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New Moon Night – dealing with a sly sneaky bastard

I won’t go into the entirety of what we did. I don’t think magick should be laid out that clearly. Besides what would work or feel right to us may not be for you. OTOH, how will you ever know anything unless you learn? Unless someone pulls back a veil and shows you what they did?

I am not a believer in demons or even really ghosts. But I do believe in energy as I have seen what it does and I have felt it. Whatever, was lingering about, whether made from our own unconscious, from someone who meant us ill, or some depressed, nullifying energy vampire monster floating around looking for a good feed, it needed to be dealt with.

It need to be handed its walking papers. It needed a kick in the balls.

We agreed that the main purpose was to move energy – to dispel and break it, so the New Moon was a good moon time period as well as the affiliation with Cancer (family and home). The black pillar candle was etched with protective symbols, it was joined by a candle of white (purity, innocence, light itself) and a silver candle (the halfway world, balance).

A protective, “breaking bad” loose incense was made. Branches were cut with permission from our resident pine tree, joined with backyard birch deadwood to be the base of our fire.

After casting a circle in basil salt, we began our custom chant to aid our daughter. Near the beginning a swarm of insects attached themselves to my upper body, and a grasshopper (an insect I particularly hate) was going to hop onto me until Grenwinae gently tossed him outside our circle.

As Grenwinae chanted, the fire struggled. When certain words were said, a wind from nowhere picked up and tried to smother the fire. We kept fueling it with more and more matches. Finally it settled and started gaining ground.

When certain words were said, it was as if a huge dome came over our heads and the area about the fire was cast into a deeper darkness. This happened at least three times.

Do I think we “killed it?” Not yet, we did get its attention but it has a lot of tentacles deeply embedded. The message I felt strongly was that it did not want to let go. It is also very subtle in its work. Very subtle and nefarious.

Grenwinae felt lighter the next day. I just felt exhausted. The next day we were both plagued with a lot of irritating nothings that keep pecking at us. Okay, I see what you are trying there: destroy our focus, keep us busy with nothings, wear us down, let us detach from our purpose. Fuck you!

When daughter came home that afternoon from grandma’s weeklong visit she went off inline skating and found a Hawk’s feather which she brought back to me. If you just came to this blog you won’t know why this is significant, but Hawk is one of my most vocal Animal Guides and I had just meditated to him regarding help for this issue.

It is a beginning.

We have a lot more work to do.

But yes, it’s a beginning.


New Moon Incense – Dispelling, Purification and Breaking Bad

I put together a loose incense for my New Moon work for daughter. It’s purpose was to break this foulness that seems to have attached itself to her in the forms of depression (yes she is being clinically treated).

How do I compose these ingredients? Why do I choose this over that? Most times I like to limit my ingredients to less than 5. There is no reason to dump the entire kitchen sink into the recipe, however, as you will see, yeah, I’m not fucking around.

First, determine the action you want and what is working against you. We felt there was some sort of nebulous, dark energy attachment that needed to be strongly dealt with.

Second, mentally think out the personal dynamic and what you feel about the materials you have chosen. This is where intuition plays a part; the more you work with the materials you use (in my case organic herbs, spices, resins and plants), the more comfortable and “right” you will feel about your choices. For example, my choice of a Willow bark and St. Johns Wort was specific to this situation.

Thirdly, how will you use it. This compound was to be tossed on a fire of pine and birch (both protective trees) so it didn’t need to be bound into a cone form. I wanted something composed of burnable materials like roots and flowers, as well as resins which smoked.

Root and Floral elements:

Galangal Root (Low John) – energy, strength, courage, hex breaking, burn to remove ill spells and break curses.

Burdock Root – protection, healing, wards off negativity, holds sacred space.

St. Johns Wort – Banishes, protects against black witchcraft, burn to banish demons and spirits. Linked to helping depression medically.

Willow Bark – Guards against negativity, brings in the spirit of the moon, ending pain. I use a willow wand in my work and felt this would benefit our mother-daughter connection.


Myrrh – consecration, healing, enhances any magickal working.

Frankincense – enables the divine to manifest. Consecration, protection, purification.

Copal – love and purification, sets sacred space, allows guides and guidance to happen.

Dragons Blood – strong banishing powers, use with any spell to increase potency.


Cloves – banishing, protection against evil forces,

Cumin – burn with Frankincense to increase Frankincense’s ability.

Black Pepper – burn to dispel bad vibrations, being a spice is linked to increasing energy of a working and to casting off.

the best defense, a good offense

A couple of months back, I took daughter out of town to have some tests done. Things have been going on a downward emotional spiral for her for several years and we have tried several things to help her but it is a slow climb upward.

After the first trip, we were driving back on the highway and had just pulled up on the entrance ramp. She had fallen asleep already. As I accelerated, a huge black shadow, the mass size of a horse came barreling at us from the right side of the road. It was like a monstrous black cloud mass that had a galloping movement such as a dog or wolf.

In a blink it was gone. Had I imagined it?


Two days ago, I saw a deer along the woodside drive that I take to the horses. I pulled over to watch and a large black shadow flew over the car. I looked up and saw a Blue Heron. Afterwards I saw a lot of hawks. Clearly, I had a message in my inbox.

Yesterday, I spent several hours asking for guidance and meditation on this situation. I deliberately selected and set aside the Deer and Crane from the Druid Animal Oracle Deck. I asked for cards to give further clarification and pulled from the Earth Oracle deck, two cards:


Deer – Mother love, patience, gentleness is expanded with Dreamtime: Creation. I had already been thinking, and this card combination affirmed, that I would need to create a new relationship with Daughter. An environment of loving acceptance, gentleness and understanding instead of guilt, anger, frustration and/or criticism.


Generally, I don’t worry to much about personal protection. I’ve set some things up and I renew them but anything would be crazy if it wanted to take me on. I will post further clarification about this in a later post.

OTOH, my daughter is vulnerable, far too much. Last night, two hours after I did the above,  around 6 p.m., my daughter was involved in a car accident. She, and my MIL, are okay but it lends urgency to my thinking something needs to be done on an energy-spiritual level. Something doesn’t like being noticed.

Tonight we will be doing a special working just for her; I don’t expect it to resolve her issues but if there is anything after her, Grenwinae and I can let it know it has been put on notice. The New Moon in Cancer is a perfect time!

Seasoning Cast Iron with Flax Seed Oil

I’m cleaning my cast iron, Dutch Oven today as I need it for that Abundance Spell I told you about ( a week back or so). In the past I’ve always used just vegetable oil, but this time around I’m doing it with Flax Seed Oil.

1.) To clean out the debris, I’ve put it in my self-cleaning oven and started the clean cycle. I’ve set it upside down on the rack (the rack can darken if left in during this; just be aware). This takes about 3 hours to complete and will bake off pretty much anything into ash.

Took almost everything off; did have a thin layer of rust because I had left it on the porch during the flurry of moving.

2.) To get rid of rust, I’ve let the lid soak in a solution of 1/2 White Vinegar to 1/2 water for anywhere from 1-4 hours. Vinegar can eat away at your cast iron so keep an eye on what you are doing and remove once it’s ready to scrub.

Scrub off any remaining rust and than immediately give a light coat of oil (it will try to return to rusting if you don’t). Set in a warm oven (200 degrees for about 30 minutes) to completely dry before proceeding.

Soaked it for about 1 1/2 hours and 98% of the rust came off with some scrubbing. The rust around the handle joint was tricky to scrub.

3.) Re-season with Flax Seed Oil. The key is a very light but thorough coat all over, inside and out, handle and lid etc… Coat every surface. Bake for 30 minutes in a 500 degree oven.

When removing from the oven these will be HOT! Use thick oven mitts and set down on a heat safe surface. Cool enough to re-apply another coat and return to the oven. Repeat 4-7 times.

In the past I only did one coat and I don’t think it was seasoned enough. It quickly became dirty again despite being cleaned right after using for cooking. So this time, I did this 5 times.

The house can get smoky and stinky; some people have used their BBQ grill to do this but I don’t have that type of temperature control on my grill so the oven was used. You might also want to turn off the smoke detector 🙂 (of course turn it back on when done).

For complete details check this blog post out.

As you can see this is going to be an all day process. That’s part of my working because this abundance spell is about paying attention and giving care, but also increments or layers in order to increase our savings. I won’t go into all the details of it but I will share some in the next post I do.

Coopers Hawk showed up just as I was about to step outside to do another scrub! He has a pattern of arrival: from the NE corner, over the house roof, and down to the SW corner of the back fence. I think this is where he likes to hunt off the neighbor’s bird feeder. Natural Born Killer just as nature intended.

Clean Sweep ~ Couples Retreat

The purpose of the retreat was to release what was old and not of any use – and ask for wisdom for the new, particularly some money we are expecting in December.

The money herb mixture I made for Grenwinae’s job hunt was dispersed into the woods with proper recognition ~

Herb Money, done your deed
Got a job, sowed the seed.
From seed to sapling
It grew with your Power.
We will continue
To nourish the Flower.
Thank you for your effort
On our behalf.
Now we cast you wide and out
For you to feed
Another’s need.

A shaker of salt was left by our former troublesome boarder. Renting a room in our house helped us when we were making two house payments but the first roommate was quite a piece of work.

The room had been cleansed right after he left; and the house has already been cleansed etc… However, that little salt shaker still needed to go! That energy needed to be vanquished ~

Letting go
Of the Old
Of the Tired
No Longer Needed
Or Required.
(this verse we did three times, you can clap or shout at the end for emphasis)

Grenwinae cut up his former library cards, ID etc… that were left from Missouri. As part of my work, I cut up my pair of scrubs – I won’t be working anymore for anyone else, particularly in the veterinary field. The last 18 months have shown to me that its thankless hard work that might have suited me 10 years ago but not now.

Cutting them into strips – ruining the cloths – making sure every circle, every pocket was cut open – did provide me some mental release an easing of my mind, and a weight off my shoulders.

Afterwards, I went off into the dark to do a meditation and to ask for guidance…

Working on Abundance

I’m working on some Money Magic. Interesting is that the phrase: “money spells that really work fast” is the top search term when looking up money spells! LOL! Wonder why?

We will be (if things go right) gaining some money in December. We can’t save it – too much needs to be done and the house is falling apart. However, I do want to make wise decisions in what we decide to do with it. And it would help if it is a bit more than we expect (wink to the Universe).

Of all the spells I’ve done, the job spell with the candle worked the best. Grenwinae got a fantastic job and although he had to take a pay cut, he has since regained almost all of his lost salary and is working with people who respect his abilities.

So I’m looking over some money spells and thinking over how I’ll make it my own (here’s some from Pinterest):

Prosperity Spell (Wiccan oriented) uses Basil, Chamomile, and Sage.

Money Charm Spell uses a green bag, gold thread, uses Saffron, Borage, Lavender and Allspice. Three silver coins and the gemstones: citrine, aventurine, pyrite, and peridot.

Abundance Spell with goblet, silver coin and water.

Money Spell Bottle with coins, dried corn, sesame seeds, cinnamon sticks, cloves, Allspice and pecans.

Money Jar Spell with coins and Bay leaves.

Cash Flow Problems with Cinnamon, Orange Peel, Basil, Patchouli and Vervain.

More spells can be found here – if you look them over you start seeing commonalities such as the colors green, gold and silver; coins or paper money, and certain herbal ingredients.

Candle Colors – gold and green for obvious reasons. For the third candle – Blue for healing, wisdom and protection? Maybe a purple candle to aid our intuition? Or a gray candle for balance and neutrality? I think I lean towards blue…

Time – Noon would be a good time of the day. Saturday or Sunday (a bit better) would be good days of the week during our trip.  The Moon is waning so I will focus on making a new cycle, and planning ahead (this money doesn’t happen until December).

Herbs and Essential Oils – these are affiliated with prosperity, abundance or money. Alfalfa, Allspice, Basil, Bay Leaves, Benzoin, Bergamot, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Geranium, Marjoram, Nutmeg, Patchouli and Rosemary.

Some of these are also associated with business, home, or prophecy. What you would choose would be influenced by what you are trying to achieve: success in a court case is a far different choice, than success in love.

Most of these funds will be spent on improving the house, paying off old debt, and to provide for the two children things they need (daughter wants to go on a school trip to Costa Rica).

So we are letting go and planning for something new. I will definitely be using candles, a chant, and gold coins. Any suggestions?

Orange for the Sun, Cedar for the Dead


This weekend I’m trying to get caught up on many small projects. One of those was starting my Rosemary and Mugwort Tinctures. I’ve posted about that that at the Cinnabarys blog as it will become part of a product offering.

I also cleaned my Vulture feathers and have hung them up to air dry. I was afraid to open the package, because the corpse I had found was pretty buggy – but the freezing ritual seemed to have taken care of that.

I mixed chopped cedar and cedar berries (from our own tree) with orange peel and boiled them in water for about 30 minutes. This I strained, dipped my feathers and let them air dry under the noon day sun.

Tonight, each will be smudged in Frankincense and wiped with my Vultures Tears Anointing Oil.

I will pick out a few and send them on to those I promised, probably Monday. The rest will be set back for my own private work.

Vultures message – transformation

Vultures’ message was very clear in meditation today. I am in the midst of great, positive change and transformation. Matters are ripening and fruit will be borne soon (by soon I though about 60 days, but see more recent post).

Confirmation that I am on the right path.

Confirmation I have the experience, wisdom and choices needed in my life to realize and materialize what I want.

I was told to bring Grandmothers Cedar Box with me on my next trip to Missouri. Affirmation that this box is for Vultures’ work and it is important that I get it completed soon.


Around the house I am putting together little vignettes. In each I am trying to bring together the four elements of fire (usually represented by a candle), air/wind (represented by feathers), water (represented by pitchers or shells) and earth (represented by ceramics, clay, rocks or gems).

At each I leave some of the gold coins given to Grenwinae during his job hunt and was used in a job/prosperity spell some time back (but since cleansed for more work). And I’m slowly adding Rose Quartz to each room.

I spend Sunday as a recharge and cleanup day. Today, I redid my bedside table, preparing it for enlightenment and prosperity. I will be doing a job spell for myself in March and I’m gathering together the elements I’ll be needing.


The stone beads are brecciated jasper and carnelian (grounding, balance and female power); larger stones of Carnelian and Flurorite (emotions); the green lotus/leaf plate I bought recently (and love it!), the ceramic bowl was bought some time ago as is one of a collection of bowls we have bought over the years of our marriage; inside it holds some of the gold coins.

The crystal lotus and tealight, I bought during my last trip to Missouri; my meditating frog is also from Missouri and bought during our time there.


Our 4th bedroom is painted blue and faces the Oak tree we planted in the front yard. Here is our Star Lady (bought during our Honeymoon) with glass, candle and coins. When I begin the housework upstairs, I light several candles throughout the area.



At the top of the stairs is a small grouping dedicated to earth with Yin and Yang symbols. A holey stone gifted by the river in Missouri rests alongside Rose Quartz.

more cleaning, more letting go

I’m not keen on house cleaning but I love me a clean house. If my house is not clean, I’m depressed. I feel sluggish, worried, and down. Depression is a cycle as anyone who has experienced it knows.

Why I’m not crazy about cleaning is that it brings back a lot of memories from my childhood of my mother. I have to write that my mother really kept a clean house and she worked hard. She had five kids and we had a big house. It consumed a lot of her time and energy.  My dad did not contribute. It always seemed to me that being a wife = legalized slave – the penalty of being the second half, not treated as equal.

So, Sunday morning we cleaned. Just as we did last Sunday. Because we are still in the middle of a move, unpacking boxes. Trying to put things into place. Every clean is a Letting Go – Releasing from my life those things that don’t serve.

I had a stack of stuff from my former work. Items I was working on, on my own time, that I was going to pay for to help my boss to further her business. Into the trash it went. Goodbye.

I still had a box from the former renter of items that were supposed to go to donation. I kept meaning to get rid of them but because of my insane work schedule, didn’t happen. It’s at the front door now, it will go tomorrow. Goodbye.

I also had the remains of a candle spell that I did some time ago in August. The need for this spell was done and it was time to formally end the energy. Grenwinae and I spent some time thanking and ending this spell.

Right now these cleans are exhaustive. I’d like to do 2 hours and this ends up being 4 hours or more. It’s because we are in the middle of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly – that takes a lot of energy.