dragons Blood).

 This is a great sign! I am really glad that I pulled this card for you at the end, because it confirms your role as a business creator!

So, this is yet again a card of confidence. Be as the dragon is here. Be strong and powerful, which you already are. Just own it in the business world. This all comes back to having confidence about your new project, and riding the momentum of this confidence to bring more energy to your project! I love it! You can do this! The universe fully backs you up!


Thank you Elena! See her Etsy shop with a variety of readings here.

Hearth Spread – Druid Animal Oracle

Many of the thoughts I’ve had this past weekend are not ready to be expressed here. It will take time to percolate them and honestly, some of them are probably never going to be posted. It is stuff for me to learn and internalize and than see how I can move it forward into my life.

At the end of our ceremony, I did a spread using my Druid Oracle Cards. The Hearth Spread is recommended in the book that came with the cards and it was the first time I’ve used this particular layout.

I had just done a ceremony marking our farewell of the country house rental and moving, finances, debt and going back to Oklahoma was on my mind.


Cards 1 and 2 our perception: Wolf Reversed, Salmon Reversed.

Wolf Reversed, I think speaks of how we feel we are moving to a place of loneliness and isolation from our dreams (living in the country, not living in Oklahoma, being able to be closer to nature) and instead returning to where we’ve lived most of our adult lives. Although the family is moving back together and I don’t feel alone in the way of being without my partner – however, both of us are feeling cut off from emotional and spiritual food and abundance due to the relocation.

Salmon also speaks of the return to home waters. Reversed Salmon reminds me that we need to stop pushing so hard. We have resources that will allow our goals to happen if we can relax and trust in that power as well as learn how to use it. This is a very Taoist card meaning:  Wu Wei.

These cards reflect our isolation, loneliness and sadness in leaving, while also reminding us to trust to the current to help us – even if we feel we are going backwards we can use that power to move us the right way.

Wolf has shown up before and seems to represent family or specific family members. If you’ve been following along you know Salmon has appeared several times when connected to the move back.


Cards 3 and 4 is outside perception: blank card and the Stag. One of the cards was the blank “extra” that came with the deck! I had forgotten to take it out but I let it remain – ambiguous.

Outsiders would see us as independent, perhaps loners, with dignity. I generally don’t think of what others think of me – so this card sequence rather leaves me blank in itself. Or perhaps, like several of the other cards we hold ourselves aloof with dignity – and even a blankness presented to the world…?

The Stag is also a male aspect. I may have been reading too much into this card – we have moved back – on the surface as interpreted by others – because of the needs of the male leader of the family. Grenwinae needed to be closer to his family while his father was ill and he did not enjoy his work in Missouri.


Cards 5 and 6 our desires for what would be: Cat and Cow Reversed.

These two I think need to be read together. Cow reversed is the limited resources we feel we have – we are not in a land of milk and honey – we do not have abundance we want. Amidst this Cat shows we are independent and aloof. We can make decisions in our own time.

Like several of the cards, I am seeing a pattern of standing alone – aloof – maybe distanced from the world.

After thinking on it, I believe this can be summed up by the saying “wanting a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.” We both feel deprived and not living the life we want because of the necessity of responsibilities we are currently holding.


Cards 7 and 8 the way it could be: Water Dragon Reversed and Air Dragon

These are the Yin and the Yang – Water Dragon Reversed cautions us to take it slow. Humans are frail and revelations should be dealt with in small dosages. Emotion and reaction can be overwhelming and dangerous currents. Meanwhile, Air Dragon is lightning striking! Insight, clarity, inspiration and illumination can also be powerful and overwhelming.

These are powerful cards to end the reading. Dragons have shown up many times in readings I’ve done – not always welcome. Looking back Reversed Water Dragon has indicated emotional turbulence at work (both myself and Grenwinae). Water and Air are not particularly compatible – like Water and Earth, or Air and Fire.

I really do like keeping a history of the readings – going back meanings become clear. If you are looking to read cards, I encourage you to keep a diary, journal, blog or some sort of entry about what layout you did, when, and your thoughts.

Guidance to remember

We left grapes, strawberries and cinnamon bread as offerings to the house. At the river, strawberries and grapes; one strawberry cast far into the fast flow of the water – it plopped down, surfaced and traveled with the current.


At home now and a bit out of sorts. It was strange having visitors to a place where the last six months, trips have been quiet retreats for myself and Grenwinae. Though I was glad to see my friend and her daughter, I am selfish about my private space.

I was given some advice in Missouri so I’m writing it down to remember:

Remember, expos as a way to get the word out about the new business. This has put into my head that I need to speak locally with DD in regards to perhaps her doing this for us. It would be too public for me to go those types of events and besides I don’t look the part.

She said our business will be very busy at Christmas. That would be so good but I find it doubtful because I have SO MUCH TO DO! that I wonder about getting what I need done even by the summer!

An older woman will come into my life to serve as a loving mentor. That I doubt. Older female figures and I don’t have much to discuss that is loving or fruitful. Thanks to my mom figure for that.

The Universe has a lot it wants me to do. I need to keep my mind open and be ready for new ideas or things I hadn’t really thought of as we will be given fresh ideas which might require us to adapt.

Healing and Rest were a reoccurring theme, which is a bit troubling. She strongly advised regular meditation to slow down and process all that is happening right now. She said I have trouble with my breathing. Again the throat chakra card appeared.

Use my Solar Plexus Chakra to gain new ideas and insights.

I need to end the turmoil with my brother; just bow out of that argument. Agreed.

A time to let things that don’t serve a purpose GO. I’m in a huge transition and there will be a significant healing happening soon. I think this also relates to Grenwinae because he let go of a part-time job he has been doing on and off for the last 10 years. It no longer served our needs for him to spend his time doing that (for various reasons). I heartily agree on letting go of what does not serve (quitting back in December was a prime example).

Don’t be in a rush to put it out there – spend time and consult with the Universe and make sure that the item is really right before releasing it to our clients. This actually just happened last week because a prototype we were working on didn’t feel like it was going the right direction and I pulled back from working on it.

My goal for my business is to provide some a MAGICKAL EXPERIENCE as soon as someone opens up the package (or eventually the door to the shop). Its not about rushing into something just to get something on the shelf to make some money. This business is more to me than just money – though of course the end goal is a going concern to take us into retirement. I need to keep this in mind as we further develop our stock.


Awen Spread: work forecast

The day before I quit, I did a Druid Animal Spread and trust me there was nothing there that showed something calamitous was going to happen. I did the Awen Spread and if you want to read about a previous Awen spread here is the post.

First Row (past)

Dog is a guardian, companion, and protector on the journey. He’s about loyalty and has shown up previously connected to Grenwinae’s work. In questions about work, it seems to be about my personal loyalty to myself, to co-works and employers. A feeling of loyalty has always kept me longer at work, working for people unworthy of my skills, and made me swallow down things I probably shouldn’t have.

Adder, reversed was also in my cross spread in September when I left for the second round of training. From a present reading in September to a past position now, in retrospect, I feel this card was about healing myself at/through work. I was able to have a lot of self control on that trip without compromising myself, something that has been hard for me in the past. Still, the card is a bit ambiguous.

Fox is about diplomacy and having the cunning to know when to speak and when to hold council.

Reading these as a line, and looking back over the situation at work, I feel that they are pretty accurate. I was loyal and worked hard to be balanced in my judgment at work and in my training. I was diplomatic with my boss and staff. What the cards don’t reveal is the cost of that time, though I feel I grew in understanding the wear and tear caught up with me later.

Second Row (present)

Wolf has appeared in a reading for Daughter. Here I think it has a lot of the same connotation. A strength and surety in the self. A loyalty that is similar to the Dog but is more of loyalty to self than to another. The dog is to the left of this card, and both are on the top line of the row. I think this shows the shift in my loyalties from being committed to my employer and staff, to moving back to a belief in myself and doing what I need for myself.

Stag Reversed is about Pride. Boy, that one got me! Again, like many of the Animal Oracle cards there is not a plus and negative like you see in traditional Tarot card readings. Was I going to let false pride get in my way? Or should I understand that pride, in it’s place, lets us not be stepped on? I guess you could say my pride was why I left yesterday. However, do I regret it? No.

Sow Reversed was upright during Daughters’ reading. It may mean a bit of famine, especially as my final paycheck will not be large since I quit soon after a pay period. We’ll be a little tighter than we had planned. Again, I don’t see reversed Animal Oracle cards having the devastating meanings that a traditional Tarot deck has and I like that.

Well, unlike the Tarot I don’t think I had a clear indication of exactly what was going to happen the next day – me quitting! The Wolf was the clearest indication of how my mindset has changed from past to present. Instead of the loyal dog using diplomacy, I started looking out for myself (wolf) and what was important to me (Stag, reversed) which will result in a bit of tightening the belt (Sow, reversed).

Third Row (future)

Eagle has shown before in relation to job hunting. It is about widening the view – seeing the entire picture. It also seems to mean for me that a target or goal will be presented soon for me to take aim at. It also seems to be related to job hunting and finding something to grasp.

Water Dragon Reversed has also appeared before in the September reading and with a Grenwinae reading, but is here in a future position. I’ve found this a difficult card to understand. I’ve come to think it’s about our actions being governed by emotional history and not by reason. It’s when we respond to deep emotions that were dictated to us due to previous experiences – yet I also wonder if it might be tied to intuition? Learning to let go enough you can tap into knee-jerk emotional responses so you can also learn how to manage, learn from them, use them or defeat them.

Otter showed up on a spread I did for Grenwinae right after the crap hit the fan at his previous work. It told him not to take stuff so seriously. Look after himself and have some fun. It struck us both as an odd card at the time because things looked pretty dire. Here it repeats itself – things look dire, and I’m being reminded to take off and have fun.

Overall, considering I just quit a job, the future doesn’t look that bleak. I need to widen my thinking, listen to my intuition and be ware of kneejerk emotional reactions – while having some fun!

To tell the truth this is a confusing reading for what happened. It will be interesting to see how things play out over the next 2 months as how it relates here. I think I’ll also redo the cards tonight for more clarification since I’m back on the hunt.

Moontalk with Owl

Our bedroom has a large alcove. When I was gone to Canada, Grenwinae painted it for me and decorated the ceiling with tree branches. We have put a lot of our little things there and it’s become a place for me to sit and meditate, facing the rising moon. From the branches hang wooden wind chimes and strands of bells and on the walls are various plaques. Shelves hold our materials of feathers, acorns, glazed pots and stones.

As I sat there my mine was full to bursting, my thoughts running around like four year olds in a toy store. What was Owl trying to tell me? My Monkey mind came up with dozens of interpretations. When I couldn’t calm myself, I thought should I go outside, stay here? what to do!?

Ringing the hanging bells and woodchimes with my gifted willow stick, helped things to settle. I held the moonstones and finally cleared my mind.


I am allowing myself to get scattered in too many directions. It’s getting harder to succeed with worries and distractions draining my focus. It is hard to hit your target when you’re eyes are darting around to every dust mote in a moonbeam.

Owl’s message is about illness and wellness – when I’m ill, drained, tired, it leaves only the strength to eat skunk – and roadkill skunk at that! I need to focus on getting myself well – mentally and physically, and not let old wounds put me in the trap of dealing with stinky people and situations.


I pulled the Fire Dragon Reversed (Druid Animal Oracle Deck) – a lot of suppressed anger which I tend to vent in inappropriate ways. Keeping rein on my temper, even though I may have reason to be angry, does not lead to what I want and returns me to the old impetuous ways. I need to divorce my anger reaction to my boss from reason.

I thought about this before doing my employee reviews today… I didn’t need to overwhelm them with my displeasure but focus on what we could do to improve our working situation. I feel things went better with the reviews having contemplated the Fire Dragon beforehand.

Animal Guide Reading by Elena

I have faith in myself to know many things however, I also know that it’s foolish not to seek out advice or to listen to something new. I felt I needed a fresh perspective, maybe a kick in the pants, a fresh insight – so  decided to ask for a 3 card reading from Elena at her Black Crow Red Fox on Etsy (blog here).

I thought at the least it would give me a new perspective. She has given me permission to put what she sent me here on my blog:

Card 1 was Spider

“Trust the creative spark you’re feeling and express it through writing stories that inspire and enlighten.”

Spider comes forward as a reminder that you are the weaver of your own destiny, the artist that fills in the canvas that is your own life. Spider is a totem of empowerment, of artistry, and of standing in your own power to create the life you want to live.

I recently wrote a blog post about the spider totem, and shadow totems in general describing how animals that are often feared or found repulsive often carry important messages from our shadow side that we are often too afraid to acknowledge or hear. I recently had spider enter my life as a messenger/shadow totem in order to give me the message that I am in charge of my own destiny, and that I have the choice of either standing powerful and strong and pursuing the life that I want with full accountability, or not, and allowing life itself to take the lead and merely react to my circumstances.

Spider is powerful in this way, because she reminds us that we are accountable, that we are responsible and this is all true because we are so powerful as manifesters and co-creators with the divine. Spider also brings the gift of creativity.

Work with spider to connect more deeply with your creative side. She is the true Artist of nature, and she creates beauty and symmetry in each of her creations. Her art is her sustenance, the way that she provides for herself. This speaks of reaching deep down within and finding a way that you can sustain and nourish yourself through your creative passions. Remember this: you weave your own web. Your life is in your hands. What do you want to create with it?

My thoughts: Spider is an Animal Guide for my husband, Grenwinae. Often when I’ve had readings done for me, his essence seems to lay like a twin beside my own. This has happened too many times for me to ignore, and it is probably because our lives are so entwined that even the Powers and Presences recognize it.

This card could be Spider reaching out to me through Grenwinae to teach me something – or for me to awaken Grenwinae to Spiders’ attention. Sometimes our Animal Guides have gone through the other to reach their primary target. This reading happened before the final turn in my father-in-law’s illness so may have been re: the Web of Life.

It could also be about building my home – making a web at work – constructing something to catch something – a web of communication.

Card 2 was Owl (Hawaiian Pueo)

“Your ancestral spirit guides are offering you guidance now, so pay close attention to signs and omens from them.”

Something about this card feels very fitting to me to receive during this reading. Not only the Hawaiian owl, but owls in general are coming through, offering their wisdom, magic, psychic abilities and mystery. This card speaks of receiving messages from ancestral spirit guides, but I believe that it is bringing up that the owl himself will bring you messages from the spirit world, and help you to develop your intuitive abilities.

Owl is all about deep inner knowledge coming from the source, the higher self. He helps you to understand how to access the deep knowledge of the cosmos that you always have access to. He encourages clairvoyance, clairaudience, lucid dreaming, and clear knowing that comes from your divine higher self.

Owl is a guide, speaking to you on dark nights of the soul, and giving you the wisdom you need to navigate the labyrinths of life. I am getting a clear feeling that owl is one of your primary guides in this lifetime, or is at least stepping up in full as a messenger totem at this time, and if the latter is the case, his messages are very important for you to hear right now.

There may be an urge to study new areas of interest in order to develop your passions and career at this time, and he will be there to help you in this arena as well. Call on owl for help whenever you need a guide in the dark, a wise teacher and companion, and a guide to mastering your intuition and psychic abilities.

My thoughts: the week I received this, I was in Seattle Washington and had posted that Owl was trying to reach out to me. Owls message I wasn’t so sure of. Owl doesn’t speak to me directly like Vulture and Hawk. There’s a lot of enigmatic staring going on with Owl yet Owl has always been the constant in terms of communication and presence.

Like my horses, I have a great affinity with Owl. It’s like Owl and I agree on so many things about the world, someone would point us out as sisters. I will write more about Owl in the upcoming weeks.

BTW when I read up on this little Hawaiian Owl the information on their endangered status is very sad. I hope people in Hawaii can find a way to help these little creatures continue.

Card 3 Humpback Whale

“Music is essential to your healing and well-being, whether singing, playing an instrument or listening.”

The whale is an animal of gentle power. She is large, powerful, yet gentle, peaceful and intelligent. She teaches you that you can hold your ground, be powerful and step into your power fully while being loving, kind and gentle.

I believe that you have whale medicine because you are very powerful, but at the same time, you are a very kind and loving person. Whale reminds you that you can stand up for yourself, and speak your truth. Whale song is beautiful and highly advanced form of communication.

I believe she is trying to tell you that it is safe for you to be powerful and stand your ground, letting your voice be heard while being loving, gentle and kind. It is ok to assert boundaries for others, and you can do this while being nice. Let your voice be heard: after all your opinion is valid and what you have to say is very valuable.

Since she is an ocean animal, and water relates to the emotions, I am picking up that writing in a journal could be very helpful to you, because she speaks so much of communication. This way, you will find a way of releasing painful emotions while exercising your throat chakra, the energy center in the body that is all about communication and knowledge.

In fact, now that I think about it, your first card also spoke of expression through writing, and this one encourages musical expression or appreciation. Perhaps this is a sign for you that creativity of some form will be useful in your life, and will help you to enjoy your life and become a more empowered and happy person. In what ways can you use creativity in your life?

There are so many creative activities: the usual suspects like painting, drawing, sculpting, playing an instrument and writing, but there are so many others as well, such as cooking, organizing, making jewelry, ceramics, singing, dance…it is really endless. Doing some creative activity that you feel drawn to will be very helpful in helping you to relax, get excited about life, have fun and find happiness. It is great stress relief as well.

My thoughts: this was the most interesting card to me because it was unexpected and it was so apropos. In the last 4 weeks I have been in Vancouver, Canada, and in Seattle, Washington (I was there when I received this in my email)  – both times for work. Both areas are known for whale watching.

Because I went to these areas for work related training, and because of the situation at work due to that training – I feel Humpback Whale is telling me I have the strength and character to deal with the power I’ve been given as well as stick to my beliefs of who I am and what I will and will not do.

Being “middle management” I need to protect and nurture the “little guy” at work while bringing down the message from the owner as to what our goals and business needs are. This puts me in a sandwich position or between the Rock and the Hard Place!

Right now I need to dig deep for that creative side because I feel drained on many levels. This week I’ll get me some whale “music” to listen too for a de-stressing activity and perhaps to help me remember Whales’ lessons.