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Owlfoolery (awake after midnight)

Of course… Owls 🙂

Stone of Destiny

It was the sound of a mournful puppy that drew me outside.

I’d meant to be in bed an hour earlier, but I just kept finding excuses to stay up a little later.  I wasn’t actually accomplishing anything, of course.  Just puttering around the house, unwilling to give up on a day that was almost over anyway.



I’d finally decided that enough was enough, and was locking up, when I heard the noise.

Sad puppy, somewhere down the street it sounded like, making a noise somewhere between a whine and a bark.

I turned the deadbolt on my front door.  Not my problem.

The sound came again, and I turned the bolt the other way.

Stepping out, the night air was cool and moist.

The last few weeks, here in North Texas, have seen more rain and thunder than anything else.  It had rained, on and off, for…

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bridle that bitch

Grenwinae was telling me about a discussion he had with a fellow pagan about how she was getting more comfortable with her unconscious through her shamanic studies.

Because it was just him and me, I replied with honesty: “I don’t believe in playing paddy cake to the unconscious — open that shit up, punch it in the face, bridle that bitch and ride it hard to hell.”

There was a short pause before he started laughing. Laughing because I was dead serious and he knows that is what I would do and have done. Laughing because he is a gentle soul married to me, not so gentle. Finding it funny because my serious, intensity he finds rather cute.

It’s nice to have someone who gets you, is comfortable to be himself, and doesn’t feel afraid (other than wanting to ease me back to sanity sometimes).

PS No insult to anyone who wants to deal with their unconscious in other ways.

Reading the Teacup Oracle

Nicole at Cauldrons and Cupcakes has posted a really neat blog post about Teacups. I wanted to reblog it but the Computer said No… so this is the info on the teacup I selected:

7. ♥ Spires and Lace Teacup You’re stepping into a delicious time of creative energy. Expect ideas, insights and innovation. Challenge yourself and the status quo. Travel and open yourself to new ideas and the joy of thinking outside the square. This is a magical time for you, and you’ll be strongly guided and supported in this space of creative flow. Plan adventures, and then go! Start something new. Get things finished – there are also powerful energies for completion here. ♥ Best Crystal – GARNET ♥ Power Word – INSPIRED  ♥ Magical Healing Environment – People and places that stimulate you  Travel, go to new places, even if it is just a coffee shop or restaurant. Plan holidays and major life changes. Embark on new projects. Make things. End things or finish things. Think bold thoughts. Believe in yourself and in magic!

I’d suggest looking at the cups and instinctually picking the one that appeals before reading about them.

December as usual is either moving too slow (husbands bonus has been delayed a week which means my big holiday shopping and home improvement stuff has been delayed) or going like a freight train down track collapsing over a ravine – this Friday is daughters’ birthday, tree hunting, Son’s birthday on Monday and my horse leaves for training on Saturday. The week after Daughter prepares for an upcoming surgery and husband will start his winter break vacation.

Very Rabbitrey month – fast or frozen.