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Earth Magic Cards: Standing Firm and Flexible Relationships

Now that things have calmed down a bit, I pulled three of the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. I commonly pull three cards, to be read together (not as past-present-future).


While I have had others read my cards, I actually prefer to read them myself. I also don’t do readings every day or even once a week. Just when the mood strikes me and particularly when I feel I need guidance because I am stuck on a problem and need a fresh perspective.

The three cards are Music (Harmony), Mountain (Strength) and Clouds (Shapechanging). One reason I like reading three cards together is it gives enough information to be helpful but is not overwhelming.

To bring Harmony in our Mother-Daughter relationship, I need to focus on deep strength and confidence in what I’m doing and let daughter (as well as the relationship) continue to change and be flexible as she matures. The Mountain also is indicative that I have the strength needed against the challenges we will face during this transitory time.

These cards also speak of the duality of Earth and Air. Grounding and Spirit. Fixed reality and the Insubstantial substance of smoke and dreams.


the best defense, a good offense

A couple of months back, I took daughter out of town to have some tests done. Things have been going on a downward emotional spiral for her for several years and we have tried several things to help her but it is a slow climb upward.

After the first trip, we were driving back on the highway and had just pulled up on the entrance ramp. She had fallen asleep already. As I accelerated, a huge black shadow, the mass size of a horse came barreling at us from the right side of the road. It was like a monstrous black cloud mass that had a galloping movement such as a dog or wolf.

In a blink it was gone. Had I imagined it?


Two days ago, I saw a deer along the woodside drive that I take to the horses. I pulled over to watch and a large black shadow flew over the car. I looked up and saw a Blue Heron. Afterwards I saw a lot of hawks. Clearly, I had a message in my inbox.

Yesterday, I spent several hours asking for guidance and meditation on this situation. I deliberately selected and set aside the Deer and Crane from the Druid Animal Oracle Deck. I asked for cards to give further clarification and pulled from the Earth Oracle deck, two cards:


Deer – Mother love, patience, gentleness is expanded with Dreamtime: Creation. I had already been thinking, and this card combination affirmed, that I would need to create a new relationship with Daughter. An environment of loving acceptance, gentleness and understanding instead of guilt, anger, frustration and/or criticism.


Generally, I don’t worry to much about personal protection. I’ve set some things up and I renew them but anything would be crazy if it wanted to take me on. I will post further clarification about this in a later post.

OTOH, my daughter is vulnerable, far too much. Last night, two hours after I did the above,  around 6 p.m., my daughter was involved in a car accident. She, and my MIL, are okay but it lends urgency to my thinking something needs to be done on an energy-spiritual level. Something doesn’t like being noticed.

Tonight we will be doing a special working just for her; I don’t expect it to resolve her issues but if there is anything after her, Grenwinae and I can let it know it has been put on notice. The New Moon in Cancer is a perfect time!

Heron, a bird who waits for opportunity to arrive

A few weeks back, I asked my Animal Oracle Deck to show me what I needed to know and pulled a card. It was the Heron, a card I’ve never pulled before so it was time to sit back and see what this animal is about.

Before jumping to a lot of conclusions you draw from online websites, I like to sit back and go from what I know first:

1.) As a bird, Heron already has certain inherent qualities – a connection between earth and the heavens, often viewed as messengers because of this, viewed as a connection to humans because it walks on two legs like humans. Many birds are seen as psychopomps – guides who accompany the spirit to other realities, mostly the realm of the dead.

It flies (Air), hunts in the water, and can walk/hunt on land. So we have an animal connected to three elements. He can pass and use these at his will.

2.) Physically, Heron stands on two very thin legs which requires quite a bit of balance. He is a graceful, slow flyer. I was lucky to see one go through telephone wires and he undulated slowly through them – graceful and never missing a beat. His neck and beak are long.

3.)  The Heron hunts for food by using patience (we are talking hours of waiting for the right moment). He waits and lets the food come to him and than strikes extremely quickly. He uses his large wing span to help him hunt – spreading and shadowing the water in order to locate prey in the water.  And he generally hunts alone, though he may live in a colony.

Ever since pulling the card, I’ve been seeing a lot of Herons where before I would find Hawks. Here in Oklahoma we have a variety of Herons and Egrets such as Little Blue Heron, Tricolored Heron, Green Heron, and Black or Yellow Crowned Heron.

Heron is not my Animal Guide, only a messenger for a time that needs patience and waiting.  A time to wait for when the time is ripe and than strike quickly.